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Skyrim: Ultimate Command/Mod/Tutorial Center [PC]Posted:

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Item Codes:
(Use CTRL F to find what you want)

000136D5 Imperial Armor (Heavy Armor)
000136D6 Imperial Boots (Heavy Boots)
000136D4 Imperial Bracers (Heavy Gauntlets)
00013EDC Imperial Helmet (Heavy Helmet)
0009610D Imperial Legate's Helmet (Heavy Helmet)
000136CF Imperial Officer's Helmet (Heavy Helmet)
00013ED8 Studded Imperial Armor (Light Armor)
00013ED9 Imperial Light Armor (Light Armor)
00013ED7 Imperial Light Boots (Light Boots)
00013EDA Imperial Light Bracers (Light Gauntlets)
00013EDB Imperial Light Helmet (Light Helmet)
00013AB2 Imperial Light Shield
00013841 Imperial Bow
000135B8 Imperial Sword
000135BA Imperial Shield
0009610D Imperial Helmet (Heavy Armor)
Steel ArmorEdit
0001B39F - Scaled Boots
0001B3A0 - Scaled Bracers
0001B3A1 - Scaled Helmet
0001B3A3 - Scaled Armor
000F6F22 - Steel Armor (with shoulderpads)
000F6F24 - Steel Horned Helmet
00013951 - Steel Cuffed Boots
00013952 - Steel Armor
00013953 - Steel Nordic Gauntlets
00013954 - Steel Helmet
000F6F21 - Steel Shin Boots
000F6F23 - Steel Imperial Gauntlets
00013955 - Steel Shield
0001395B - Steel Plate Boots
0001395C - Steel Plate Armor
0001395D - Steel Plate Gauntlets
0001395E - Steel Plate Helmet
Steel Weapons (Skyrim)Edit
00013983 - Steel War Axe
00013984 - Steel Battleaxe
00013986 - Steel Dagger
00013987 - Steel Greatsword
00013988 - Steel Mace
00013989 - Steel Sword
0001398A - Steel Warhammer
Nightingale ArmorEdit
000FCC0D - Nightingale Boots (Wearer is muffled and moves silently.)
000FCC0F - Nightingale Armor (Increases your Stamina by 50 points. Increases Frost Resistance by 50%.)
000FCC11 - Nightingale Gloves (Lockpicking is 25% easier. One-handed attacks do 25% more damage.)
000FCC12 - Nightingale Hood (Illusion Spells cost 17% less to cast.)
000F6526 - Nightingale Blade 05 ( More Powerful )
000F652C - Nightingale Bow 05 ( More Powerful )
Skyforge Steel WeaponsEdit
0009F25C - Skyforge Steel Sword
0009F25D - Skyforge Steel Dagger
0009F25E - Skyforge Steel Greatsword
0009F25F - Skyforge Steel Battleaxe
0009F260 - Skyforge Steel War Axe
Leather ArmorEdit
0003619E Leather Armor
00013920 Leather Boots
00013921 Leather Bracers
00013922 Leather Helmet
Dwarven ArmorEdit
0001394D Dwarven Armor
0001394C Dwarven Boots
0001394E Dwarven Gauntlets
0001394F Dwarven Helmet
00013950 Dwarven Shield
Dwarven Weapons (Skyrim)Edit
00013994 Dwarven Battleaxe
00013995 Dwarven Bow
00013996 Dwarven Dagger
00013997 Dwarven Greatsword
00013998 Dwarven Mace
00013999 Dwarven Sword
00013993 Dwarven War Axe
0001399A Dwarven Warhammer
Elven ArmorEdit
000896A3 Elven Armor
0001391A Elven Boots
0001391C Elven Gauntlets
0001392A Elven Gilded Armor
0001391D Elven Helmet
0001391E Elven Shield
Elven Weapons (Skyrim)Edit
0001399E Elven Dagger
0001399F Elven Greatsword
000139A0 Elven Mace
000139A1 Elven Sword
0001399C Elven Battleaxe
0001399D Elven Bow
000139A2 Elven Warhammer
0001399B Elven War Axe
Orcish Armor (Skyrim)Edit
00013956 - Orcish Boots
00013957 - Orcish Armor
00013958 - Orcish Gauntlets
00013959 - Orcish Helmet
00013946 - Orcish Shield
Orcish WeaponsEdit
0001398B - Orcish War Axe
0001398C - Orcish Battle Axe
0001398D - Orcish Bow
0001398E - Orcish Dagger
0001398F - Orcish Greatsword
00013990 - Orcish Mace
00013991 - Orcish Sword
00013992 - Orcish Warhammer
Ebony ArmorEdit
00013960 Ebony Boots
00013961 Ebony Armor
00013962 Ebony Gauntlets
00013963 Ebony Helmet
00013964 Ebony Shield
Ebony WeaponsEdit
000139B1 Ebony Sword
000139AD Ebony Bow
000139B2 Ebony Warhammer
000139B0 Ebony Mace
000139AC Ebony Battleaxe
000139AB Ebony War Axe
000139AF Ebony Greatsword
000139AE Ebony Dagger
000139BF Ebony Arrow
Glass Armor (Light Armor)Edit
00013938 Glass Boot (12 Defense)
00013939 Glass Armor
0001393A Glass Gauntlets
0001393B Glass Helmet
0001393C Glass Shield
Glass WeaponsEdit
000139A3 Glass War Axe
000139A4 Glass Battleaxe
000139A5 Glass Bow
000139A6 Glass Dagger (Damage 10)
000139A7 Glass Greatsword
000139A8 Glass Mace
000139A9 Glass Sword
000139AA Glass Warhammer
Dragon ArmorEdit
00013965 Dragonplate poo
00013966 Dragonplate Armor
00013967 Dragonplate Gauntlets
00013969 Dragonplate Helmet
00013968 Dragonplate Shield
0001393D Dragonscale Boots
0001393E Dragonscale Armor
0001393F Dragonscale Gauntlets
00013940 Dragonscale Helmet
00013941 Dragonscale Shield
Daedric ArmorEdit
0001396A Daedric Boots
0001396B Daedric Armor
0001396C Daedric Gauntlets
0001396D Daedric Helmet
0001396E Daedric Shield
Daedric WeaponsEdit
000139B3 Daedric War Axe
000139B4 Daedric Battleaxe
000139B5 Daedric Bow
000139B6 Daedric Dagger
000139B7 Daedric Greatsword
000139B8 Daedric Mace
000139B9 Daedric Sword
000139BA Daedric Warhammer
000139C0 Daedric Arrow
Blades ArmorEdit
0004B288 Blades Boots
0004B28B Blades Cuirass
0004B28D Blades Gauntlets
0004B28F Blades Helmet
0004F912 Blades Shield
0003AEB9 Blades Sword
000F71D0 Dragonbane (Sword 40 bonus damage for dragons, 10 shock damage for others)
Shrouded ArmorEdit
000E1F14 Ancient Shrouded Boots (Wearer's movement is muffled and causes no sound.)
000E1F15 Ancient Shrouded Armor (100% poison resist. The simple one, not ancient gives 50% poison resist)
000E1F16 Ancient Shrouded Gloves (Backstab deals double damage.Note - this is summed up with other sneak attack damage multipliers.For example if you have the Assassin's Blade perk you'll hit for 30x damage instead of 15x; swords hit for 12x.)
000E1F17 Ancient Shrouded Cowl (Bows deal 35% more damage.)
000CEE72 Jester Cap (30% sneak bonus)
0006492C Cicero Armor (one-hand weapon damage bonus)
000CF8A1 Shrouded Hood (Sneaking is 25% better.) Unique item given on entry to the Dark Brotherhood.
000CF8A0 Shrouded Robes (Destruction spells cost 15% less to cast.)
000CF89F Shrouded Shoes (Wearer is muffled and moves silently.)
000CF8A9 Shrouded Hand Wraps (Double sneak attack damage with one-handed weapons)
Thieves' Guild ArmorEdit
000D3AC2 Thieves' Guild Boots
000D3AC3 Thieves' Guild Armor
000D3AC4 Thieves' Guild Gloves
000D3AC5 Thieves' Guild Hood
000D3ACB Thieves' Guild Boots (Improved)
000D3ACC Thieves' Guild Armor (Improved)
000D3ACD Thieves' Guild Gloves (Improved)
000D3ACE Thieves' Guild Hood (Improved)
000A44A0 Scroll of Conjure Frost Atronach
000A44A1 Scroll of Conjure Storm Atronach
000A44A2 [Doesn't exist]
000A44A3 Scroll of Revanant
000A44A4 Scroll of Command Daedra
000A44A5 Scroll of Dread Zombie
000A44A6 Scroll of Expel Daedra
000A44A7 Scroll of Dead Thrall
000A44A8 Scroll of Flame Thrall
000A44A9 Scroll of Frost Thrall
000A44B0 Scroll of Chain Lightning
000A44B1 Scroll of Fire Storm
000A44B2 Scroll of Blizzard
000A44B3 [Doesn't exist]
000A44B4 [Doesn't exist]
000A44B5 Scroll of Rally
000A44B6 Scroll of Frenzy
000A44B7 Scroll of Invisibility
000A44B8 [Doesn't exist]
000A44B9 Scroll of Pacify
000A44C0 [Doesn't exist]
000A44C1 Scroll of Heal Other
000A44C2 Scroll of Repel Lesser Undead
000A44C3 Scroll of Circle of Protection
000A44C4 Scroll of Grand Healing
000A44C5 Scroll of Repel Undead
000A44C6 Scroll of Turn Greater Undead
000A44C7 Scroll of Fury
000A44C8 Random?
000A44C9 Random?
000A44C0 [Doesn't exist]
Forsworn Armor & Weapons
000D8D4E Forsworn Boots
000D8D50 Forsworn Cuirass
000D8D52 Forsworn Helmet
000D8D55 Forsworn Gauntlets
000EAFD0 Armor of the Old Gods
000EAFD1 Helmet of the Old Gods
000EAFD2 Gaunlets of the Old Gods
000EAFD3 Boots of the Old Gods
000CC829 Forsworn Axe
000CADE9 Forsworn Sword
000CEE9B Forsworn Bow
000CEE9E Forsworn Arrow
000CC826 Forsworn Staff
0000FA2C1 Forsworn Staff (Other)
000AE087 Briarheart Geis (Enchanted War Axe does extra damage against nords)
Drainspell Weapons (Ghost Weapons)Edit
000F82FC Drainspell Bow (Absorbs Magika)
000F82FA Drainblood Battle Axe (Absorbs 15 Health)
000F71DD Drainspell Sword (Absorbs 15 Stamina)
Psijic ArmorEdit
00065B94 Psijic Robes
00065B99 Psijic Hood
00065B9B Psijic Boots
00065B9D Psijic Gloves

000C8911 Amulet of Akatosh
000CC848 Amulet of Arkay
000C8915 Amulet of Dibella
000C8917 Amulet of Julianos
000C8919 Amulet of Kynareth
000C891B Amulet of Mara
000CC844 Amulet of Stendarr
000CC846 Amulet of Talos
000878BB Amulet of Zenithar
00016730 Copper and Moonstone Circlet
000166FF Copper and Onyx Circlet
00016731 Copper and Ruby Circlet
000166FE Copper and Sapphire Circlet
000166FD Gold and Ruby Circlet
000877F1 Gold Diamond Necklace
000877C9 Gold Diamond Ring
000877CA Gold Emerald Ring
00087835 Gold Jeweled Necklace
000877D5 Gold Necklace
0001CF2B Gold Ring
000877DC Gold Ruby Necklace
000877CB Gold Sapphire Ring
000166D6 Jade and Emerald Circlet
0001671A Jade and Sapphire Circlet
000877A7 Silver Amethyst Ring
000166E0 Silver and Moonstone Circlet
00016719 Silver and Sapphire Circlet
00087833 Silver Emerald Necklace
000877AB Silver Garnet Ring
00087834 Silver Jeweled Necklace
0009171B Silver Necklace
0003B97C Silver Ring
000877B1 Silver Ruby Ring
00087832 Silver Sapphire Necklace
000403A9 Viola's Gold Ring
00068B83 Assassin's mage ring
Crafting/Smithing MaterialsEdit
0005ACE5 Steel Ingot
0005ACE4 Iron Ingot
0005ACE3 Silver Ingot
0005AD93 Corundum Ingot
0005AD99 Orichalcum Ingot
0005AD9D Ebony Ingot
0005AD9E Gold Ingot
0005ADA0 Quicksilver Ingot
000DB8A2 Dwarven Metal Ingot
0005ADA1 Refined Malachite
0005AD9F Refined Moonstone
0003AD57 Chaurus Chitin
Dragon DropsEdit
0003ADA3 Dragon Scales
0003ADA4 Dragon Bones
0005ACDB Corundum Ore
0005ACDC Ebony Ore
0005ACDE Gold Ore
0005ACE1 Malachite Ore
0005ACE0 Moonstone Ore
0005ACDD Orichalcum Ore
0005ACE2 Quicksilver Ore
0005ACDF Silver Ore
00071CF3 Iron Ore
Leather And HidesEdit
0003AD53 Cave Bear Pelt
0003AD8F Cow Hide
0003AD90 Deer Hide
0003AD8E Goat Hide
0003AD93 Horse Hide
0003AD75 Ice Wolf Pelt
000DB5D2 Leather
000800E4 Leather Strips
0003AD74 Wolf Pelt
0003AD75 Wolf lce Pelt
0003AD54 BearSnowPelt
0003AD52 BearPelt
0003AD5B Deadra Hearth
0001D4EC - Torch
0004F006 - Arm Bandages

