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Mad Father - ReviewPosted:

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Game Information
Release Date: December 10, 2012
Developers: Sen
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Genre: Horror, RPG
Players: 1

As a girl of the Drevis household, Aya cant help but come to her only family left in times when shes scared. Alfred her father tells her that her mother is always with her, so she should rest easy. That night however, a curse was put upon the mansion and the father has been held captive. Aya steels herself to go out her room and into the mansion, to save her father herself.

Aya, a young girl who was very upset when her mother had died had ventured into her father's laboratory to remind him that its the anniversary of his wife's death and that Aya wanted to go and visit her grave. Later that night after visiting her mother's grave, Aya is awoken by a scream that came from her father's laboratory. As soon as she leaves her room, she is intercepted by these monster-like zombie corpses that are roaming around the mansion. Aya then finds out these lingering corpses are the result of her father's test subjects which is why her father always told since she was younger to stay away from the laboratory. With her curiosity, Aya sets out on a quest to rescue her father who is all she has left.

This indie game is will have players forage through the entire mansion searching for clues and finding items to venture forward into the game. Players will come across corpses that will either cause harm to the player or will lure the player to help them in the game while some will flee from the player. Players will also find secret rooms and entrances that will withhold items that are necessary to aid in the journey. The player's heath bar will be displayed only when the player can be harmed by enemies. There are also some small events that are triggered within the game. These events mostly occur when a player is trapped in a room with a corpse getting closer to the player and thus killing them or are being pursued by a enemy. Players will also be able to combine two items like a lighter and lighter fluid to emit a small source of light. Players also get to use a chainsaw to break through certain materials but sadly couldn't use the chainsaw to kill any enemies though. Players will also communicate with the nonlethal corpses which mostly are children but also a few adults that were test subjects in her father's laboratory. These nonlethal subjects will ask the player that they are in need of something that they need. By getting them what they need, the corpses will hand the player something that will benefit them as they progress along. Players will also interact with many objects and other items that will give some back story on what happen before the death of Aya's mother. Players will also find these gems hidden in certain areas or by completing certain objectives. By collecting all the gems, players will be awarded with a secret ending to the game.

I really didn't expect an indie game like this to have some great graphics. The images of the characters during a cut scene were greatly done and the quality of each image were fantastic. from the details on the clothing, to the facial features, and the expressions on the characters were precise and exquisite as well as identifiable to know how the character felt. The dark theme of the game really suited the gameplay well and the tone of the darkness wasn't too dim for players to be able to see in dark rooms as well as parts of the mansion like the cellar and basement. For a game that used many shades of dark and eerie colors, the balance of the colors was nice and the textures throughout the many mansion and on various types of items were detailed enough for players to examine as well as the picture frames on the walls were detailed enough to see what the pic looked like without actually viewing it when in close proximity. Playing from the third person standpoint, the details on the characters players will encounter are limited due to the view of the gameplay being pixelated and being played from above the character instead of a frontal view. Overall, the graphics for this indie game are surprisingly great and the quality is good enough to have a good play through of the game without any distortions to the graphics.
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The controls for Mad Father were nothing too much of a challenge even for the youngest of players. The arrow keys were the main part in this game for players to use. Players would also use the Z button to examine and manipulate objects as well as using the X button to open up their inventory to use an item when players needed to use an item. The C button would also equip the player with a chainsaw. So all players really needed to play this game are three fingers on the Z,X,C buttons and arrow keys. That is how I played the game but maybe other users would use the controls in a different way compared to me. If a player lacks a hand, then the player would be at a disadvantage having to use a single hand for both set of controls.

Gameplay: 9.2/10
Graphics: 9.3/10
Controls: 9.7/10
Overall: 9.3/10

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Really fun game!
The review is very accurate in my opinion!
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