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What happened to talking about modded stuff?Posted:

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What happened? This use to be TTG.. A place to talk about RGH and modding, why it go away?
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Jtags, RGH's etc have had their run man. They are apart of last generation. The great 'modding era' is dead now haha but there is still some modding talk on forums such as fallout

Have to remember though techgame' main focus has always been on gaming and not modding
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RGH's/ JTAG's have came to an end now really. No ones interested in em bcus tons of people have them. Back in 011/012 if you had a RGH you was basically god lmao.
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I think with most people moving to Pc or new gen consoles no one realy bothers anymore
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Honestly I feel like it's becuase the moderators have gotten alot stricter about modding so its pushed alot of people to other forums. You used to be able to sell rghs on the Xbox marketplace and now you can't. People risk getting banned now, even just talking about stealth.
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Ehh I would not say it's because stricter moderation. If anything they have become looser overtime.

View this topic: Rules overhaul and cleanup

Regarding why TTG isn't big on modding, well, it is quite simple.

Xbox 360 and PS3 are last generation. If we continued to be all about modding, we would not be moving forward. As of right now, there aren't any "modded lobbies" per se for the next generation consoles.

With growing numbers of PC gamers and less modding on games other than the COD franchise, the modding sections have been condensed down and really weren't needed on the site imo.

If you are looking to buy a modded console, you can always buy from a trusted seller.

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The statement above has been on the site for years. No where does it talk about modding. It was a phase and TTG has aged past it.

Just my two cents.
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I personally just think they aren't as "rare" as they were, and also the fact that they are on the old generation of consoles.
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it didn't go away it just has its own place for it in different forums
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It's sad that most of the modding is dead now, the jtags is something of the past. But I'm glad I was apart of it, and got to see some of the great modding!
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I remember an admin explaining how TheTechGame is moving away from the modding community.
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