00019514 DB07Journal
00019FEA DunHillgrundsTombG01ldirsLetter
00019FEB DunHillgrundsTombValsVeransLetter
0001A332 DA04OghmaInfinium (will not allow for skill ups)
0001ACB5 BooklCheapBiographyofBarenziahvI
0001ACB6 BooklCheapBiographyofBarenziahvH
0001ACB7 BooklCheapBiographyofBarenziahvDI
0001ACB8 BooklCheapSheogorathMyths
0001ACB9 BooklCheapBriefHistoryoftheEmpirevl
0001ACBA BooklCheapBriefHistoryoftheEmpirev2
0001ACBB BooklCheapBriefHistoryoftheEmpirev3
0001ACBC BooklCheapBriefHistoryoftheEmpirev4
0001ACC6 BooklCheapReportDisasterlonith
0001ACC7 Book2CommonBeggarPrince
0001ACC8 Book2CommonBookofDaedra
0001ACC9 Book2CommonDarkestDarkness
0001ACCB Book2CommonFrontierConquest
0001ACCD Book2CommonGalerionTheMystic
0001ACD1 Book2CommonManualMixedUnitTactics
0001ACD2 Book2CommonTheFirmament
0001ACD3 Book2CommonFirstH01dRev01t
0001ACD4 Book2CommonMysteriousAkavir
0001ACD5 Book2CommonOverviewofGodsandWorshi|
0001ACD6 Book2CommonRealBarenziahVl
0001ACD7 Book2CommonRealBarenziahV2
0001ACD8 Book2CommonRealBarenziahV3
0001ACD9 Book2CommonRealBarenziahV4
0001ACDA Book2CommonRealBarenziahV5
0001ACDB Book2CommonRuinsofKemelZe
0001ACDC Book2CommonShortLifeUrielSeptim
0001ACDD Book2CommonThiefOfVirtue
0001ACDF Book2ReligiousChildrensAnuad
0001ACE1 Book2ReligiousTheAmuletofKings
0001ACE2 Book2ReligiousTrialsofStAlessia
0001ACE3 Book3Valuable2920vlla
0001ACE4 Book3Valuable2920vl2a
0001ACE5 Book3Valuable2920v3a
0001ACE6 SkillPickpocket3
0001ACE7 Book3ValuableArgonianAccountBook2
0001ACE8 Book3ValuableArgonianAccountBook4
0001ACE9 8ook3ValuableAzuraandtheBox
0001ACEA Book3ValuableDwemerHistory
0001ACEB Book3ValuableFeyf01ke01
0001ACEC Book3ValuableFeyf01kenII
0001ACED Book3ValuableFeyf01kenin
0001ACEF 8ook3ValuablelustyArgonianMaidV0101
0001ACF0 Book3ValuableMadnessofPelagius
0001ACF1 Book3ValuableMagicFromTheSky
0001ACF2 Book3ValuableTheDowry
0001ACF3 Book3ValuableOnOblivion
0001ACF4 Book3ValuablePallav2a
0001ACF5 Book3ValuablePrincessTalaraV5
0001ACF7 Book3ValuableSnowPrince
0001ACFA Book3ValuableTheSeed
0001ACFB Book3ValuableTheThirdDoor
0001ACFC 8ook3ValuableVarietiesofDaedra
0001ACFD Book3ValuableW01fQueenV8
0001ACFE Book4RareArcanaRestored
0001ACFF Book4RareBrothersofDarkness
0001AD03 Book4RarEnchildrenoftheSky
0001AD04 Book4RareCleansingoftheFane
0001AD05 Book4RareFiveSongsofKingWulfharth
0001AD06 Book4RareFragmentOnArtaeum
0001AD07 Book4RareGloriesAndLaments
0001AD08 Book4RareHangingGardens
0001AD09 Book4RareLastKingOfAyleids
0001AD0A Book4RareLegendaryScourge
0001AD0C Book4RareSoulsBlackAndWhite
0001AD0D Book4RareNerevarMoonandStar
0001AD0E Book4RareNGastaKvataKvakis
0001AD0F Book4Rare01dWays
0001AD11 Book4RarePigChildren
0001AD12 Book4RarePostingoftheHunt
0001AD13 Book4RareRedBookofRiddles
0001AD14 Book4RareSancreTor
0001AD15 Book4RareSpiritoftheDaedra
0001AD16 Book4RareTrueNatureofOrcs
0001AD17 Book4RareWatersofOblivion
0001AD18 Book4RareWildElves
0001ADB4 Book4RareNefarivigumLore
0001AF40 8ook3Valuab!eOpusculuslamae
0001AF8A Book2ReligiousSongofPelinalVl
0001AF8B 8ook2ReligiousSongofPelinalV2
0001AF8C 8ook2ReligiousSongofPelinalV3
0001AF8D 8ook2ReligiousSongofPelinalV4
0001AF8E Book2ReligiousSongofPelinalV5
0001AF8F Book2ReligiousSongofPelinalV6
0001AF90 Book2ReligiousSongofPelinalV7
0001AF91 Book2ReligiousSongofPelinalV8
0001AF93 8ook3ValuableShezarr
0001AF94 Book4RareAdabala
0001AFB1 Book4RareSixteenAccordsofMadnessV12
0001AFB2 Book4RareSixteenAccordsofMadnessV6
0001AFB3 Book4RareSixteenAccordsofMadnessV9
0001AFBA Book2CommonWabbajack
0001AFBF SkillPickpocket2
0001AFC0 BookODancelnFireVl
0001AFC1 BookODanceInFireV4
0001AFC2 BookOBIackArrowVl
0001AFC3 BookOMysteryOfTalaraVl
0001AFC4 SkillAlchemyl
0001AFC5 SkillAlchemy2
0001AFC6 SkillAlchemy3
0001AFC7 SkillAlchemy4
0001AFC8 SkillAlchemy5
0001AFC9 SkillAlterationl
0001AFCA Book3ValuableTheDragonBreak
0001AFCB SkillAlteration3
0001AFCC SkillAlteration4
0001AFCD SkillAlterationS
0001AFCE SkillSmithingl
0001AFCF SkillSmithing2
0001AFD0 SkillSmithing3
0001AFD1 SkillSmithing4
0001AFD2 SkillSmithing5
0001AFD3 BookORansomOfZarek
0001AFD4 BookODanceInFireV3
0001AFD5 SkillSneak5
0001AFD6 SkillPickpocket4
0001AFD7 BookOArgonianAccountBookl
0001AFD8 SkillTwoHandedl
0001AFD9 SkillOneHanded2
0001AFDA SkillOneHanded3
0001AFDB SkillTwoHanded4
0001AFDC SkillTwoHanded5
0001AFDD SkillBlockl
0001AFDE SkillBlock2
0001AFDF SkillBlock3
0001AFE0 SkillBlock4
0001AFE2 SkillTwoHanded2
0001AFE3 SkillOneHandedl
0001AFE4 SkillOneHanded4
0001AFE5 SkillTwoHanded3
0001AFE6 SkillOneHanded5
0001AFE7 SkillConjurationl
0001AFE8 SkillConjuration2
0001AFE9 SkillConjuration3
0001AFEA SkillConjuration4
0001AFEB SkillConjuration5
0001AFEC SkillDestructionl
0001AFED SkillDestruction2
0001AFEE SkillDestruction3
0001AFEF SkillDestruction4
0001AFF0 SkillDestruction5
0001AFF1 BookOImmortalBlood
0001AFF2 BookOW01fQueenV2
0001AFF3 BookOAhzirrTraajijazeri
0001AFF6 SkillHeavyArmorl
0001AFF7 SkillHeavyArmor2
0001AFF8 SkillHeavyArmor3
0001AFF9 SkillHeavyArmor4
0001AFFA SkillHeavyArmor5
0001AFFB BookOW01fQueenV3
0001AFFC BookOArgonianAccountBook3
0001AFFE BookOPallaVl
0001B*000 SkillLightArmorl
0001B001 SkillLightArmor2
0001B002 SkillLightArmor3
0001B003 SkillLightArmor4
0001B004 SkillLightArmor5
0001B005 SkillMarksmanl
0001B006 Book4RareADanceInFireV5
0001B007 SkillMarksman3
0001B008 SkillMarksman4
0001B009 SkillMarksman5
0001B00A SkillSpeEnchcraft4
0001B00B BookOW01fQueenV4
0001B00C Book02920v7
0001B00D SkillSpeEnchcraftl
0001B00E SkillSpeEnchcraft2
0001B00F Skilllllusionl
0001B010 SkillIllusion2
0001B011 SkillIllusion3
0001B012 SkillIllusion4
0001B013 SkillIllusion5
0001B014 SkillRestorationl
0001B015 SkillRestoration2
0001B016 SkillRestoration3
0001B017 SkillRestoration4
0001B018 SkillRestoration5
0001B019 SkillLockpickingl
0001B01A SkillLockpicking2
0001B01B SkillLockpicking3
0001B01C SkillLockpicking4
0001B01D SkillLockpicking5
0001B01E Book4RareTheW01fQueenV6
0001B01F SkillSneak2
0001B020 SkillSneak3
0001B021 SkillSneak4
0001B022 SkillPickpocketl
0001B023 SkillSpeEnchcraft5
0001B024 BookOW01fQueenV5
0001B025 SkillSpeEnchcraft3
0001B026 BookOW01fQueenW
0001B22B Book3ValuableAShortHistoryofMorrowind
0001B22C Book2ReligiousAedraandDaedra
0001B22D Book2ReligiousAncestorsandtheDunmer
0001B22E Book4RareAncientTalesoftheDwemerPartVl
0001B22F Book2CommonAntecedentsofDwemerLaw
0001B233 Book4RareBoethiahsGlory
0001B236 SkillAlteration2
0001B237 Book2CommonChancesF01ly
0001B238 8ook3ValuablEncharwichKoniingeLettersBoc
0001B239 8ook3ValuablEncharwichKoniingeLettersBoc
0001B23A 8ook3ValuablEncharwichKoniingeLettersBoc
0001B23B Book4RarEncharwichKoniingeLettersBookIV
0001B23C Book4RarEnchroniclesofNchuleft
0001B245 Book4RareInvocationofAzura
0001B25A Book2ReligiousSpiritofNirn
0001B25E Book2CommonTheArcturianHeresy
0001B262 Book2CommonCakeandTheDiamond
0001B267 8ook3Valuab!eFinalLesson
0001B26A Book2CommonTheHopeoftheRedoran
0001B26D SkillMarksman2
0001B26E Book2ReligiousTheMonomyth
0001B272 Book4RareWaroftheFirstCouncil
0001B273 Book3ValuableTheWraithsWeddingDowry
0001B274 BooklCheapTheYellowBookofRiddles
0001B276 SkillSneakl
0001B27A Book2CommonVernaccusandBourlor
0001B27D Book3ValuableWordsofClanMotherAhnissi
0001BB6D TG05GallusJournal
0001BFF5 WIKill03InheritanceLetter
0001DBFE MSlOSuvarisJournal
000211D7 T02LovePoem
00021683 MSllButcherFlyer
00023EE5 WICastMagic04Letter
00024737 MSllButcherJournall
00024763 MSllButcherJournal3
000249AF MS12QuintusLetter
00026700 MGR01Bookl
00026D85 DA04PuzzleJournal
00026EFE T02LoveLetter
00027F73 MS09Letter01
00027F74 MS09Letter02
00028ADC DA01GrislyGrimoire
0002A563 Book2CommonYng01Lore
0002A96D MS14AlvasJournal
0002D513 DA04ElderScr01l
