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What's your favorite game from back in the day?Posted:

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What's your favorite game from back in the day? It can be anything from a game on the Dreamcast to a game on the PS2. Be sure to include an image for all of us to see (Must be appropriate).

My favorite game was Enter the Matrix on the PS2.

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Soulcalibur on the dreamcast was godlike, my favorite game by far.

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Omg I miss Spyro on the PS1[NTSC-U]-1.jpg
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That game was so fun!

There are so many great games to choose from but I remember enjoying Animal Crossing a lot.

Here's a bonus game that I remember playing back in the day.
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Also loved Spyro on PS1
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So hard to choose, but definitely one one that comes to mind is True Crime: Streets of New York. That game was so good and well designed for ps2.

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Always enjoyed the Midnight Club series on PS2.

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Not many people remember this game, but I could play it all day long.
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I played this game over and over again for many years as I loved it that much
Urban Chaos: Riot Response
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Okami is definitely one of my favorites
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