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Ionball 2: Ionstorm - ReviewPosted:

  • Summer 2018
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Ionball 2:Ionstorm

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Release Date: June 6th 2014
Developers: Iron Sun Studios
Publishers: KISS Ltd
Platforms: Windows PC, Steam
Genre: Casual, Action, Arcade


IonBall 2: Ionstorm is an arcade game with a modern 3D twist; re-live the joys and frustrations (in equal measure) of classics games such as Breakout and Arkanoid, in a no holds barred fast action game with stunning 3D environments, awesome effects and a thumping soundtrack.

Battle through 60 formidable levels and 3 boss levels with a multitude of enemies; each with their own unique abilities. Upgrade your armament from a range of weaponry such as the mighty machine-gun upgrade for the ball, or the rampant rail-gun for your bat; Ionball 2: Ionstorm will set blood pumping and pulse racing like no other ball game before it!


IonBall 2: Ionstorm has no plot. Basically all you do in this game is just blow stuff up with a ball. You have a little platform and you shoot the ball at little things (I dont even know the name I'm just gonna say little spaceships) and then all you do is keep hitting the ball with your platform until you beat the level. That's basically the whole game. There are two game modes one being the Assault tower and the other being Campaign? Basically assault mode is you keep on going until you keep on playing until you die a certain amount of times Campaign is like that but you keep restarting on the same level until you beat it or you can restart the level if you want. Now I'm gonna do the Controls here as there really isnt controls but all you do is move your mouse to move the platform you can use f1 and that to do special things but other then that those are the controls nothing to special, so the controls are very easy to get used to. Back to the gameplay now. Basically as I said earlier all you're doing is moving a platform around to keep the ball going and not let it hit the ground if that happens you lose a life. So you always wanna try and keep the ball up now while it may get confusing as all the effects on the game when you blow something up makes it hard to see where the ball is you may get used to it or you may not. I personally like this game a lot its a very fun game to play and I would recommend it but the only thing I would recommend is having a mouse if you use a trackpad on a laptop like I used to the game will be a bit more harder to play but nonetheless still playable just harder to play as I said. The levels in this game are easy and hard like most games would have but after you pick up like what to do the game should be easier to play and the levels should be easier to beat. So saying that I would as I said earlier totally recommend this game as its a very fun/challenging game to play so go buy it or get it for free somehow. Some of you may not like it but others may love it!


The graphics for this game are very well done I personally love them, the effects on this game are great in my opinion. I don't really think they could improve on much other then making the ball brighter or darker so you can see it easier after blowing up so many spaceships. Other then that the graphics are very well done. The ball looks nice the effects look nice the platform looks nice and all the other stuff look nice. Like the power ups that you get look very nice. Like the laser and that all look very well done but the number one thing I like the most is the effects you get when you blow up stuff, because when you blow up so many things at once you can see the effects are made very well. But as I said earlier the ball is probably in my opinion something they should fix as when you blow up so many things you can't really tell where the ball went so you'll have to wait and then you'll see it at like the very end and possibly lose a life so the ball is basically top priority for me that they should fix. But yea, the graphics are very nicely done I love them especially the effects as I have said plenty of times but they are well done to me that is, so others may find them absolutely terrible while others may love it as well or just straight up despise them. Here are some pictures of the game
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Gameplay 9/10
Controls 10/10
Graphics 9.5/10
Overall 9.5/10

If you're looking for the controls there its in the gameplay due to the game not really have any super hard controls other using a mouse I just decided to throw it in with the gameplay. Sorry if the review is crap havent done one in a while
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