0002F836 SkillPickpocket5
0002F837 SkillEnchantingl
0002F838 SkillEnchanting2
0002F839 SkillEnchanting3
0002F83A SkillEnchanting4
0002F83B SkillEnchanting5
0002F83C SkillBlock5
0003010A Book2CommonPensionOfAncestorMoth
0003010B Book4RareEffectsOfTheElderScr01ls
0003031F MQ105Note
00032785 DA04RuminationsOnElderScr01ls
00032E72 DA02BookBoethiahsProving
00034CBC MG06SynodJournall
00035B65 WIAddItem03Contract
0003636A MQ202SkyHavenBook
00037DEA Book2CommonOblivionCrisis
00037F87 dunPinewatchNote03
00037F89 dunPinewatchNote04
00037F8A dunPinewatchNote05
00039654 MS13ArvelsJournal
00039C8E MS09Missive
00039F2A MQ201ElenwenOfficeNote
00039FC3 WIAssault02Letter
0003A06F dunPOIReachLoversJournal
0003A523 DunPoiAlchemistsJournal
0003AF29 MQ201EsbernDossier
0003BEB6 DB08IdentityPapers
0003D29D MGR20Note
0003DD30 MGRlONote
000403AF FavorAdonatoBook
00042396 MQ201Invitation
00045F94 DA13AfflictedJournal01
0004811F dunFrostflowAbyssNote
00048160 dunFrostflowAbyssJournal
00048782 DA04ElderScr01lFurled
0004C6C8 TG02BillofSale
0004D249 MG03Book01
0004EF00 WIKill06BountyLetter
000504EE CWMission07InformantLetterSons
000504EF CWMission07InformantLetterImperial
00050502 CWMission07EvidenceLetter
0005224A DBEntranceLetter
000524DA MS09ImperialOrder
00053347 FFRiftenWarmthofMara
0005437D MQ201MalbornAssassinNote
00055549 dunLostProspectMineJournal
000557EC FFRiftenl5Agreement
0005B49E DB04aLetterofCredit
0005B9C9 dunCidhnaMineNote
0005BF2E DB04aSealedLetter
0005C846 FreeformRiverwood01LetterFaendal
0005C847 FreeformRiverwood01LetterSven
0005D2EA FreeformWinterh01dC01legeANotes
00063A0F dunSilentMoonsLunarBook
00064EB2 FreeformWinterh01dCLetter
00065BDA FFRiften20SkoomaSourceNote
00065C35 dunMarkarthWizard_LabJournal
00066182 MSllButcherJournal2
00068253 dunSteamcragCampNote
0006851B DB08Cookbook
00068B5A dunV01skyggePuzzleClue
00069007 FavorSondasNote
0006A80D dunAlftandDwemerStudy01
0006BE25 dunMzinchaleftMalurilsJournal
0006CE1C dunMiddenAtronachForgeBook
0006DEB5 MQ202ShavariNote
0006DEB6 MQ202GissurNote
0006DF90 dunForelhostAlchemistNote01
0006DF94 dunForelhostAlchemistNote02
0006DFAC dunForelhostGardenNote01
0006DFAF dunForelhostPoisonNote01
0006F63C dunForelhostDeathNote01
000705C3 FavorRunilJournal
00071442 WIKill04RewardLetter
00071443 WIKill04ThanksLetter
00072840 MG03Book02
00072841 MG03Book03
00072B13 TG07ValdDebt
000749B5 DB06IncriminatingLetter
00074ADF dunChillwindDepthsNote
00077536 dunPOIReachSwimmerJournal
00078561 dunPinewatchNote01
00078621 dunPinewatchNote02
00078DD2 dunRobbersGorgeJournal
0007A508 TG04GoldenglowDeed
0007D02F TGTQ03S01itudeLetter
0007D67D TGTQ04Note
0007E5B8 dunForelhostlournal
0007EB03 Book2CommonMadmenoftheReach
0007EB9E Book2CommonButcherofMarkarth
0007EBC2 BooklCheapTheCityofStone
0007EBC9 BooklCheapTheCodeofMalacath
0007F667 DunPOISIaughterFishermenJournal
00080D63 dunYngvildJournal01
00080D64 dunYngvildJournal02
00080D65 dunYngvildJournal03
00080D66 dunYngvildJournal04
000813B6 TG03SabjornLetter
00083168 Book3ValuableDwarvesI
00083169 Book3ValuableDwarvesH
0008316A Book3ValuableDwarvesm
00083AE3 dunSerpentsBluffNote
00083AE8 dunHalldirsCairnJournal
00083AED dunPOIShorsWatchTowerNotelmp
00083AEF dunPOIShorsWatchTowerNoteSons
00083AF6 dunBloatedManWrit
00083AFB dunOrotheimJournal
00083AFD dunNeugradNotelmp
00083AFF dunNeugradNoteSons
00083B01 dunNeugradBanditlournal
00083B04 dunFortSnowhawkNoteSons
00083B05 dunFortSnowhawkNotelmp
00083B08 dunFortSnowhawkNoteWarlock
00083B0B dunDeepwoodNote02
00083B38 Book2CommonExplorersGuideToSkyrim
00083B3B Book2CommonTheWispmother
00085D4E FFRiften20SkoomaNote
00085FE2 dunF01gunthurJournall
00085FE3 dunF01gunthurJournal2
00086EF8 DA07BookMythicDawnCommentariesVl
00086EF9 DA07BookMythicDawnCommentariesV2
00086EFA DA07BookMythicDawnCommentariesV3
00086EFB DA07BookMythicDawnCommentariesV4
00088FE2 dunllinaltasDeepAdventurerJournal
00088FE8 dunMzinchaleftWorkOrder
0008AA45 CWFortGreymoorNoteAgnis01
0008AA46 CWFortGreymoorNoteAgnis02
0008ACCC CWFortGreymoorNoteArchery01
0008ACCD CWFortGreenwallNoteTraitor01
0008ACDO dunAlftandEndrastsJournal01
0008ACD1 dunAlftandManifestlournal01
0008ACD2 dunAlftandJournalSulla01
0008AD99 dunV01unruudGenealogistlournal
0008B471 CWFortGreenwallNoteFood01
0008E5DF dunHarmugstahlJournal01
0008E8FC dunNchuandZelFinalBook
0008F741 dunLostEnchoCaveNote
0009020C dunAnsilvundLetter01
00090213 dunAnsilvundLetter04
00090E52 FavorAeriNote
000931C2 FreeformSalviusFarmALetter
00093846 dunNchuandZelStrommBook
00093CF6 dunForelhostGrifterNote
000940DD FavorldgrodNote
00094D8B DA07MythicDawnMuseumPamphlet
00095129 BQ01BountyLetter
000951AE dunFaldarsToothCookJournal
000973AC DA07KeepersoftheRazorNotes
00097803 dunPOIPineForest21Note
0009793A DUNPOIDragonAttackNote
000993FC DunPoiHuntersJournal
0009C8C0 MGRDestruction01
0009C8C1 MGRDestruction03
0009C8C2 MGRDestruction04
0009C8C6 MGRDestruction02
0009DABE DBCiceroJournal01
0009DAC1 DBCiceroJournal02
0009DAC4 DBCiceroJournal03
0009DAC5 DBCiceroJournal04
0009DE3D DA16TorporBook
0009F267 BooklCheapUncommonTaste
000A0322 Book2ReligiousAKissSweetMother
000A0F46 WIAddItem07Note
000A17B0 WElO01etter
000A4CE2 dunDeepwoodNote01
000AD430 dunRannveigSildsJournal
000AD8DE NoteFreeformMorthalB
000AE324 MS05King01afBook01
000B1260 WFJS12DA01WarlockNote
000B3165 dunTrevasSpellTomeSpectralArrow
000B3236 MGRitual02Bookl
000B3237 MGRitual02Book2
000B3238 MGRitual02Book3
000B3239 MGRitual02Book4
000B45F7 dunHighGateSpellTomeFlamingFamiliar
000B6426 dunYng01BookPuzzleClue
000B64B1 Book2CommonFjoriAndH01geir
000B6D60 dunEmbershardTatteredJournal
000B716A dunAngarvundeJournal01
000B7736 QABook
000BA0BE WE34Note
000BA300 WEJS01Note
000BABB4 dunBrokenOarHargarJournal
000BB3D3 dunShipwreck04TriusNote
000BC0A2 WE36PlayerBountyLetter
000BC6FD DunHillgrundsTombG01ldirsLetter02
000BD780 BQ02BountyLetter
000BD791 BQ03BountyLetter
000C0136 dunMistwatchNote01
000C084B dunNchuandZelErjBook
000C1771 Book2CommonLegendofRedEagle
000C1E77 MGR21Book04
000C1E78 MGR21Book02
000C1E79 MGR21Book03
000C1E7A MGR21Book01
000C2987 dunRedEagleRite
000C2BE4 DBHandPrintNote
000C36EF dunNchuandZelKragBook
000C370E dunNchuandAlethiusNote
000C3B1A dunBleakFallsBarrowNote01
000C58A6 MSlOBIoodHorkerOrders
000CADEC DB01AventusLetter
000CBA9B BQ04BountyLetter
000CC86A DB06MaroDadLetter
000CE5BD dunPOIFallForestRyanOUournal
000CEDA6 TG05GallusJournalPre
000D0032 dunFrostmereCryptEisaNotel
000D07B2 dunFrostmereCryptBountyNotel
000D0968 dunFrostflowAbyssNote02
000D0969 dunFrostflowAbyssJournal02
000D0BF6 dunFrostmereCryptEisaJournal
000D0E4E dunFrostmereCryptKyrJournal
000D120C POIFallForestRyanTr01lNote
000D1246 POIFallForestRyanTreasureNote
000D1955 MS01EltrysNote
000D2B09 DB003TovaLetter
000D30C8 dunMiddenlnvestigationBook
000D3973 dunFrostflowAbyssJournal03
000D3979 dunFrostflowAbyssNote03
000D397A dunFrostflowAbyssNote04
000D3E6B MS01Margretlournal
000D55D9 dunPOIforReviewDrew03Journal
000D670F MS01WeylinNote
000D672A MS01DrystonNote
000D672B MS01NeposJournal
000D674A MS01ThonarJournal
000D6F0B Book2CommonOnkeWraiths
000D7773 TGTQ04Note01
000D7866 DummyBook
000D91D1 MS06FalkFirebeardNote
000D9399 FavorLodLetter
000D95E3 dunPOIChillwindJournall
000D9B6B FFI01WyndeliusJournal
000DB0C7 dunRagnvaldBook01
000DB0C9 DefaultBookShelfBookMarker
000DB0D7 dunMzinchaleftGuardNote
000DC176 TGTQ02SabineNote
000DC198 dunPOITundraMarshDogJournal
000DC3AF dunPOIV01canicVampireJournal
000DD125 dunPOIChillwindJournal2
000DD998 dunPOISmugglersDenNote
000DD99C dunPOITundraThalmorNote
000DDEFB dunMiddenTreasureMap
000DDFB6 dunPOIWitchNote
000E0BA1 CWMission07EvidenceRiften
000E0D66 Book2CommonNordsOfSkyrim
