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Im back and going to try and be more active!Posted:

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Whats up guys! I'm back i'm a 4 year member i went unactive a while ago due to family issues and things going on in my life. I'm going to try and stay active, ill be in the call of duty, gta, and pc forms you can add me on steam - Gush

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Xbox (09-27-2016)
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Welcome back

Hope everything is ok
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Welcome back, i might see you around the COD and GTA section.
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Welcome back friend. Check up on the rules in case of any changes! Hope to see you around!
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Welcome back mate i probably wont see you around as i never visit those sections anymore
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Welcome back man!
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Welcome back man. Thanks just sent you a friend request. If you have any questions send me a pm
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Welcome back to TheTechGame.

#1 Gaming Site.

Feel free to PM me if you need anything.
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Welcome back Gush, nice see a member coming back to TTG
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Welcome back Nice to see you around here! Guess I'll be seeing you around the forums
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