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The Leprechaun! [Photomanipulation].Posted:

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Slade_Wilson (10-03-2016)
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You need to work on blending. You can clearly see the Leprechaun and the money shouldn't be there and was just pasted in. Also the shadow of the skeleton looks odd as the sun is shining on the side of it, not in front.

Edit: But overall it looks good for a first attempt.

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Not a big graphics guy. But to me looks good.
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I think it's not blended enough and doesn't look believable at all
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I like it, but as previously stated the skeletons shadow makes no sense.
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Not bad, I would have the coins look like its resting on the grass and blend it in better, add some back light to the leprechaun itself.

The scheme of things are cool, very creative.
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The pot of gold and skeleton are the only things that look like they actually belong there. You can tell the leprechaun is out of place.
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If you are starting manipulations, I would start with only one light source.

Right now you have a pretty complex scene, believe it or not.
You have the light from the sun and partially hidden light coming from a tree stump.
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It looks decent but could be better.

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