000E0D67 Book4RareNightMother
000E0D68 Book3ValuableFalmer
000E163F dunWhiteRiverWatchNote
000E1640 dunWhiteRiverWatchBlankBook
000E1647 dunWhiteRiverWatchHajvarrJournal
000E1A9F dunSleepingTreeCampNote01
000E2513 MS02MadanachNote
000E2FC5 Book2CommonDunmerOfSkyrim
000E2FC6 Book3ValuableSovngardeReexamination
000E3E69 Book3ValuableForgeHammerAndAnvil
000E4D6F NN01SinderionsJournal
000E7A33 dunGeirmundsEpitaphNote
000E7EF0 Book2CommonPirateKing
000E7F31 book2CommonDwarvenArchitectureV01I
000E7F33 book2CommonDwarvenArchitectureVoin
000E7F34 book2CommonDwarvenArchitectureV01in
000E7F37 book2CommonSongAskeldeMen
000E7F39 DA13AfflictedLetter
000E7F3B dunlronbindLetterToSalma
000E7F3C dunlronbindLetterToBeemja
000E82BE FFRiften08BrandSheiBook
000E8BDB MS03FrostIdentityPapers
000E94DF dunAbandonedPrisonNote01
000E94F1 dunAbandonedPrisonNote02
000EA5B0 Book2CommonAlduinEntAkatosh
000EB090 BooklCheap01afAndTheDragon
000ED02E BooklCheapWhiterun
000ED02F Book2CommonDreamOfSovngarde
000ED030 BooklCheapNineH01ds
000ED031 Book3ValuableGhostsInTheStorm
000ED032 8ook3ValuablEnchaurusPie
000ED033 Book2CommonFallFromGlory
000ED035 Book2CommonRiftenOfCrossedDaggers
000ED037 8ook3ValuableSteppingLightly
000ED039 BookONightingalesFactOrFiction
000ED03A Book4RareAccountingOfTheElderScr01ls
000ED03B Book2CommonScourgeoftheGrayQuarter
000ED03C Book2CommonWindhelmLetters
000ED03D Book2CommonSongOfReturnV19
000ED03F Book3ValuableAmongstTheDraugr
000ED040 Book3ValuableDeathOfAWanderer
000ED041 Book3ValuablePhysicalitiesOfWerew01ves
000ED042 Book4RareLycanthropicLegendsOfSkyrim
000ED044 Book2CommonSongOfReturnV56
000ED045 Book2CommonSongOfReturnV7
000ED046 Book2CommonSongOfReturnV2
000ED047 Book3ValuableGreatHarbingers
000ED048 Book4RareSongOfReturnV24
000ED04B Book2ReligiousAlduinAkatoshDichotomy
000ED04C Book3ValuableSkyrimRuleOutsiderView
000ED04D Book2ReligiousTalosWorship
000ED04E Book3ValuableThalmor
000ED04F Book2CommonThirdEra
000ED061 Book2CommonS01itude
000ED062 Book3ValuableSongsOfSkyrim
000ED08F QAbookFrench
000ED090 QABookltalian
000ED091 QAbookgerman
000ED092 QABookSpanish
000ED161 BooklCheapNordsArise
000ED441 dunReachwaterRockEdict
000ED5F4 Book2CommonRisingThreatVl
000ED5F5 Book2CommonRisingThreatV2
000ED5F6 Book2CommonRisingThreatV3
000ED5F7 Book2CommonRisingThreatV4
000ED5F8 Book3ValuableThereBeDragons
000ED601 Book2CommonWoodcuttersWife
000ED603 Book2CommonFrostbiteSpiderVenom
000ED604 BooklCheapHorkers
000ED605 Book2CommonCatsOfSkyrim
000ED606 Book2CommonTr01lSlaying
000ED607 Book2CommonGiantsAndMammoths
000ED608 Book3ValuableLostLegends
000ED60B Book2CommonHagravens
000ED60C Book3ValuableDwarvenAutomatons
000ED63F Book2CommonWatcherofStones
000EDA8E 8ook3ValuableGreatC01lapse
000EDA8F Book3ValuableTheApprentice
000EDA90 Book3ValuableSaarthalNotes
000EDD35 BooklCheapCombatTips
000EDDD5 Book3ValuableTheDragonWar
000EF07A dunTreasMapRiverwood
000EF2C0 Book3ValuableDragonLanguage
000EF53E BooklCheapK01bAndTheDragon
000EF579 TG04GulumEiKillNote
000EF638 Book2CommonCabinInTheWoods
000F03E3 Book3ValuableTaleOfDroZira
000F03E5 dunAlftandJzharJournal01
000F0417 dunAlftandJournalUmana01
000F0422 dunT01valdsCaveNote01
000F0423 dunT01valdsCaveNote03
000F0424 dunT01valdsCaveNote02
000F0425 dunlrkngthandNote01
000F11B6 HouseDecorateWhiterun
000F11B7 HouseDecorateRiften
000F11D5 Book3ValuableSongsOfSkyrimRevised
000F1445 HouseDecorateMarkarth
000F1446 HouseDecorateWindhelm
000F1447 HouseDecorateS01itude
000F1AB3 Book2CommonAMinorMaze
000F1C17 dunGauldurSealMikrul
000F1C18 dunGauldurSealJyrik
000F1C19 dunGauldurSealSigdis
000F23BA DBGastonLetter
000F23E0 MS07JareeRaNote
000F33CD dunTreasMapBrokenHelm
000F33CE dunTreasMapValtheim
000F33CF dunTreasMapS01LightHouse
000F33D0 dunTreasMapKorvanjund
000F33D1 dunTreasMapWhiterun
000F33D2 dunTreasMapFortNeugrad
000F33D3 dunTreasMapDragonBridge
000F33D4 dunTreasMapLostValleyRedoubt
000F33D5 dunTreasMapGallowsRock
000F33E0 dunTreasMapIlinaltasDeep
000F37D0 MGRDestructionFinal
000F4530 Book3ValuableBlades
000F456D Book2CommonGreatWar
000F4997 DunLabyrinthianSpellTomeEquilibrium
000F54D4 dunT01valdsCaveNote04
000F5BC0 WERI13CragslaneNote
000F5CAC RecipeRestoreHealthl
000F5CAD RecipeRestoreHealth2
000F5CAE RecipeRestoreHealth3
000F5CAF RecipeRestoreHealth4
000F5CB1 RecipeParalysisl
000F5CB2 RecipeParalysis2
000F5CB3 Recipelnvisibilityl
000F5CB4 Recipelnvisibility2
000F5CB5 RecipeDamageHealthl
000F5CB6 RecipeDamageHealth2
000F5CB7 RecipeDamageHealth3
000F5CB8 RecipeCureDiseasel
000F5CB9 RecipeCureDisease2
000F5CBA RecipeRestoreMagicka1
000F5CBB RecipeRestoreMagicka2
000F5CBC RecipeRestoreMagicka3
000F5CBD RecipeResistFire1
000F5CBE RecipeResistFrostl
000F5CBF RecipeResistFrost2
000F5CC0 RecipeResistFire2
000F5CC1 RecipeFear1
000F5CC2 RecipeFear2
000F5CC3 RecipeResistShock1
000F5CC4 RecipeResistShock2
000F5CC5 RecipeResistPoison
000F5CC6 RecipeFortifyCarryWeightl
000F5CC7 RecipeFortifyCarryWeight2
000F6275 MGR21Book06
000F6276 MGR21Book05
000F6277 MGR21Book08
000F6278 MGR21Book07
000F683F CR12TotemsOfHircine
000F6840 CR12TotemsOfHircineAbbr
000F6841 C06KodlaksJournal
000F6842 DA04SeptimusLetter
000F6843 DA08EbonyBladeHistory
000F6844 MSlOJaphetsJournal
000F6845 MQ201DelphineDossier
000F6846 MQ201UlfricDossier
000F6893 LetterRiftenBlackBriarHouse01
000F6894 LetterRiftenBlackBriarBannedMare01
000F6895 LetterRiftenBlackBriarHouse02
000F6896 LetterRiftenBlackBriarHouse03
000F6897 LetterRiftenBlackBriarHouse04
000F6898 LetterRiftenB01liHouse01
000F6899 LetterRiftenMercerFreyHouse01
000F689A LetterRiftenMercerFreyHouse02
000F689B LetterRiftenMercerFreyHouse03
000F689C LetterRiftenMj01lsHouse01
000F689D LetterRiftenHaelgasBunkhouse01
000F689E LetterRiftenScorchedHammer01
000F689F LetterRiftenFishery01
000F68A0 LetterRiftenBlackBriarMeadery01
000F68A1 LetterRiftenBlackBriarMeadery02
000F68A2 LetterRiftenBlackBriarMeadery03
000F68A3 LetterRiftenBlackBriarMeadery04
000F68A4 LetterRiftenPawnedPrawn01
000F68A5 LetterRiftenSMFRInitialLetter
000F68A6 LetterRiftenBeeandBarb01
000F68A7 LetterRiftenBeeandBarb02
000F68A8 LetterRiftenTempleOfMara01
000F68A9 LetterRiftenTempleOfMara02
000F68AA LetterRiftenKeep01
000F68AB LetterRiftenKeep02
000F68AC TGBookONightingalesV01ume01
000F68AD TGBook0NightingalesV01ume02
000F6928 LetterRiftenRaggedFlagon01
000F6929 LetterRiftenRaggedFlagon02
000F692A LetterRiftenRaggedFlagon03
000F692B LetterRiftenRaggedFlagon04
000F692C LetterThievesGuildHeadquarters01
000F692D LetterThievesGuildHeadquarters02
000F692E LetterThievesGuildHeadquarters03
000F692F LetterThievesGuildHeadquarters04
000F6930 LetterThievesGuildHeadquarters05
000F6931 LetterThievesGuildHeadquarters06
000F6932 LetterThievesGuildHeadquarters07
000F6933 LetterHonningbrewMeadery01
000F699D Book3ValuableLustyArgonianMaidV0102
000F798C DA14SamNote
000F84A1 BookOShadowmarks
000F86FE Book3ValuableDragonborn
000F98B4 dunLabyrinthianMaskClue
000FBA57 MQ103FarengarBook
000FF207 TG09NystromsJournal
000FF223 TG09AndersMessage
000FF227 MQPaarthurnaxBook
0010596A WIDBAssassinLetter
00105A52 WindhelmFreeformBookOfFate
001065F5 WERoad08CourierLetter
00108160 dunLabyrinthianMazeClue
0010B2CD TG03HamelynsJournal
0010BEDF NN01SinderionsTome
0010F766 AtrFrgRecipe00
0010F769 AtrFrgRecipe01
0010F76A AtrFrgRecipe02
0010F76B AtrFrgRecipe03
0010F76C AtrFrgRecipe04
0010F76D AtrFrgRecipe05
0010F76E AtrFrgRecipe06
0010F76F AtrFrgRecipe07
0010F770 AtrFrgRecipe08
0010F771 AtrFrgRecipe12
0010F772 AtrFrgRecipe13
0010F773 AtrFrgRecipe14
0010F774 AtrFrgRecipe15
0010F775 AtrFrgRecipe16
0010F776 AtrFrgDaedricRecipe00
0010F777 AtrFrgDaedricRecipe01
0010F778 AtrFrgDaedricRecipe02
0010F779 AtrFrgDaedricRecipe03
