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13.33% (2 votes)
13.33% (2 votes)
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13.33% (2 votes)
13.33% (2 votes)
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13.33% (2 votes)

Total Votes: 15

#11. Posted:
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Literally the worst game COD has ever made
#12. Posted:
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PCH wroteLiterally the worst game COD has ever made

I disagree. I really liked it and I don't think it deserved as much hate as it received.
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Really great review! You went into a lot of detail on all the various aspects of the game. The graphics were good and the gameplay and controls were like a regular FPS, it was just a weird CoD game.
#14. Posted:
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i personally love this game!

i dont care so much ab extenction or campaign! but honestly, ghost is better than bo3 and aw!
#15. Posted:
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Nice review dude but i whole heartadly disagree, this was easily second worst in the whole CoD franchise. Everything from gameplay to graphics was a significant step back and it just wasn't fun at all. I think i got to maybe level 30
#16. Posted:
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I personally loved this game, I dumped way to many hours into this, and cash too. I loved the play style, the weapons, weapon sounds and movement. One thing I didn't like about Ghosts was that it always felt so gloomy; even the brighter and more lit up maps still felt dull due to the colors they used. Apart from that, I loved everything else about the game!
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