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Amazon charging me for things I didn't wantPosted:

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I don't know how many of you know what "Amazon Drive" is but essentially it is a cloud based storage system to use on laptops, tablets, and phones that need storage but don't have a physical storage space large enough for the users pleasure.

Basically what happened is I was looking through my credit card statements a couple of days ago and saw $120 USD charged on there from Amazon and I hadn't ordered anything to my knowledge. So, I called my bank and did some digging on Amazon and it turns out they had billed me not once but twice for a year membership ($60 USD a piece) and I had literally NEVER used it. I had been billed up front for 2 years of a service that I had never wanted and never knew existed until I got a hold of my bank. I luckily got it smoothed over and got my money back, but I don't appreciate being charged for things I didn't want in the first place.

TL;DR: Amazon charged me for something I didn't even know I was being charged for.
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Had a similar problem with them once, needed a few PC parts and wanted to get them overnight so I got a free membership, forgot and didn't cancel the subscription.

Definitely my fault, but they happened to charge me twice as well.
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that sucks, amazon is really good about refunding subscriptions you didnt use though
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Yeah Amazon does this crap a lot. Between that, and automatically signing you up for Prime, they jut flat out steal your money. Pair that with their random whatever they hell they feel markups to say the item is on sale a week later, and I will no longer spend my money with Amazon. They can burn in hell for all I care.
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ive never had any problems like that with amazon, glad you got your money back though man
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Literally had that problem last week. However if you're not broke it shouldn't bother you.
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Man, I would be so mad about that. Screw that, good thing you got your money back.
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amazons customer service is unmatched though.. They always take take of stuff
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Xerath wroteLiterally had that problem last week. However if you're not broke it shouldn't bother you.

If you're broke or not, $120 is still a pretty hefty amount of money to just throw away.
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Check on the website. This happened to me. I cancelled my membership and got refunded full money within two days(full money if subscription hasn't been used for anything).
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