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damn looks real cant wait for gta 5 !
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  • Ladder Climber
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It's a GTA 4 map mod.

Ghost Paradise I think.
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  • Resident Elite
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Its GTA4. Well I'm pretty sure it is anyway.
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  • Blind Luck
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dont even have to watch it to call it fake unless it was posted on the rockstar newswire its fake gameplay has and never will be leaked very rare that something gets leaked from rockstar let alone gameplay
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This is GTA IV mod
Don't remember was it GTA IV San Andreas mod or something like that
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Yeah this looks fake to me but idk not totally sure
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I do understand how this could be considered real as BETA Does not have the finalized Graphics but they all are mods!
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Sosa wroteSo fake

1. You can clearly here that car is an Infernus from GTA 4

2. You can clearly tell that is is GTA 4 modded map.

The car he is driving is a modded car. That means it WAS NOT in GTA 4. It sounds like an infernus, Yes. But it is modded to some kinda Ferrari or Zonda or something.
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This is very much fake ,dude!
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