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New Channel And Need AdvicePosted:

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Hey guys I have a started a New youtube channel can yall give me advice and tell me what I need to fix??
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I'm just new to this website but I thought I'd give you a little advice. I had a channel since 09, not a massive audience bu I've been around YouTube some time to know what can works what doesn't and what improvements you can make.

Starting off with basics, general channel;

- Obviously "trolling" is still existent, but it's not as prevalent as it used to be years ago, it's taken on different forms outside gaming, it's now in real life situations (or fake set up ones) so it's matured. So it's a big category to aim a channel sorely based on. This moves me onto the name

- I would of named (personally) your channel something more unique to you, or a nickname you've once had, something original. SirTrollarch might exist many times over on YouTube, and although you may have more than one genre of videos to plan on making, it narrows down what the audience will expect from you, and new comers may just see your channel as a trolling channel, expand your audience. Of course you don't need to change your name or anything, or make a new channel and start again quickly, but it wouldn't damage you massively if you did. Do what you want to, not as I tell you.

- Graphics, at this stage you can't have a masterpiece created just for your channel. You can either seek a low sub graphic designer on youtube ( I used to be one, I know they exist) or ask Graphic members on here, if they are willing. If you wish to pay, you can, but there is always someone who will do it for free, for a little advertising back.

- Social Media - Get Twittter. No matter what audience size you have, get twitter linked to your youtube, but not your personal twitter.

- Social on Youtube. This is one of the mot important things you can do. Work with people!!! Not many people in the community do this nowadays, and it's a brilliant way to grow. Meet people, find people in the comments, check out their videos, become a sub, and they will do the same to you, then later you become friends and make videos together, and even maybe you become real friends. It's a win win situation. If you also want to work for networks, or small hubs, do that, work for a community, you'll have to do some researching but they exist, and are always looking for directors. If you're content is good, you upload it to their channel, with a bigger audience, and you gain subs that way.

You can comment on comment sections in any video you watch, that's up to you, it may or may not get you more subs, but still, your name is on another person's comment section

Regarding your videos

Quality - Good, I like it, it's filmed with the correct equipment, no problems.
Commentary - What mic you use just for record? Anyway, you're new to video making so being a little shy and quiet is expected, but over time, make more videos, speak more confident.

When I spoke into a mic and made vids, I had notes and I pretended the mic wasn't there and I was just speaking to friends as you normally would. Pretend in your mind "I am this voice, and it's amazing" just act confident and speak a little louder. Practice makes perfect.

- Intro. You don't really need one nowadays, but you can if you want
- Outro. Yes, this is essential really. On an outro have your channel logo, a subscribe link with "click here to subscribe" have a link to twitter there, even have edited in (do this when you make a video) a smaller live thumbnail of one of your other videos, then when you upload it to YouTube, just add an annotation link for that video.

I won't add anymore as I don't wan't to swamp you. But I shall say this as the most important thing. Do it as a hobby, not for the $$$ at first, do it because you like it, there's no point spamming out videos if you don't like it, viewers will see it. So have fun with experience. When I made videos, I enjoyed more about making them, then the views. I liked being my own creator.

I remember I used to sit down somedays and just think of video playlists to do, I came up with quite a few series, it was fun, it's like being an amateur director.

Good Luck!!
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Jo nice channel bro i checked it out could u check out m channel aswell thanks

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make a decent profile picture as well

check out my channel too?

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