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Moby wrote
Cen wrote
Moby wrote
dunder wrote
Fluttershyy wroteThis will always be the case as America does not want to "change."

It will be a while before Congress passes Homosexual Rights. (Gay is a term meaning happy. We need to stop saying it.)

I hope it will happen soon.

Who do a bunch of old men and woman making 1million+ a year + benefits think they are? It's not their life, stop messing with it.

Then why does the LGBT community use the word "gay", to represent themselves?

Just because we use it to represent ourselves doesn't make it the correct term.
It just has to be a quick and memorable name.

Haha, no, gay means homosexual.

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It's the correct term.

Actually, gay meant happy, then it became defined as a morally corrupt or unpleasant social interaction and it held that definition for 300+ years.
It's only in the past 100 years that the definition has been changed specifically so that it refers to homosexuality and that was only through use of slang and the media coining it as a phrase because it's easier to say than Homosexual.
So, in the original meaning of the word I wouldn't consider myself gay.
It's just a quick term to use.

No, sorry. Gay means homosexual. It's been like that for our lifetimes. I don't care what it meant 400 years ago, right now and in the future it will mean homosexual. You should consider yourself gay because that's what you are if you're homosexual. You're gay.
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Supidest thing I have ever heard
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Moby wroteI guarantee this wouldn't be a problem if it was a straight couple kissing or holding hands in a music video.
In fact, I know it wouldn't, because we had videos played that involved it when I was at school and none of the teachers got suspended.
I bet this was because a homophobic parent made a complaint.

Couldn't have said it better myself.

This teacher should be compensated for her time off.
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that makes no sence i hate it when stuff like this happens it shows how stupid goverment is
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Wow, I cant believe that this happened...

Just crazy. All I can say.
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