0010F77A AtrFrgDaedricRecipe04
0010F77B AtrFrgDaedricRecipe05
0010F77C AtrFrgDaedricRecipe06
0010F77D AtrFrgDaedricRecipe07
0010F77E AtrFrgDaedricRecipe08
0010F77F AtrFrgDaedricRecipe09
0010F780 AtrFrgDaedricRecipe10
0010F781 AtrFrgDaedricRecipe11
0010F782 AtrFrgDaedricRecipe12
0010F783 AtrFrgDaedricRecipe13
0010F784 AtrFrgDaedricRecipe14
0010F785 AtrFrgDaedricRecipe15
0010F786 AtrFrgDaedricRecipe16
0000000A - Lockpick (you can just put A and omit the 0's)
0003AD6C - Mammoth Tusk
0003A070 - Skeleton Key
0000000F - Gold (you can just put F and omit the 0's)
0002F2F4 - Woodcutter's Axe
0006F993 - Firewood
000E3C16 - Pickaxe
001019D4 - Notched Pickaxe
000AEBF1 - Dwemer Cog
000AF5fD - Skull
00033760 - Charcoal (for blacksmithing)
Spell TomesEdit
0009CD51 Spell Tome: Flames
0009CD52 Spell Tome: Frostbite
0009CD53 Spell Tome: Sparks
0009CD54 Spell Tome: Soul Trap
0009E2A7 Spell Tome: Candlelight
0009E2A8 Spell Tome: Oakflesh
0009E2A9 Spell Tome: Bound Sword
0009E2AA Spell Tome: Raise Zombie
0009E2AB Spell Tome: Conjure Familiar
0009E2AC Spell Tome: Fury
0009E2AD Spell Tome: Courage
0009E2AE Spell Tome: Lesser Ward
0009E2AF Spell Tome: Healing
000A26E2 Spell Tome: Magelight
000A26E3 Spell Tome: Stoneflesh
000A26E4 Spell Tome: Ironflesh
000A26E5 Spell Tome: Telekinesis
000A26E6 Spell Tome: Waterbreathing
000A26E7 Spell Tome: Detect Life
000A26E8 Spell Tome: Paralyze
000A26E9 Spell Tome: Ebonyflesh
000A26EA Spell Tome: Detect Undead
000A26EB Spell Tome: Reanimate Corpse
000A26EC Spell Tome: Conjure Flame Atronach
000A26ED Spell Tome: Bound Battleaxe
000A26EE Spell Tome: Banish Daedra
000A26EF Spell Tome: Conjure Frost Atronach
000A26F0 Spell Tome: Conjure Storm Atronach
000A26F1 Spell Tome: Bound Bow
000A26F2 Spell Tome: Revenant
000A26F6 Spell Tome: Command Daedra
000A26F7 Spell Tome: Dread Zombie
000A26F8 Spell Tome: Expel Daedra
000A26F9 Spell Tome: Dead Thrall
000A26FA Spell Tome: Flame Thrall
000A26FB Spell Tome: Frost Thrall
000A26FC Spell Tome: Storm Thrall
000A26FD Spell Tome: Firebolt
000A26FE Spell Tome: Ice Spike
000A26FF Spell Tome: Lightningbolt
000A2700 Spell Tome: Fire Rune
000A2701 Spell Tome: Frost Rune
000A2702 Spell Tome: Shock Rune
000A2703 Spell Tome: Flame Cloak
000A2704 Spell Tome: Frost Cloak
000A2705 Spell Tome: Lightning Cloak
000A2706 Spell Tome: Fireball
000A2707 Spell Tome: Ice Storm
000A2708 Spell Tome: Chain Lightning
000A2709 Spell Tome: Wall of Flames
000A270A Spell Tome: Wall of Frost
000A270B Spell Tome: Wall of Storms
000A270C Spell Tome: Fire Storm
000A270D Spell Tome: Blizzard
000A270E Spell Tome: Lightning Storm
000A270F Spell Tome: Muffle
000A2711 Spell Tome: Calm
000A2712 Spell Tome: Fear
000A2713 Spell Tome: Rally
000A2714 Spell Tome: Frenzy
000A2715 Spell Tome: Invisibility
000A2717 Spell Tome: Pacify
000A2718 Spell Tome: Rout
000A2719 Spell Tome: Mayhem
000A271A Spell Tome: Harmony
000A271B Spell Tome: Call to Arms
000A271C Spell Tome: Hysteria
000A271D Spell Tome: Fast Healing
000A271E Spell Tome: Healing Hands
000A271F Spell Tome: Turn Lesser Undead
000A2720 Spell Tome: Steadfast Ward
000A2721 Spell Tome: Turn Undead
000A2722 Spell Tome: Greater Ward
000A2725 Spell Tome: Repel Lesser Undead
000A2726 Spell Tome: Repel Undead
000A2727 Spell Tome: Heal Other
000A2728 Spell Tome: Circle of Protection
000A2729 Spell Tome: Turn Greater Undead
000D2B4E Spell Tome: Dragonhide
000DD643 Spell Tome: Grand Healing
000DD646 Spell Tome: Mass Paralysis
000DD647 Spell Tome: Bane of the Undead
000FDE7B Spell Tome: Guardian Circle
000FF7D1 Spell Tome: Clairvoyance
00109112 Spell Tome: Transmute Mineral Ore
0010F64D Spell Tome: Close Wounds
0010F7F3 Spell Tome: Icy Spear
0010F7F4 Spell Tome: Incinerate
0010F7F5 Spell Tome: Thunderbolt
0010FD60 Spell Tome: Conjure Dremora Lord
Ancient Nord SetEdit
000302CA - Ancient Nord Bow
0001CB64 - Ancient Nord Battle Axe
0002C672 - Ancient Nord War Axe
000236A5 - Ancient Nord Greatsword
0002C66F - Ancient Nord Sword
00018388 - Ancient Nord Armor
00056A9D - Ancient Nord Boots
00056A9E - Ancient Nord Helmet
00056B17 - Ancient Nord Gauntlets
Dragon MasksEdit
00061CA5 - Nahkriin Mask
00061CAB - Volsung Mask
00061CC9 - Vokun Mask
00061CC2 - Otar Mask
00061C8B - Morokei Mask
00061CC0 - Rahgot Mask
00061CC1 - Hevnoraak Mask
00061CB9 - Krosis Mask
00061CCA - Wooden Mask
Falmer SetEdit
00038340 Falmer Bow
00083167 Falmer Supple Bow
000302CD Falmer War Axe
0006F700 Honed Falmer War Axe
0002E6D1 Falmer Sword
0006F6FF Honed Falmer Sword
0005C06C Falmer Shield
0004C3CB Falmer Helmet
000B83CB Falmer Armor
000B83CD Falmer Boots
000B83CF Falmer Gauntlets
00035066 - Skull of Corruption
0004A38F - Ebony Blade
0001C4E6 - The Rueful Axe
0001CB36 - Sanguine Rose
000233E3 - Mace of Molag Bal
0002AC6F - Wabbajack
0002ACD2 - Volendrung
000240D2 - Mehrunes' Razor
0009CCDC - Blade of Woe
0004E4EE - Dawnbreaker
00035369 - Staff of Magnus
000956B5 - Wuuthrad
00045F96 - Spellbreaker
00052794 - Ebony Mail
0007C932 - Archmage armor
0002AC61 - Savior's Hide
000D2846 - Masque of Clavicus Vile
0002C37B - Ring of Namira
0002AC60 - Ring of Hircine
000F82FE - Cursed Ring of Hircine
00063B27 - Azura's Star
00063B29 - The Black Star
000AB704- Halldir's Staff
000C1989- Bolar's Oathblade
0006AF63- Trollsbane
0001C492- Nettlebane
00043E1E- Alessandra's Dagger
0002D773- Gauldur amulet
000E41D8- Shield of Ysgramor
Dragon ClawsEdit
000B634C - Coral Dragon Claw
000AB375 - Diamond Claw
0005AF48 - Ebony Claw
000ED417 - Emerald Dragon Claw
0007C260 - Glass Claw
00039647 - Golden Claw
000999E7 - Golden Claw
0008CDFA - Iron Claw
000AB7BB - Ivory Dragon Claw
0004B56C - Ruby Dragon Claw
000663D7 - Sapphire Dragon Claw
00038341 FalmerArrow 00034182 DraugrArrow 000236DD TrapDart 00020F02 CWArrowShort 00020DDF CWArrow 000139C0 DaedricArrow 000139BF EbonyArrow 000139BE GlassArrow 000139BD ElvenArrow 000139BC Dwarven Arrow 000139BB Orcish Arrow 0001397F SteelArrow 0001397D IronArrow 0010EC8C DwaivenSphereBolt02 0010E2DE Foil owerlron Arrow 0010B0A7 bound Arrow 00109AB6 TrapDweBal istaBoltAmmo06 00109AB5 TrapDweBal istaBoltAmmo04 00109AB4 TrapDweBal istaBoltAmmo03 00109AB3 TrapDweBal istaBoltAmmo02 00105EE7 MQ101 Steel Arrow OOOEAFDF Nord Hero Arrow 000E738A dunGeirmundSigdisArrowsIllusion 000CEE9E ForswornArrow OOOCAB52 dunArcherPracticeArrow 000961D6 dunJaphetsFollyCWCatapultAmmo 0007B935 DwarvenSphereBoltOl 0007B932 DwarvenSphereArrow 00073FE6 CWCatapultAmmo 0006DA4F TrapDweBallistaBoltAmmoOl 0006A0BF DummyArrow 00052E99 FXDustDropAmmoTiny 00052E97 FXDustDropAmmoSm 0003BDF7 FXDustDropAmmoMed
000E8448 FoodCharredSkeeverMeat
000E8947 FoodChickenCooked
000EBA01 FoodAppleCabbageStew
000EBA02 FoodCabbageSoup
000EBA03 FoodHorseMeat
000EDB2E FoodDogMeat
000F1464 DefauItPotionRackPotionMarker
000F2011 FoodChicken
000F257E MS14WineAltoA (Not Alto Wine, this is Jessica's Wine)
000F4314 FoodBeefStew
000F4315 FoodHorkerStew
000F431B FoodCabbagePotatoSoup
000F431C FoodTomatoSoup
000F431D FoodVenisonStew
000F431E FoodVegetableSoup
000F4320 FoodElsweyrFondue
0002C35A FoodBlackBrairMead
000F693F FoodBlackBriarReserve
00064B2E FoodApple
00064B2F FoodApple02
00064B30 FoodBoiledCremeTreat
00064B31 FoodCheeseWedgeGoat
00064B32 FoodCheeseWedgeEidar
00064B33 FoodCheeseWheelGoat
00064B34 FoodCheeseWheelEidar
00064B35 FoodCheeseSlicedGoat
00064B36 FoodCheeseSlicedEidar
00064B38 Food HoneyNutTreat
00064B39 FoodLongTaffyTreat
00064B3A FoodPotatoesBaked
00064B3B FoodSalmonCooked
00064B3C FoodSlaughterfishCooked
00064B3D FoodSweetroll
00064B3E FoodLeeksGrilled
00064B3F FoodCabbage
00064B40 FoodCarrot
00064B41 FoodPotato
00064B42 FoodTomato
00064B43 FoodPie
00065C9A Leg of Goat

