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can anyone suggest some ways i can help out the community and earn rep at the same time?
thanks if you can help
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Gifting gold is a great way to give back and help out other members.
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You can do giveaways but anything other than gold giveaways I'm pretty sure you have to put it in the gold giveaway section. Also that will earn you a bit of rep.
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Gifting gold and helping out on the forums is the best way.
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Giveaways, be helpful or you can sit in the shoutbox and beg
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Just be active and make helpful posts/topics. You don't have to force your way into getting rep. Just be patient. Everything starts off slow. Just be as helpful as you can. Like it was said earlier, if you have the funds, gift a few members gold. Do some giveaways. There's so many options.
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Post some nice memes and people will rep you
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To get rep just make quality posts and try to respond to every question/post without spamming
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You can get rep many ways to get rep!

- Doing free graphics
- Giveaways
- Post quality posts
- People in general sometime reps you randomly.
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