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Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard - ReviewPosted:

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Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard

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D3 Publisher

Vicious Cycle Software

Release Date:
February 26, 2009

Third-person shooter


PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

Get ready for a fictional account of the world's most popular video game hero...of the 1980s. Matt Hazard is coming out of retirement and making his next-gen"comeback"against all his old enemies in a hilarious parody of the last 25 years of gaming.
(Credit to Gamestop)

This game has a third person camera angle that is seen of the character's shoulder. Also, this game, being a third person shooter, implements cover systems that break away after a certain amount of damage and cause the player to have to move and change cover. Also, the main character of this game is Matt Hazard. The cover system of this game is somewhat modeled after the Gears of War series in the fact that taking cover makes the player more accurate, less of an area for bullets to hit, as well as making the player move from cover to cover somewhat faster than if you were JUST entering cover. Also, Matt can only carry two weapons at a time and with the levels and weapons on those levels constantly changing as much as they do in this game, there is a large variety of weapons that the player gets to play around with and experience. Overall, I feel that this game is a funny game, as well a game that is also fun to play gameplay wise. The game has a lot of little things within the game that make it funny and make for a humorous game, all the while not losing the fun gun on gun aspect of the game that the players of the game will enjoy.

The plot of this game begins with Matt explaining how he went from a super famous, well known video game character hero with more than 25 years of experience, to a no one in almost one night. The way that he basically ended his own reign of fame so to speak is by participating in child friendly games instead of the games that he usually participated in, making everyone think that he wasn't the video game super hero that his previous games made him out to be. With all that being said, I feel that the plot of this game, even though it is cheesy, is still a lot of fun to experience and play through. There is actually a lot more information within this game and the plot within it than I had thought there would be when I had first seen or heard about this game. All in all, I feel that this game is great, and the plot of the game, though it be cheesy, is still a fun experience to play through.

The story to this game is that of a quickly thrown together mess up. What I mean by that is the game feels like the developers of the game made the game feel like Matt went from a basic hero to a zero and they make you feel like Matt has to build his way back up from the bottom with the game glitching out cover when it is destroyed, weapons spawning and de-spawning allowing Matt to have a larger variety of weapons, and the constant changing of the level design throughout missions and what not. This game's story is for sure to it's own design and play style. What I mean by that is the fact that no other game out there is quite like this game in the funny aspect of some of the levels and weapons, as well as still maintaining the seriousness. I feel that most anyone who plays this game will have a great time with it and will have little to no complaints about that game. Overall, I feel that the story to this game is that of something special and will at least make for a few laughs while you play this game from the start to the finish.

I personally feel that this game has some average graphics. The graphics of this game aren't bad by any means, but they also are not that great either. The graphics of the weapons and characters within this game, are average or maybe somewhat above average. The scenes within this game are great, and look great to boot. They don't recycle weapons, characters, or objects to take cover behind like other games of this variety sometimes do which is a good thing in my books. Overall, I feel the graphics of this game are about average, nothing wrong, not too special either though. That being said, I still feel that people will enjoy this game and the graphics of the game, and they will still be pleased with the way the game turned out graphically, even though this game's graphics aren't as great as I feel that they could have been.
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The controls of this game are nothing to write home about. The controls of this game are quite typical of most other third person shooters. The controls are easy to use and everything, I just feel that the controls of this game aren't as special or meaningful that I feel other game's controls are. The controls of this, default wise anyways, are average, easy to use, and simple to change should you not like the way certain buttons work or something along those lines. The sensitivity of this game is low, and therefore I personally turned it all the way up and still felt that it was a little slower than that of other games in this class. However, I still feel that the controls of this game, even though they are nothing special still get the job done and make the player experience the game the way the developers intended the game to be played. Lastly, the controls of this game are solid and I feel that the default controller layout is the way to go with this game!

Gameplay - 8/10
Plot - 7.5/10
Story - 7.5/10
Controls - 8/10
Graphics - 7/10
Overall - 7.5/10

Personal Note: This game is a game that I rented instead of purchasing and I beat it fairly quickly with my friends that happened to be staying the night at my house, but the game was still a lot of fun and made for a great experience from start to finish. I feel that anyone who plays this game will have a great time and therefore I feel that this game is well worth a rent or maybe even a purchase should you like it that much!

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the resolution of the characters are very in-depth but the guns look like toys :0
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wow, didn't even know this game existed.
Looks like I'm gonna have to find a copy!
Nice review AR15!~
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I have never played this game but it reminds me of the terminator in the ways you explained it.
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