0006BC0A Antlers Large
0006BC0B Antlers Small
0006BC02 Bear Claws
000A9191 Bee Hive Husk
000B08C5 Bee Honey Comb
0007E8C8 BirdEgg01 (Rock Warbler Egg)
000727DE Blue Butterfly Wing
00023D6F Pine Thrush Egg
00023D77 Chicken's Egg
0004DA25 Blisterwort
00034CDD Bone Meal
0003AD61 Briar Heart
0006ABCB Canis Root
00052695 Charred Skeever Hide
0003AD56 Chaurus Eggs
000B2183 Creep Cluster Root
000B701A Crimson Nirnroot
000A9195 CritterBeeIngredient
00106E1C CritterPondFish01Ingredient
00106E1B CritterPondFish02Ingredient (Abecean Longfin)
00106E1A CritterPondFish03Ingredient (River Betty)
00106E19 CritterPondFish04Ingredient (Cyrodilic Spadetail)
00106E18 CritterPondFish05Ingredient
0003AD5B Daedra Heart
000516C8 Death Bell
000E4F0C Dragonfly Blue (Blue Dartwing)
000BB956 Dragonfly Orange (Orange Dartwing)
000889A2 Dragons Tongue
000F11C0 Dwarven Oil
0003AD63 Ectoplasm
00034D31 Elves Ear
0003AD5D Falmer Ear
000705B7 Favor Thadgeir Ashes
0003AD5E Fire Salts
0004DA73 Firefry Thorax (Torchbug Thorax)
00034D32 Frost Mirriam
0003AD5F Frost Salts
00034D22 Garlic
0007E8C1 Giant Lichen
0003AD64 Giant's Toe
0003AD73 Glow Dust
0007EE01 Glowing Mushroom
0006B689 Hagraven Claw
0003AD66 Hagraven Feathers
00057F91 Hanging Moss
000E7EBC Hawk Beak
000E7ED0 Hawk Feathers
001016B3 Human Flesh
000B18CD Human Heart
0003AD6A Ice Wraith Teeth
0001BCBC Jarrin Root
0006AC4A Jaz Bay
0005076E Juniper Berries
00045C28 Lavender
00074A19 MS03BlackBriarSecretIngredient
000D8E3F Moon Sugar
000EC870 Mora Tapinella Bits
000727DE Moth Wing Blue
000727DF Moth Wing Luna
000727E0 Moth Wing Monarch
00077E1C Mountain Flower Blue
00077E1E Mountain Flower Purple
00077E1D Mountain Flower Red
0006BC00 Mudcrab Chitin
0004DA00 Mushroom01
0004DA20 Mushroom02
0004DA22 Mushroom03
0004DA23 Mushroom04 (Imp Stool)
0004DA24 Mushroom05
0002F44C Nightshade
00059B86 Nirnroot
0007EDF5 Nordic Barnacles
000854FE Pearl
00085500 Pearl Small
0006BC10 Powdered Mammoth Tusk
0006BC07 Sabrecat Eyeball
0006BC04 Sabrecat Tooth
00034CDF Salt Pile
0006F950 Seary Phoiiota Bits
00106E1C Silverside Perch
0003AD6F Skeever Tail
0007E8C5 Slaughterfish Egg
0003AD70 Slaughterfish Scales
0001B3BD Snowberry
0009151B Spider Egg
00083E64 Spiky Grass
00063B5F Spriggan Sap
0007E8B7 Swamp Fungal Pod
0003AD71 Taproot
000134AA Thistle
0003AD72 Troll Fat
0003F7F8 Tundra Cotton
0003AD76 Vampire Dust
0003AD60 Void Salts
0004B0BA Wheat
0006BC0E Wisp Wrappings
0004DA22 White Caps
00039BE6 Potion of Extreme Magicka
00039BE4 Potion of Extreme Healing
0003EAE6 Potion of Extreme Stamina
00039BE7 Potion of Ultimate Magicka
00039BE5 Potion of Ultimate Healing
00039CF3 Potion of Ultimate Stamina
00073F34 Deadly Poison
00039BE8 Potion of Stamina
00039D12 Enchanter's Elixer
00039967 Blacksmith's Elixer
0003EB41 Potion of Prolonged Invisibility
000AE723 Potion of Cure Disease
00039JE7 Potion of Jensofius
000F84B3 Potion of Escape
Soul GemsEdit
0002E4E2 Petty Soul Gem
0002E4E3 Petty Soul Gem (Petty)
0002E4E4 Lesser Soul Gem
0002E4E5 Lesser Soul Gem (Lesser)
0002E4E6 Common Soul Gem
0002E4F3 Common Soul Gem (Common)
0002E4F4 Greater Soul Gem
0002E4FB Greater Soul Gem (Greater)
0002E4FC Grand Soul Gem
0002E4FF Grand Soul Gem (Grand)
0002E500 Black Soul Gem
0002E504 Black Soul Gem (Grand)
00043E26 Wylandriahs Soul Gem
00063B27 Azuras Star
00063B29 The Black Star (Azuras Star Black Version)
00094E40 Common Soul Gem
00063B47 Diamond
00063B43 Emerald
00063B42 Ruby
00063B44 Sapphire
00063B46 Amethyst
00063B45 Garnet
0006851E Flawless Amethyst
0006851F Flawless Diamond
00068520 Flawless Emerald
00068521 Flawless Garnet
00068522 Flawless Ruby
00068523 Flawless Sapphire
0009DFBB Unusual Gem
Bound Weapons And ArmorEdit
000896D5 EnchIronDaggerMagicka01
000896D6 EnchIronDaggerMagicka02
000896D7 EnchIronDaggerMagicka03
000896D8 EnchIronGreatswordMagicka01
000896D9 EnchIronGreatswordMagicka02
000896DA EnchIronGreatswordMagicka03
000896DB EnchIronWarhammerMagicka01
000896DC EnchIronWarhammerMagicka02
000896DD EnchIronWarhammerMagicka03
000896DE EnchIronMaceSoulTrap02
000896DF EnchIronMaceSoulTrap03
000896E0 EnchIronSwordSouITrap02
000896E1 EnchIronSwordSoulTrap03
000896E2 EnchIronWarAxeSoulTrap02
000896E3 EnchIronWarAxeSoulTrap03
000896E4 EnchIronWarhammerSoulTrap01
000896E5 EnchIronWarhammerSoulTrap02
000896E6 EnchIronWarhammerSoulTrap03
000896E7 EnchIronBattleaxeSouITrap01
000896E8 EnchIronBattleaxeSoulTrap02
000896E9 EnchIronBattleaxeSoulTrap03
000896EA EnchIronDaggerSoulTrap01
000896EB EnchIronDaggerSoulTrap02
000896EC EnchIronC3ggerSoulTrap03
000896ED EnchIronGreatswordSoulTrap01
000896EE EnchIronGreatswordSoulTrap02
000896EF EnchIronGreatswordSouITrap03
000896F0 EnchIronBattleaxeTum01
000896F1 EnchIronBattleaxeTurn02
000896F2 EnchIronBattleaxeTurn03
000896F3 EnchIronDaggerTurn01
000896F4 EnchIronDaggerTurn02
000896F5 EnchIronDaggerTurn03
000896F6 EnchIronGreatswordTurn01
000896F7 EnchIronGreatswordTurn02
000896F8 EnchIronGreatswordTurn03
000896F9 EnchIronWarhammerTurn01
000896FA EnchIronWarhammerTurn02
000896FB EnchIronWarhammefTurn03
000896FC EnchIronBattleaxeStamina01
000896FD EnchIronBattleaxeStamina02
000896FE EnchIronBattleaxeStamina03
000896FF EnchIronDaggerStamina01
00089700 EnchIronDaggerStamina02
00089701 EnchIronDaggerStamina03
00089702 EnchIronGreatswordStamina01
00089703 EnchIronGreatswordStamina02
00089704 EnchIronGreatswordStamina03
00089705 EnchIronWarhammerStamina01
00089706 EnchIronWarhammerStamina02
00089707 EnchIronWarhammerStamina03
00089708 EnchIronBattleaxeFear01
00089709 EnchIronBattleaxeFear02
0008970A EnchIronBattleaxeFear03
0008970B EnchIronDaggerFear01
0008970C EnchIronDaggerFear02
00089700 EnchIronDaggerFear03
0008970E EnchIronGreatswordFear01
0008970F EnchIronGreatswordFear02
00089710 EnchIronGreatswordFear03
00089711 EnchIronMaceFear01
00089712 EnchIronMaceFear02
00089713 EnchIronMaceFear03
00089714 EnchIronSwordFear01
00089715 EnchIronSwordFear02
00089716 EnchIronSwordFear03
00089717 EnchIronWarAxeFear01
00089718 EnchIronWarAxeFear02
00089719 EnchIronWarAxeFear03
0008971A EnchIronWarhammerFear01
00089718 EnchIronWarhammerFear02
0008971C EnchIronWarhammerFear03
000940D8 FavorNelacarStaffFear
000946FC FFSteelGreatswordBalgruuf
00094A2B dunAnsilvundGhostblade
000956B5 C06BladeOfYsgramor
000964C9 DBBIadeOfWoeAstrid
0009B2B2 BluePalaceWabbajack
0009CAF3 EnchHuntingBowFire1
0009CCDC DBBladeOfWoeReward
0009F25C SkyforgeSteelSword
0009F25D SkyforgeSteeldagger
0009F25E SkyforgeSteelGreatsword
0009F25F SkyforgeSteelBattleaxe
0009F260 SkvforaeSteelWarAxe
0009FD50 dunRedEagleSwordBase
000A3U5 NotdHeroGreatsword (update: doesn't work, looks like the wrong hex address)
000A4DCE dunHagsEndDagger
000A56CE EnchSteelBattleaxeFire1
000A56CF EnchSteelBattleaxeFire2
000A56D0 EnchSteelBattleaxeFire3
000A5DEF dunGeirmundSigdisBow???
000A5DF0 dunGeirmundSigdisBowIllusion
000A6975 EnchSteelBattleaxeFrost01
000A6976 EnchSteelBattleaxeFrost02
000A6977 EnchSteelBattleaxeFrost03
000A6978 EnchSteelBattleaxeFear1
000A6979 EnchSteelBattleaxeFear2
000A697A EnchSteelBattleaxeFear3
000A697B EnchSteelBattleaxeShock1
000A697C EnchSteelBattleaxeShock2
000A697D EnchSteelBattleaxeShock3
000A697E EnchSteelBattleaxeMagicka1
000A697F EnchSteelBattleaxeMagicka2
000A6980 EnchSteelBattleaxeMagicka3
000A6981 EnchSteelBattleaxeSoulTrap1
000A6982 EnchSteelBattleaxeSoulTrap2
000A6983 EnchSteelBattleaxeSoulTrap3
000A6984 EnchSteelBattleaxeStamina1
000A6985 EnchSteelBattleaxeStamina2
000A6986 EnchSteelBattleaxeStamina3
000A6987 EnchSteelBattleaxeTurn1
000A6988 EnchSteelBattleaxeTurn2
000A6989 EnchSteelBattleaxeTurn3
000A698A EnchSteelGreatswordFear01
000A698B EnchSteelGreatswordFear02
000A698C EnchSteelGreatswordFear03
000A698D EnchSteelGreatswordFire01
000A698E EnchSteelGreatswordFire02
000A698F EnchSteelGreatswordFire03
000A6990 EnchSteelGreatswordFrost01
000A6991 EnchSteelGreatswordFrost02
000A6992 EnchSteelGreatswordFrost03
000A6993 EnchSteelGreatswordMagicka01
000A6994 EnchSteelGreatswordMagicka02
000A6995 EnchSteelGreatswordMagicka03
000A6996 EnchSteelGreatswordShock01
000A6997 EnchSteelGreatswordShock02
000A6998 EnchSteelGreatswordShock03
000A6999 EnchSteelGreatswordSoulTrap01
000A699A EnchSteelGreatswordSoulTrap02
000A699B EnchSteelGreatswordSoulTrap03
000A699C EnchSteelGreatswordStamina01
000A699D EnchSteelGreatswordStamina02
000A699E EnchSteelGreatswordStamina03
000A699F EnchSteelGreatswordTurn01
000A69A0 EnchSteelGreatswordTurn02
000A69A1 EnchSteelGreatswordTurn03
000A69A2 EnchSteelWarhammerFear1
000A69A3 EnchSteelWarhammerFear2
000A69A4 EnchSteelWarhammerFear3
000A69A5 EnchSteelWarhammerFire1
000A69A6 EnchSteelWarhammerFire2
000A69A7 EnchSteelWarhammerFrost1
000A69A8 EnchSteelWarhammerFrost2
000A69A9 EnchSteelWarhammerMagicka1
000A69AA EnchSteelWarhammerMagicka2
000A69AB EnchSteelWarhammerMagicka3
000A69AC EnchSteelWarhammerShock1
000A69AD EnchSteelWarhammerShock2
000A69AE EnchSteelWarhammerShock3
000A69AF EnchSteelWarhammerSoulTrap1
000A69B0 EnchSteelWarhammerSoulTrap2
000A69B1 EnchSteelWarhammerSoulTrap3
000A69B2 EnchSteelWarhammerStamina1
000A69B3 EnchSteelWarhammerStamina2
000A69B4 EnchSteelWarhammerStamina3
000A69B5 EnchSteelWarhammerTurn1
000A69B6 EnchSteelWarhammerTurn2
000A69B7 EnchSteelWarhammerTurn3
000A69B8 EnchSteelMaceFear1
000A69B9 EnchSteelMaceFear2
000A69BA EnchSteelMaceMagicka1
000A69BB EnchSteelMaceMagicka2
000A69BC EnchSteelMaceMagicka3
000A69BD EnchSteelMaceSoulTrap1
000A69BE EnchSteelMaceSoulTrap2
000A69BF EnchSteelMaceSouITrap3
000A69C0 EnchSteelMaceStamina1
000A69C1 EnchSteelMaceStamina2
000A69C2 EnchSteelMaceStamina3
000A69C3 EnchSteelMaceTurn1
000A69C4 EnchSteelMaceTurn2
000139B5 Daedric Bow (Paralyse 6sec)
00100E52 Ring of HP regeneration
00100E40 Ring of Blacksmith mastery
00100DF8 Shild Protection mastery ring
00100E10 Heavy armor mastery ring
00100E84 Twohanded weapon mastery ring
0100E2E One hand weapon mastery ring
00C5D11 MP regeneration robe
0065BBF Destruction spells cheaper enchanted Thalmor Robe
0010D67b Illusion expert armour (-20% illusion spell cost, +125% MPregen)
0010D677 Destruction expert armour (-20% destruction spell cost, +125% MPregen)
000FC048 Fire resist Neclance
000FC04E Frost resist Neclance
00100E45 Sneak bonus ring
00092A8E Boots of silent moove
00088952 Nocturnal's Clothes
0008ADFB dunV01unruudRelic01 (ceremonial axe for dungeon)
0008ADFC dunV01unruudPelic02 (ceremonial sword for dungeon)
0008FFDE dunV01unruudOkin
0008FFDF dunV01unruudEduj
2996f Glenmoril Witch's Head


