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DyI is now 5 years old! ... well on TTG.Posted:

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Only just noticed that I had recently become a 5 year member!
I know it's a late post by a month and a bit but I don't get chance to come on here as much.
Crazy to think I first joined this site when I was 13... i'M NOW 18.

Thanks y'all.

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Xbox (08-02-2016), Nik (08-02-2016)
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Grats on the Hugeee milestone. See you at 10 years!
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Congrats, and nice 18 was my fav age yet
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Congrats on your 5 years on this site. See you at 6 years sometime soon.
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Damn! Gratz on 5 years Dyl. Makes me wish i'd created this account much much sooner
Oh well, see you at the next one
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Congrats on 5 years man.

Welcome to the club.

I hope to see you get more active around the site one day.

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Congrats on 5 years!
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Congratulations on 5 years
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Congrats on turning 5 years old man!

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