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New to TTG! Supreme187Posted:

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Hey guys I'm supreme !

Just signed up & was thinking about purchasing gold and was wonder if anyone would be able to help me with a signature and avatar...

I'm a laid back mofo so get to know me ! That's all, keep on keeping on everyone

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Xbox (07-30-2016)
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Welcome to TTG have fun and read the rules enjoy your stay
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Welcome to the site.

Hopefully you have read all of the rules and plan on staying active.

If you need help getting some graphics post in the link below and someone should help you out vv

Well m8 I hope to see you around the site often. If you ever need some help don't be afraid to message me.

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Welcome hope you enjoy the site
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Welcome to the site, you'll find everything you need ;)
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Hey friend

We have lots of forum sections here to choose, Xbox and Playstation, graphics, gaming in general, we have a lot

Just make sure to read the rules, they'll come in handy, and enjoy your stay here
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Welcome to this site, stay active as a member and see you around the forums. Don't forget to read the rules in your own time and see you around.
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Welcome bro, Make sure to follow the rules
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