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Super Crate Box - ReviewPosted:

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Super Crate box

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Release date - May 11, 2010
Developer - Vlambeer
Platforms - Windows, Mac, iOS
Genre - Action


Super Crate Box is a freeware indie game released by Vlambeer on May 11, 2010. It is an arcade action game. It is available on Steam, on the website for download, iOS, with multiplayer as Super Crate Box Versus on the Winnitron and as Super Bread Box on the Commodore 64.


This game is very fun in my opinion I could play this game for a very long time as it's just addicting because all you do is shoot green monsters and get crates that have weapons in them but you have to unlock some weapons! This game is very easy/hard at the same time, it feels like a very easy game but when you progress to the other levels it just seems like there a lot harder then usual even though they're basically the same. Something of this game that puts me off playing it is how often and easy it is to crash the game, like for instance, you can be playing it and using a mini gun or something explosive and after a bit the game will just freeze and crash, it does get very frustrating after a bit but you tend to deal with it. One thing I like about this game though is just how easy it somewhat is, like the game itself is very fun but the weapons you can use and just shooting some green monsters just makes the game for me more enjoyable. I don't have a clue why, but it just does, maybe because I like shooting some green monsters? Who knows, but the game is something you should all play, its free on steam as well! So there's that. Other things I like and somewhat dislike about this game are having to unlock different weapons because once you unlock then the game crashes you gotta re get the weapon that you just unlocked. It is very annoying but you it's easy to get it back. Something else I like about this game is the levels they look alike to the other levels but there different and feel a lot harder for some reason. One other thing that you guys might like about this game is how easy it is to play the game, like seriously, the game is super easy to play just frustrating like I said earlier when the game crashes and or when it freezes that's something else that's annoying.


Ok, time to talk about the graphics for this game, the graphics are alright, the developer didn't use to many colors for the game but in my opinion he didn't really have to go overkill with the graphics all he really had to do was just make the items and weapons the crates and that stuff detailed the rest of the stuff he didn't really have to do that well of a job but he still did a ok job. If he were to go overboard with the colors and that it would've made the game feel weird as there aren't many colors needed for this game in my truthful opinion like if he used Pink and Teal it wouldn't have fitted in at all, the game just needed a few colors for certain levels and that's it. Now, if I was the developer I would try to at least get a bit more colors in there not just like 5-7 colors maybe a bit more that'd fit in. For instance like light green, it would sorta fit in. But not super well but it could be used for the background, like I said earlier though he didn't use many colors but the background is probably where he did the best at. As it fits in so well with the atmosphere of the level, like seriously. It's pretty damn good if you ask me (Im not a graphics designer or anything but I can tell what's good and bad). The background just fits right in, you don't notice it but it fits right in, its like a perfect fit for it. I know that game designers are meant to do that but I feel like he did a good job for the backgrounds. But for everything else, mainly the levels he didnt do so well.
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The controls are very easy to get used to, just if you haven't played the game in a while its stupidly hard to remember how to shoot. When all you have to do is press z to shoot. The jumping and moving are very straight forward just the arrow keys and another jump button is x. I don't know why but it is, but yea, like I said the controls are very easy to get used to, but if I could change anything I'd change the shooting key to the space bar. As it would make everything so much easier. Rather it being confusing but yet so easy to remember. Another I thing I would change or at least add is the ability to change the moving keys (arrow keys) to WASD as a lot of people use WASD in a lot of games so why not have the ability to change it to that. Those are two things I'd like to change about the controls. Things I like about the controls are the arrow keys, its so easy to remember it and I just enjoy that, but the shooting key like I said is the most annoying to me due to that fact that it's the damn Z key and not the damn space bar, but what can you do? I do wish though that there was an option to change your keys around to whatever you want, that is something I'd like to see. But other people possibly wouldn't want that in this game. Something else I don't like is having two jumping keys, like, I don't understand why we another one. Also, like I said above the Z key is really something the developer should allow you to swap it out to something else, for instance if I want to change it to the Space bar or 1 key I could but you can't so if theres ANYTHING I want the developer to do is that, allow you to change the keys to whatever you want to.


Gameplay - 8/10
Graphics - 8.5/10
Controls 8/10
Overall - 8/10

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Craig (12-18-2014)
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Very nice review here buddy, not one that I could have written trust me...

Almost made me wanna play the game haha.

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Game reviewing must take a lot of motivation o.o

Anyways, I think I'll check this game out later! Thanks for sharing :*
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