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How to Fix DayZ Standalone Crashes / Lag / Other Issues!Posted:

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If DayZ Standalone randomly crashes upon launching the game, ensure or try the following:

  • Update your NVidia / AMD graphics drivers.
  • Turn off SLI / Crossfire then start the game. See if it stabilizes DayZ Standalone performance.
  • Turn off your anti-virus software before launching the DayZ Standalone, but make sure you turn it back on after playing. Make sure Windows Defender is also disabled.
  • Try using only one GPU first (turn the other one off via your nVidia / ATI graphics control panel)
  • Try running the game in Windowed Mode (frequently works for low-end PCs)
  • Disable anti-aliasing and filtering, restart DayZ Standalone
  • Disable V-sync, restart DayZ Standalone
  • Disable background apps, and turn off your anti-virus software
  • In Windows 7 right-click the DayZ Standalone exe file, go to the Compatibility Mode tab and check Disable Desktop Composition

DayZ Standalone Crash Fix DayZ Standalone Crashes right after pressing the Play button
In Windows 7 go the DayZ Standalone installation folder, right-click the DayZ Standalone exe file, go to the Compatibility Mode tab and check Disable Desktop Composition. Then try running DayZ Standalone once more.

DayZ Standalone Launch Crash Fix DayZ Standalone Could not load image
Go to the DayZ Standalone installation folder and look for the DayZ Standalone .exe file and run it directly from there, rather than using the shortcut or client link.

DayZ Standalone Crash Fix For Multi-Core PCs

If youre on Quad Core, try this fix to address any crash issues:

  • Start the game
  • Alt+Tab Out of the game
  • Open Task Manager
  • Right click on DayZ Standalone.exe
  • Set Affinity
  • Select core 0 and 1 only. You need to run the game on two CPUs basically, so to avoid the crash to desktop.

DayZ Standalone Install Fails, Cannot Install
This is a Microsoft C++ bug so the quick fix is to uninstall your C++ files. If you see 2 instances of Microsoft C++, uninstall both of them; and dont worry, they are easy to reinstall.

Game Freezes during the Intro Video

If youre using Steam, a quick solution is to verify the integrity of your Steam game cache to resolve the problem. If it persists, ensure that both your graphics drivers and DirectX are updated. Doing both will mostly reduce the occurrences of DayZ Standalone freezing.

Cannot Install Direct X / Stuck at Direct X Installation
More often than not, this has been caused by other software drivers such as those from Logitech, Razer, Microsoft, etc, which normally control other minor peripherals such as your webcam, special programs, and sometimes your mouse. Simply shut them off and disable them, and try updating/installing Direct X again.

NVidia Optimus Crashes the Game
If youre using a laptop thats using an nVidia Optimus card, try checking your Optimus settings.

  • Open the nVidia Control Panel from your start menu.
  • On the lefthand side, under Select a task
  • Open the 3D Settings tree, and select Manage 3D Settings
  • On the righthand panel, click the Program Settings tab.
  • Under 1. Select a program, click Add, navigate to your installation folder and navigate to the application / exe file.
  • Under 2. Select the preferred graphics, choose High-performance NVIDIA processor
  • Then (VERY IMPORTANT!) click Apply in the bottom right.
  • Launch the game.

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Thank you for this! I have been looking for some various solutions for a while now. Thanks!
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