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How do you get a scammer banned from herePosted:

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Can anyone tell me how I might drop a few rep aswell
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PM a staff member BUT YOU MUST provide proof of whatever you're trying to deal with.
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There's a little orange flag by there post.

Also, click on theit name, and then hit the little flag on their account.

Report why, also try not to post who's involved <3
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If you have proof (must Be scammed on ttg)
Send to a mod or admin
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If you got scammed I'm sorry follow the following;

- PM a Admin of this site Naggy, Suppose, Speed, DaleUK, RedJ, Cent & Sean.

- The PROOF mst be on TTG IM or TTG Via PM so the Admin can have it look through it. It must NOT be on Skype, Twitter, Instagram, etc...(offsite social media)

- Explain in detail from start to finish, who was involved in this case (only one member)

- Then a Admin will contact you or how ever the system works. All the best with it and I'm sorry that happened to you it sucks man.
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I got scammed on here out of a 25$ Amazon giftcard and they suspended the account and gave me a month of gold. Still wish I would of never sent the dude the code though
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