The Complex:

Addfac <variable> 1 - Adds the selected NPC to a faction. May cause undesired and buggy AI behavior. Also addtofaction can be used instead of addfac.

Addtofaction 19809 1 adds an NPC to the marriage-faction, allowing players to marry this NPC.

Addtofaction 0005A1A4 1 adds an NPC to the player ally faction, which will make a normally hostile NPC no longer hostile towards the player.

Addtofaction 000E0CD9 1 adds an NPC or the player to the Bandit Ally Faction, most bandits will no longer attack.

Addtofaction 000E0CDA 1 adds an NPC or the player to the Warlock Ally Faction, most warlocks and necromancers will no longer attack.

Addtofaction 000E0CDB 1 adds an NPC or the player to the Draugr Ally Faction, most draugr will no longer attack

Addtofaction 5C84D 1 adds an NPC to the potentialfollower faction. However, whether or not they'll follow you depends on their disposition towards you.

tg - Toggles grass display.

ts - Toggles display of skybox and fog.

TLL - Disable/Enable LOD, which will reduce your view distance drastically (can be useful for a performance gain or for certain glitches and annoyances that pertain to LOD)

Addshout - Add selected shout to player skill list. Shout Codes., Shouts are also part of spells so in order for this command to work you would need the spells unlocked.

Equipitem <formid> - Forces the targetted actor (or your character, if using the "player.equipitem" command instead) to equip a specific item, if it is present in their inventory.
The "showinventory" command can be used with this to provide you with the FormID of equippable items in an actor's inventory.
You can use this command on yourself (player.equipitem <formid>) to equip weapons that are not normally available in the game. Ex. "player.equipitem 0010ec8a" allows you to equip a Dwarven Sphere Centurian's Crossbow. (Looks like a normal iron bow but glows red)

SetPlayerRace <id> - Doing this will allow you to change your race without using showracemenu, but you do not get the luxury of the menu. (Note: This appears to bug out after certain transformations (ex: Werewolf) and you will be back to your original race, or the race you selected using showracemenu.)

GetStage <quest id> - Used to get the current quest stage for given quest ID (use command ShowQuestTargets for IDs).

player.sqs <quest id> - Used to display all the stages of a quest

SetStage <quest id> <stage value> - Used to set the quest stage (Useful for bugged quests) use command ShowQuestTargets for quest IDs and player.sqs to show how many stages are there (note that you have set the stage one at a time in order to get its effect.)
coc <cell edid> - The Center On Cell command instantly teleports you to the center of any cell location you type in.
Example: coc riverwood, or coc whiterunorigin/riftenorigin/markarthorigin etc.)
NOTE: All cells have a coc location code. A complete, searchable list of these codes is listed here.
NOTE#2: COC doesn't teleport you to the same place using fast travel would.
NOTE#3: If you are riding a horse while typing in the command, dismount the horse first. Typing the command in while mounted may provoke major bugs and crashes.
NOTE#4: COC will only teleport you, so your follower/companion will not be a your side. Just go to a new location to bring them back.
coc qasmoke - An example of the coc command, this brings you to one of the developer's testing cells, with all items and crafting interfaces in the game. Be careful as opening enchanted armor and weapons cabinets may cause your game to crash (in some cases the game may simply stop responding, if this is the case, be patient and let the objects load; there are a lot of them- every type of regular weapon times at least 20).

fov x - Adjust field of view (insert fov value into )

showracemenu - Bring up character customization menu.
NOTE: Your health Magicka, Stamina, and Health levels will be spread evenly on using this depending on your character's level. It will remove any point distributions that were custom. (It seems that using TGM command before entering the menu will retain your original levels, possibly due to god mode freezing the values, needs confirmation)
NOTE2: Make sure you are in the third person view before editing your character, otherwise you will be invisible, and unable to see the changes made on your character
NOTE3: can be Used as Vampire to fix Odd Skin/Facecolor Matchings and will not Spread your Stamina/Magica/Health Levels while you use it as Vampire, if you changed something while be Vampire and Cure yourself with lycanthropy the light Skin will stay...but also here you can use Showracemenu and alter it back to normal again without merging Stam/Magic/Health (can only confirm this as Argonian)
NOTE4: will NOT modify your attributes/skills/points/etc. unless you change the race, sex, or select a preset from the list. Modifying purely cosmetic things like skin color/warpaint/hair/face shape/etc. will leave your points unchanged. TIP: if the character moves it's hands in front like they were tied, it's a clear indication that the skills will be messed up; if the hands remain parallel to the body it's fine.
NOTE5: A way to fix the modified attributes error is to simply re-equip your gear. It may not be the best fix but it is better than nothing.
NOTE6: will remove racial resistances when used until you re-load from the main menu.
NOTE7: If you are a vampire, using showracemenu to change your race will cause you to be unable to feed; however, you will still progress through the stages of vampirism.
NOTE8: If you use Werewolf beast mode after changing race, you will revert back to your original race after you turn back into your normal form.

TGM - Toggle God Mode (invincible, also removing encumbering effect, removing shout cooldown, and granting unlimited magicka and stamina)

TIM - Toggle Immortal Mode (makes it so your health will never reach zero no matter what even though you still take damage, but you can't die (final blow animations won't kill you either) and nothing extra, which is why it's not the same command as TGM)
You can still be decapitated. So even after TIM is disabled, your character will be alive and decapitated.

TCL - Toggle Collision (no clipping mode; interacting possible, walk pointing up to fly into the air). You can turn collison back on with the command TCL ON (This is not possible when an object is selected.)

TM - Toggle Menus (Removes the HUD and other dialogue texts)

TMM (0) - >SETS not toggle!< Map Markers (all locations, tmm 1 shows, tmm 0 clears)(tmm 0 will clear any existing locations previously found)

TFC - Toggle freefly cam (removes the body and set the camera free, you will not be able to interract)

TAI - Toggle Artificial Intelligence (freezes npc, they can't walk, move, or anything.)

TCAI - Toggle Combat Artificial Intelligence (same as TAI; however only makes the NPC not being able to combat)

TDetect - Toggle AI Detection (You can steal all you want and no one will see you, doesn't work with pickpocketing)
TC - Toggle Controls Driven (if used when highlighting an NPC, will transfer control to said NPC, but any command inputted will be applied to player as well. e.g. if you hold forward, both player and controlled NPC will move forward, best to make sure player is in a safe position when using this)

Codes using player target command:

player.addperk <variable> - ( 000581e7 for Augmented Flames level 1 ; "player.addperk 000581e7")
(To find the perk id type 'help "perk name" 4', then add each level in order). Make sure to put double quotes around perks with a space in them. (This also works with items if you need to find out their code.)
NOTE: It is a known bug that some players cannot enter quotes. The reason, however, is not known, and a fix is thus unlikely. However, it seems that keyborads with different key's layouts (the opening console key sits to the left of the "1" key, but it isn't the tilde-key (~), beeing instead one key for both apostrophe and quotation mark and) makes it "impossible" to enter quotes, because pressing shift+(console key) will close the console.
Some perk id's are listed at Console Perk Codes
This command is currently glitched and the perks might not take effect.
A list of commands to grant all perks in the correct order, intended for batch use.
Alternatively, a list tomax all skills and all perks.

player.removeperk <variable> - Removes a learned perk; does not return the point used to gain the perk. Useful for manually respec-ing your character if you have misallocated a perk.

player.addspell <variable> - Adds a spell, disease, or power to your character. (Examples: "player.addspell 0007e8e1" for Raise Zombie; "player.addspell 000b8780" for Sanguine Vampiris)

For a list of all obtainable spells (no dev spells like "psb" unlocks) intended for batch use.

player.additem <base_id> <amount> - (F # for gold, A # for lockpick ; "player.additem F 100" adds 100 gold for example) Skyrim Item Codes

player.additem <base_id> -1 will remove an item from your inventory of that ID. Good for stuck quest items.

player.removeitem <base_id> 1 will also remove an item from your inventory of that ID.

player.drop <base_id> <Amount> - This will drop however much of that item you have. This is useful if you get a quest item stuck in your inventory and you don't want to just delete it.
NOTE: BE WARNED! if you drop the Elder Scroll from your inventory, it will disappear! If this happens, typing player.additem 0002D513 1 will place it back into your inventory.

player.showinventory - Lists all items in your inventory and their codes. PgUp and PgDwn to scroll through.

player.setcrimegold XXX <faction id>- Set it high if you want to fight, set it at 0 if you want to be free.
NOTE: Each city has a different bounty which requires the faction id to be included in the syntax to work properly. Faction id's can be found by typing 'help "city name" 4' then using the id number following FACTN: in the above format.

player.setlevel X - Make X equal your desired character level.

player.moveto X - Can move you to an NPC. X stands for the NPC's refID. Example: If you wanted to move your character to Wujeeta, you would type into the console: player.moveto 00019DDF
NOTE: You can look up all known NPC's refIDs by searching their names in this wiki.

player.teachword <WOOP> teaches a word of power to a shout, words can be found with the "help <word> 4" command and are recognizable by the WOOP tag.
NOTE: the words are not written as they appear in the shout menu, instead they're written as they sound in draconic using the font developed for that language. As such, certain words might be written like N4 instead of Nah (which is the second word in Whirlwind Sprint). Most words however are written normally and should not be hard to find out. - List of words as they sound.

player.setav <value> <amount> - Sets the Actor Value to amount.

player.setav <skill> <amount> - Sets skill directly to <amount>. Example: [player.setav marksman 50] sets your archery to 50.

A list of commands to max all skills, and a list to max all skills and all perks.

player.setav <attribute> <amount> - This also works attributes such as health, stamina, magicka, meleedamage, and carryweight. Note that certain attributes (such as carryweight) may revert to their original values upon loading a game.

player.setav dragonsouls <amount> - Adds this amount of dragonsouls.

player.setav shoutrecoverymult <multiplier> - Changes the cooldown of dragon shouts. The default multiplier is 1. A multiplier of 0 will cause instantaneous cooldown. Higher values will make shouts take longer to recover.

player.setav speedmult <percentage> - Where <percentage> equals your movement speed percentage as an integer value. (100 = 100%). To enable the new movement speed, you have to activate sneaking, running or drawing/sheathing your weapon(s) once. (NOTE: Using this can cause instability and crashes if you run into a new area too quickly)

player.modav <value> <amount> - Modifies the Actor Value by amount. This command can modify the same values that player.setav does, but acts as a permanent buff or debuff rather than changing the base amount.

player.modav <skill> <amount> - Buffs or debuffs a skill by <amount>. The skill name can be found from the skill list, and <amount> equals the value you want to increase/decrease the skill. Example: If your Block skill is 30, "player.modav block 10", adds a +10 buff to your Block, setting its total value to 40 (with the skill level appearing green as if a spell or item is affecting the skill). Using "player.modav block -10" would activate a permanent debuff to your Block and set it to 10 (with the skill level appearing in red). Using this allows you to have the benefits of a high skill level and still gain levels normally, as it counts like a magical buff instead of changing the base skill number.

player.modav <attribute> <amount> - Attributes such as health, stamina, magicka, meleedamage, and carryweight can be given buffs or debuffs as well. Unlike player.setav,

player.modav changes to secondary attributes (such as carryweight) will stick around after loading saves.

player.modav dragonsouls <amount> - Gives <amount> number of dragon souls.

player.forceav <value> <amount> - should be avoided for use, as it overrides/ignores game's automatic calculations such as item bonuses, spell bonuses, etc.

player.placeatme <reference code>- Places an item or actor next to the player. (for example, player.placeatme 457FC, would create a generic Wood Elf NPC next to you. This command in use, can be seen here.
NOTE: Be careful when placing an actor next to you. If you place a named NPC at you it will make a copy and you will have two copies of the same NPC following the exact same script as the other.
NOTE: You can look up all known NPC's refIDs by searching their names in this wiki.

playerEnchantObject <object> <mgef> <mgef> - Adds object to inventory with any two magic effects (not limited to enchants). Ex: PlayerEnchantObject 00017696 0003eb29 00109632 (This will add a cowl to my inventory with (at 100 Enchanting level) For 0 seconds, items enchanted 100% stronger. Increases enchanting level by 100. (If you do it again with the cowl on, they will be at 200, and so on)) Thus, making this the best command in the console as you can create the most insane gear imagineable.

