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Watch Dogs: One of the most [email protected]$$ed games of 2014?Posted:

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While I think that Watch Dogs can be fun, this game had little to no effort put into it. There is no arguing this point, it is true. But is it worth buying?

Most modern gamers care about the material aspects of games; the graphics have to be good, the mechanics have to be great and yet innovative, the story has to be decent, and the game cannot be broken. While the story was interesting and entertaining, the mechanics were generic and yet a failed attempt at innovation. After adjusting, the mechanics are very dull and lifeless, if they work. Driving a car is almost a burden instead of an enjoyable part of the game, boats seem rather generic as well, and the equipment and overall functionality thereof make you OP as h3ll.

However, as I said it can be fun to play and can be an enjoyable sandbox for a few hours. The gun mechanics and designs were about the only thing truly done well in this game. The story was a bit scattered and confusing at parts, but it was still effective and enjoyable.

Overall, after only 3 hours of gameplay I've unlocked all of the ctOS towers, bought almost every gun, bought every outfit, upgraded most of the trees, and have 2/3's of the cars unlocked. This game was easy and broken, allowing you to be relentlessly pursued by cops until you hide in the bathroom, allowing you to go to a certain part of the city and gain enough money to buy everything in the game. This game is broken and sloppily put together, only buy it if you want a semi-decent and semi-unique game and story.
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I sometimes go back to it purely because of the radio soundtrack they have, specifically The Audition and The Rise Against. It's kinda sucky how they said every citizen had their own life yet when you hover over somebody, look away then look back the data has changed. Guns were alright I guess, and slo mo stopping police was fun, however storyline was a bit iffy. Had high potential but didn't reach what it could have. 5/10
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