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Im back .........Posted:

  • Christmas!
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Stopped going on this since Summer holidays started but im back now i'll gonna try stay active now maybe do a few giveaways . Hope everyone is doing well the site seems pretty much the same since i've last come on here

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Xbox (09-04-2016)
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Welcome back!
Hope to see you more active!
Come join us in the shout box sometime!
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Welcome back mate, stay active this time and see you around the forums a lot more hopefully. Read the rules as they may of changed for you; and see you in the ShoutBox in you have spare time.
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Welcome Back
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Welcome back bro is that efe ambrose as your Avatar Lmao
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  • V5 Launch
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Welcome back
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  • E3 2017
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Welcome back.

Hope to see you reach 100 rep or 2,000 posts soon.

See you around m8.

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Welcome back, how was your summer?
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