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15k Juggernaut - 2000 Thanks, Everything I have achievedPosted:

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So my last milestone was kind of just a joke, but this one is going to be a lot more serious.

So I have been here for 5 years and counting now and I have achieved so many great things here, met so many great people, and just have had an awesome experience overall with the site. But today I have reached my biggest achievement I have ever gotten which is 15,000 forum posts which is still pretty insane to me. I don't even really care about the top 5 because I have had it for years now, but its anothe perk I guess even though craig is gonna probably try and take it back tomorrow.

As of today, i have also gotten the badge for 2000 thanks as well which is pretty nifty.

Anyways I would like to thank the following users for their support and for talking to me over the years:

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And so many more who just aren't online right now.

Thank you for being so supportive and now I hope one day to reach the Veteran rank on TTG which is 20,000 posts.

Anyways see you guys at my next milestone, wont be posting one for a while, so cheers.

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Congrats on your 15k posts, that is a big achievement man, Keep up the good work man good job.
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Congrats man, I need to talk to u more but I broke my laptop. Keep we going with the posts.
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Congrats on the badges that you have been earning. Good luck on your post battle for Top 5 posters as well
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Congrats on 15k posts and 2000 thanks man! Thats huge, now hurrry up and beat craig and become a top 5 poster again
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Congrats man, also when I first signed up to this site, Axe was very popular so I thought you were named after that lol
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Congrats on 15,000 Posts and the 2k Thanks Badge.

Also congrats on 15k Juggernaut Badge. You have always been such a nice guy to talk to and has helped me out a lot over the years.

I just want to say keep up the good work axe and I hope to see you in the NHL one day or even on ESPN !

One of the most respected members on the site.
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Congrats man, 15k posts is an awesome achievement, especially since only 6 of us have gotten that far. I'm sure eventually you'll get to 20k, we all will sometime.. just may take a little while.
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congratz axe ill make sure to elect you for 2016..
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Haha grats buddy you've been sitting in the 14 thousands fora while now and yesterdays little race was banter.

So it looks like we both got a few things we liiked.

Grats mate.
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