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Need this built! Will pay (if good)Posted:

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I need a PC that can run any game such as League of Legends, CS:GO, Rainbow Six Siege,H1Z1 and the new battlefield 5 coming out soon! My budget for a PC is between $700-1000 I need it to run new gen games also with any problems on ultra and get 60+ aiming for 100+ but yeah thanks guys I will probably throw money at someone if they build it quickly and it's good !
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No one is going to give you better help any quicker just because you claim you may pay someone. If you want to buy someone's help, head over to a relevant section. People use this section to give free help when necessary, and when they have time.

The reason you're not getting any help is because you've already posted multiple times, changing your budget and requirements several times. You've also been asked to give relevant information for users to be able to sufficiently help you and have refused to give us the necessary information for whatever reason.

If you want help, we need to know your budget and currency(which we have). Uses(again, we have).

We need to know what resolution you're playing at, as well as settings in what games if necessary. We will obviously give you the best performance possible within budget, unless you request otherwise; as in more money towards aesthetics.

We also need know any aesthetic preferences(window or not, or not bothered), colour scheme preferred, etc? Also, would you like to overclock, are you not bothered about overclocking or would you like to avoid overclocking entirely?
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