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Iron Force - ReviewPosted:

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Iron Force

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Game Information
Release Date: 7/24/13
Developers: Chillingo
Publishers: Chillingo
Platforms: Android and IOS
Genre: Action
Players: 1-8
Rating: 7.6/10


Fight for your honor in epic, explosive online multiplayer tank battles. Iron Force pits you and your friends against commanders from all over the world in team-based skirmishes and chaotic free-for-all conflicts.

Step into the boots of a tank commander, roll out in one of five stunning battlefields, and blow away anything in your sights in three frantic game modes: Free-For-All, Team, and Finders Keepers.

Choose from a range of powerful tanks then build it up to suit your playstyle! A deep upgrade system allows you to tweak firepower, speed, accuracy and more, as well as stat-boosting patterns and decals for a competitive edge.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer! Create or join a legion with other players to compete in weekly ranked tournaments with other players or against your Facebook friends for incredible prizes and dominance on the battlefield.


I stumbled upon this game a while back and have been playing it ever since. Right when you enter the game you are guided through a tutorial level to help get you started. After you complete that mission you are then sent to the shop to upgrade your tank and then once you are fully armored up you are sent to battle. This game has one downside though and that is that you need internet connection to play this game as it is just multiplayer. Another downside is the use of fuel in this game which get really annoying after some time. Every match you play in wastes one bar in the fuel tank and once it's empty you cannot play until it's refilled. In this game you can buy upgrades and other equipment with cash and diamonds. Cash is awarded every game and diamonds are awarded in daily missions. You can also purchase them if you would like to get them quicker as well. There are around 15 tanks to unlock in this game and each have their own certain criteria to complete in order to get it. Either from ranking up in multiplayer to buying it with 30 diamonds. Tanks also have their own stats and can be modified as well. You can modify the turret, barrel, armor, engine, and tracks.Each modification has a stage to them and increases in price every time you purchase it. Also, patterns and decals can be purchased which also give slight advantages to the tanks for a short period of time which I think is pretty cool. Once you are ready to play you have to play on the desert map first. As you rank up you will unlock more maps. Purchasing decals and patterns seems like a pay-to-win though because of its buffs, but I don't really mind it. Controlling the tank isn't too hard and I never had any connection issues even when playing with people across the world. When in matches you can get power-ups as well such as health, faster reload, and more firepower. When getting teamed up by other tanks you are basically dead as there is no way to get out of it. Matchmaking is pretty good, but from time to time I run into players with premium tanks that are very overpowered. Overall the game is pretty good, but the matchmaking does need a bit more work.


The graphics in this game aren't the best, but they are still quite good. The 3d textures of the tanks, buildings, and other scenery looks nice. One problem I had was the size of the tank compared to the rest of the surrounding buildings and objects. The tank sort of seemed too small compared to the other objects and it didn't look right at all. Maps and tanks look pretty detailed while I was playing except for the plants and other vegetation around the map. Shadows looked pretty good while playing including while driving. Animations looked pretty good, but I wish they added animations to the tracks of the tanks as it would have looked better when driving. Explosions are pretty cool looking, but nothing to go crazy about. Overall the graphics are not the best that I have seen and I wish they could have done better with it.

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The controls are pretty easy to get used to while playing. The movement of the tank is controlled by holding the button on the left side of the screen. Pushing forward and downward makes the tank move while pushing left and right will turn the barrel around for you to aim. Shooting is by tapping the button on the bottom right side of the screen. When acquiring power ups you can press the second button on the bottom right side of the screen. Controlling the tank movement is the most aggravating part for me including when I try to line up my shot. It doesn't always seem to work for me so I always miss my target. Also you can use nos to speed your tank up as you drive by tapping the top left side of the screen.

Ratings (Personal)
Game play: 7/10
Graphics: 7.5/10
Controls: 8/10
Overall: 7.6/10

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AidanAma (08-22-2015)
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This is the worst game out there! Chillingo, and Electronic Arts, two very disrespectful companies partner in this Ponzi scheme to get money from players. There is no support whatsoever from these two thieving jokers. The erratically moving tanks often don't die because only half the shots are registered. Chinese and Russian tanks are hacked to make them stronger and faster. The lousy payouts and mafia like pricing for upgrades means you will be playing for a long, long time or you will shell out lots of money. A killer tank known as the T6 can crush everything and can be had for a mere $500 if you prefer to just join in and start killing. No experience needed, just lots of Benjamin's.
Half the time the game is down for maintenance or boots you out and you can't get back on. Team vs team games are rigged and are a joke due to a process known as baiting. Despite loads of irate comments from the players, no improvements on the game have occurred. EA turns a blind eye as they are too cowardly a company to step in and make many, many needed changes. Both sites will quickly ban you from thier Facebook pages for telling the truth. Since Chillingo is a Chinese company free speech is never permitted anyway.
Find another game, this one is no longer worth playing!
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Very great and addictive game, takes a while to upgrade your tank though, slow Grindy game.
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