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New dare trend - setting yourself on fire.Posted:

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Just when you thought humans couldn't get anymore stupid, they just did.

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A disturbing new internet challenge where participants set fire to themselves on camera for online kudos has gone viral.

The Fire Challenge has seen an alarming rise in popularity in recent weeks, as videos of people dousing themselves in flammable liquid and setting it alight has gone viral on sites such as Facebook and YouTube.

The fad, which follows in the footsteps of notorious crazes Nekominate and the Cinnamon Challenge, has already been blamed for a number of injuries in the US.

In one incident, a 15-year-old from Kentucky suffered second-degree burns after covering his torso in flames.

But despite the obvious dangers, its increasing popularity has outraged Twitter users.

One user tweeted: "Sad to see people doing stupid things like the fire challenge. Really? It's cool to light yourself on fire?"

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Sounds like our generation.

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Honestly, if you're stupid enough to do any of this, then you kind of deserve it.
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This is crazy I actually seen this exact video on youtube.
You are obviously stupid to set your self on fire. The cinnamon challenge is good enough I mean doing this could possibly have killed him. This needs to be stopped before it does happen. (Which it probably won't)

I also seen another crazy challenge where people breath in and out 21 times and then someone pushes in on your chest and then you pass out. I mean what has this world came to, to where people put there lives at risk just for a youtube video or to be "cool".
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Maybe with this we can dumb down the population of these retards, who knows, maybe some of them can burn to death, that would be swell..
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This is gonna end soon, when somebody **** kills themselves.
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And this is how Darwins theory works
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I've been seeing these "dare" videos on Worldstar recently.
Please, I need an answer as to how and why someone would ever consider daring somebody to do this. They're smart enough to all know it's going to burn them, they're standing in showers for gods sake. But as soon as they light themselves on fire, they start spazzing out. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?!
Someone is probably going to mess up real soon with this, and it will probably ruin their lives.
Hopefully it will be stopped sooner than the "Neknomination" trend.

A comment on the Worldstar video which made me lol...
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This is why humans are the greatest, they bring me nothing but entertainment.

I'm more surprised that people are surprised about this rather than the idea itself.
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Just like the neknomination and all that good stuff, it'll end when someone gets brutally hurt or even dies and then everyone will be like "oh, i told you"
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