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Hogs Of War - ReviewPosted:

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Hogs Of War
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Infogrames Studios
Sheffield House
Infogrames Europe
Microsoft Windows
Release Date:
PAL June 8, 2000
NA September 5, 2000
Microsoft Windows
PAL November 3, 2000
Turn-based tactics
Artillery game
Single player

With four people joining in, the number of onscreen explosions, pig-speech comments, and all-around nuttiness nearly lifts the game into the same sphere of quality as Worms or Bomberman.

You are a commander over your army of pigs. You can rank them up by collecting medals in the levels, by completing a level and by completing a level without any of your pigs being killed. Each medal you collect is vital as the more you collect the more stronger pigs you can have which is important the more you progress in the game. In the campaign you have to conquer each territory to complete the game, will face a variety amount of different pigs and different armies also.

Hogs of War is a 3D turn based tactic game where you take turns in controlling your army, each move is vital in the game and one slip up may cost you a pig or worse the game. Each turn you take has a time limit and when that time limit is up your go will be over if you haven't already made your move.
You have a variety of weapons in your arsenal depending on which pig you have so when your leveling up your pig you have to choose wisely. They are also vehicles in the game which you can use like tanks, bunkers, and turrets. The environment in some of the game worlds can be harsh as some of minefields a lot of water in which you have to swim in and if you are not a certain rank you will lose HP and also some water can be poisonous so each turn after that you will lose some HP.

The graphics aren't that great but tbh you can easily look past it since it isn't the worst graphics out there. Since it was made in the year 2000 its graphics were still pretty good for its time. In my opinion they could of improved the game worlds a bit since they are a few glitches where you can see through objects and they are holes in some objects and some just look totally out of place. Although stuff like the explosions in the game and the jet pack fumes where well done for it's time in my opinion.

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The controls are very easy to understand and remember, it also helps that it gives you a tutorial before you start the campaign giving you a basic walk through of a variety of weapons and how to use them. In my opinion they couldn't really make the controls any more simpler as it's just up for up left for left and so on, it could be hard to get use to the other controls but in time you'll get use to it and it will become instinctive if you come back to the game even after not playing it for a long time.

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