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GTA 5 Online - DNS Code - RP & Money Glitch!Posted:

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Twitter: @DanielGrant98

You earn around 530,000RP for completing 1 lap of Criminal Records

To join, please leave your GT and rep for an invite.

I need a 48 hour trial to carry on my hosting! PM me the code if you have one and I will make sure you gain access instantly.

Follow me on twitter for the DNS code! Announcing now [Twitter] @DanielGrant98.

People who are PM'ing me please give me time to respond, I have over 1000 PM's lol

I'm using my friends private DNS server, to become a permanent member please +Rep so I can see your name and we will talk.

Note: The more rep you send the higher your chances are of getting in! This is an extremely busy lobby.

I will not be releasing the DNS code due to DDOS attacks.

Happy Christmas & modding!

Be sure to add me as a friend on TTG.

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can you invite me gt:

ill rep 27 once in

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Invite please GT drunkenmaster97
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Invite when you can.

GT: Crocein

Thanks man.
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Plz inv GT USMC Isaiah. Zzzzzzzzzzzz
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I replied ! Legit legit
Inv : B4 Evolution
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Inv BruceAnderson x thanksss
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GT : Pistolas

Thanks in advance.
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Inv me please gt: JoeyBE xD
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Invitee KBlazEE thank you. Will post legit once in
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