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Going For Dark Matter! - Any tips?Posted:

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So I am going for Dark Matter Camo on Black Ops 3 and am struggling to get the headshots with the Haymaker! I have the first two shotguns gold and just need the Haymaker and the last one.

I already have all the SMGs and Assult Riffles gold so not too far off i guess... :/

I just can't get the Haymaker headshots!!

Any tips?
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play how you want, No matter what the haymaker is a grind in its self...

best way i found when doing it was camping and pre aiming at head height round corners etc. but rushing could be good also.

Also maybe try flanking the enemy the HCTDM players aren't the best and you may find success using this method dependant on the lobby.

Try running in a team, allowing you to get haters etc. And allows you to play HCDOM if in a good 6man you can dominate
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LMGs = Just camp pretty much and the headshots will come to you

Shotguns = Try and flank the enemy team as much as possible so you get behind them and then you can easily get headshots
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Quick draw and rapid fire makes the gun aim higher.
Safegaurd is pretty good mode to get kills
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If your doing the lets day M8 Get it gold then go to the next assault rifle and next one till you've diamond on them then move to a different gun and use that don't start the The KN then end up using the dingo
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