A list of enchantment IDs can be found here .

setessential <base_id> 0, setessential <base_id> 1 - make NPC mortal / immortal. This requires the base ID, not the reference ID displayed by clicking the NPC with the console
active. Base IDs are listed on the page for the NPC here.
This makes the npc of your choice "immortal", where as they would just kneel down if their HP Drops to 0 and then recover slowly to get back up.

Other helpful codes:

set playerfollowercount to <0 or 1> Helpfull if you lost a follower or are bugged- 0 clears followers and allows you to recruit again.

Prid <Npc ID> - Targets the written Npc, allowing for other commands to be issued to it, good for targeting Npcs that you cant reach/select on screen or fixing quest glitches about Npcs not appearing. (example of usage : type "Prid 0001A677" will first target Jarl of Whiterun even when you can't see him, then other commands such as "kill", "moveto" can be used on him.)

bat <name of text file> - You can create a notepad or text document to create several "batch" or list of commands to all be executed at once. All you have to do is open notepad and start type commands and start a new line for each one. This is especially helpful if you want to do a number of things such as adding materials, potions, ingredients, etc., without the need to keep minimizing and looking up the code, etc. For step by step instructions and compiled command lists for batch use, go here.
NOTE: After you make your text document, just place it in the root of your installation folder for skyrim. Be sure to also save it as a .txt format.
Disable - With the console open, click on a corpse or item, piece of environment or really anything at all and type disable then press enter. This will make the selected thing disappear, good for cleaning up messes, dragon corpses that won't dissapear (Also see MarkForDelete), and is sometimes amusing for removing big mountains and stuff. If you remove something by mistake because you selected the wrong thing, simply type Enable before selecting anything else and it will reappear.

help - Use by itself to show all console commands with descriptions. Add descriptors to search for IDs. (ex: help "elven armor" 0 will show the ids of all items that include "elven armor" in their name. (the 0 sets the limits for the search function, 0 being no limits) This can be quite useful as it can search nearly anything in the game including dialog options, places, spells, etc.

movetoqt xxx - Teleports you to the quest marker, replace xxx with quest ID (for example: taking a Thieves Guild burglary side quest you input "movetoqt tgrbe").

showquesttargets - Shows all current quest IDs, note: Having more than four quest or more may have some quest IDs will be cut off when displayed in console(You can scroll through console using Page Up and Page Down keys on the keyboard).

AdvSkill - Give the player the desired amount of skill usage points [AdvSkill onehanded 100]. CAUTION: AdvSkill is very inconsistent between different skills. E.g. "AdvSkill speechcraft 3000" would give about as much Speech experience as "AdvSkill enchanting 1" gives Enchanating experience.
For testing results on this command see the Skill List page: Skill List

IncPCS - Increase the players skill points by one point [IncSkill onehanded] - Skill List

qqq - quits the game without exiting to the main menu.

unlock - Target the desired chest or door by clicking on it and then type "unlock"

lock XXX - You can lock chests and door, or people by targeting them and typing "lock"
followed by the level of difficulty you wish to set it at.

kill - Target your enemy by clicking on them once in the console menu and type "kill" and it does just that.

killall - Kills all hostiles in your immediate vicinity
resurrect - Killed someone you didn't mean to? Target them once in the console menu and type "resurrect" and it will bring them back from the grave as they were before the fight started. (add a one after resurrect, and they will just stand up alive, their items won't respawn, so if you take all the gear, weapons off a character, then [resurrect 1] they will stand up naked. Useful for giving characters gear they wouldn't have normally. BE WARNED: If you resurrect a companion, all of the extra items and equipment you have given them will be removed. They will default to their original equipment.

removeallitems - Target the desired character from the console menu and then type "removeallitems" and they will be stripped of everything in their inventory, including their clothes.

removeallitems player - strip all items and transfer into the player's inventory.

psb - (Populate Spell Book) Unlocks all spells in-game and unlocks all shouts. Note that using this command will unlock spells, even those used to test Skyrim. Also, this may cause bugs as it doesn't work properly yet in Skyrim so you should also backup the game before using this.

caqs - Complete all Quest Stages of EVERY quest. (May also cause bugs where you will be frozen and unable to move.)

player.advlevel - Force a Level Up (Does not add ability to pick a new perk)

enableplayercontrols - This command is used to enable controls during cinematics when they're disabled. Occasionally the game will glitch, instead of reloading put in this command and carry on.

sexchange - Changes the gender of the targeted NPC, or the player's character otherwise (Helpful for getting stubborn arrows relieved from the body)

set timescale to # - Set the rate at which time passes (20 is the default, 1 is realtime)

sw - "Start Weather", which will bring on the sequence of the current weather to the one
specified (usage: sw (WeatherID), which for instance, sw c8220 will likely make a rainstorm form (though it may vanish quickly depending on which area of the game you're in, due to the area's climate being forced (like where rain isn't common)). See Weather IDs (Skyrim) for more weather IDs to use.

fw - "Force Weather", which will automatically change the current weather to the one specified (usage: fw (WeatherID), which for instance, "fw 10fef8" forces the darkened Sovngarde weather no matter which area of the game you're in (may also vanish as with the sw command). See Weather IDs (Skyrim) for more weather IDs to use.
Codes using NPC target (click NPC then type code):

additem <base_id> <amount> - Can be used to deck out your follower, or set the barter gold amount for a merchant ("additem F 1000" adds 1000 gold to their available amount) Skyrim Item Codes

modav <value> <amount> - Adds the specified amount to the NPCs current value. Can be used to make followers practically immortal by using "health" as the value and a high number for amount. Skyrim Actor Values

forceav <value> <amount> - Forces the specified value to the amount selected. Skyrim Actor Values

setav <value> <amount> - As above, but some values don't stay set through saves. Skyrim Actor Values

setscale <value> - Sets the scale of an object. 1 is the default, if no object is selected, applies to player character

player.setrelationshiprank <actor> <value> - used to set an NPCs disposition towards the player. IE "player.setrelationshiprank player 4" will set the selected NPC's relationship rank to 4 (the highest).
If this doesn't help when attempting to add Follower dialogue to an NPC, as it didn't for me, try setrelationshiprank <actor> <value> and then player.setrelationshiprank <actor>
<value>, where <actor> is the ID of the NPC you want to become a follower. Note that not all NPCs can be added, for example try adding anyone from Dark Brotherhood, you will find that they cannot be made followers.

Codes using Object target (click object then type code), very useful for housedecoration:

GetPos <axis> - Returns the position value of given axis(x,y, z) of the target

SetPos <axis> <value> - Sets the position value of given axis(x,y, z) of the target.

GetAngle <axis> - Returns the value of given rotational axis(x,y,z) of the target.

SetAngle <axis> <value> - Sets the value of given rotational axis(x,y,z) of the target (the change happens when the targeted object is picked up).

MarkForDelete - Seems to delete an item from your house.

CompleteQuest ID - Complete a quest

MarkForDelete - Just used this on a dragon corpse, after a quicksave and then reload the skeleton was removed from the game. The upcoming patch should fix the dragon skeleton cleanup issue, but for anyone who won't be getting the patch this will let you work around it.

My Favorites:
Good ol God Mode means youre completely invulnerable to everything, and pretty damn god-like. And no one needs to write a book about you or anything.

No clipping lets you go literally anywhere in the game world, from the top of the sky to the bottom of the, er, sky. Fascinating if you want to witness the game world.

Cant find that vital key? Lockpicking skill too low? Simply highlight the door or chest you want to unlock, and type unlock into the console. If only this worked in real life.

Every single spell in Skyrim is now yours!

Automatically level up perfect if you hate playing games.

Automatically complete all the stages of your primary quest perfect if you hate playing games.

Unhappy with your blind, inbred-looking Bosmer chap? You can adjust the way your character looks just like you did at the start of Skyrim but this will reset your level and skills.

player.modav skill X
Where skill is the skill you want to modify, and X is the amount you want to modify it by. Skills are inputted via their in-game names without spaces, apart from Archery which is Marksman, and Speech, which is known as Speechcraft.

player.additem ITEM ###
Every single item in Skyrim has a code, a bit like an Argos catalogue of fantasy objects. Youll find them all on this GameFront page replace ITEM with the items code, and ### with the number of items you want. Now your dreams of owning 47 cabbage potato soups can come true.

player.additem 0000000f ###
A simple way to get some free gold any number between 001 and 999 will do.

player.additem 0000000a ###
Running low on lockpicks? Enter the number you require here and theyll magically appear.

Combine with the codes on this Wikia page to add your selected shout.

Toggles all in-game menus perfect if you want to take some screenshots to convince elderly relatives that Skyrim is where you went on your holidays.

Followed by 0 or 1 turns map markers on or off.

Not Team Fortress Classic, unfortunately. However, you will be able to access the flycam and pretend to be a dragon.

Toggles AI, which means people wont interact with you, or do anything at all.

Turns combat AI on or off, turning dragons into placid beasts who act like you arent there. A bit like cats.

This one lets you behave like a little rapscallion, as it turns naughty business detection (stealing, murdering, doing a poo in the woods etc) on or off. Youll still get caught if you try pickpocketing, though.

player.setcrimegold ###
Adjust your wanted level with this handy command setting it to zero resets your current amount of wantedness.

player.setlevel ##
Up or down your player level as you see fit. Perfect if you hate playing games.

player.setav speedmult ###
Want to run like Uwe Boll after a night on the vindaloo? Set this number to anything more than 100 to speed up movement.

Go straight to your quest target.

Target the thing you want to kill, type this command and theyll fall over in a very dead manner. We wish the command was Laputan Machine, though.

Kills everything in the vicinity. Literally everything.

Lists every single console command. Weve put this further down the list because we want you to actually read this article.

Target the thing you want to bring back to life, and theyll get up in a very alive manner.

player.modav carryweight #
Tired of getting tired? Up your carryweight and youll be able to transport more goodies.

setpcfame #
When will I, will I be famous? When you up your fame number.

setpcinfamy #
Hes not just famous, hes in-famous! Up it here.

player.setav fatigue #
Up this to stop feeling so tired all the time.

player.setav health #
Up your health here.

coc qasmoke
Bethesdas handily included a room with every single in-game item in it type this command to go straight there. It might take a while to load there are thousands of items here. Type coc Riverwood to return to the game.

Quit the game without having to go through any of those pesky menus.

Target a character and type this and youll get all their items including their clothes. Note: does not work in real life.

Change your characters gender. Note: does not work in real life.

set timescale to #
This defaults at 16 1 is realtime. Up it to experience crazy timelapse-style Skyrim.

How to install mods:


[ Register or Signin to view external links. ] :
This adds 4 followers from 3 mines and the Poor girl from Markarth Warrens.

1. Cairine, female Breton from Markarth Warrens. Mage.
2. Daighre, female Breton from Left Hand Mine. Archer.
3. Jesper, male Nord from Rockwallow Mine. Dual wielding Blade Berserker.
4. Ragnar, male Nord from Karthwasten mining town. 2 handed weapons warrior.

Save these poor souls from the miserable life of mining and wallowing in misery, and have them follow you on many adventures throughout Skyrim!

Ladies Only Main File:
1. Cairine from Markarth, Mage
2. Constance Michel from riften, dual wield
3. Illdi from Solitude, witchblade
4. Julienne Lylvieve from Dragon Bridge, archer

Guys Only Main File:
1. Adeber from Left Hand Mine. Mage.
2. Gjak from Dawnstar. Archer.
3. Jesper from Rockwallow Mine. Dual wielding Blade Berserker.
4. Ragnar from Karthwasten mining town. 2 handed weapons warrior.

Update Notes:
Alternate version 1.1 swaps Daighre with Julienne Lylvieve. Use that version If Daighre does not enter cities with you. Includes a mesh file to make her look like Daighre. Same install instructions and solo version is available.

1. Place the Follower 4 pack.esp file inside the data folder. the NPCHEALTH.txt and NPCSKILLS.txt files inside the main Skyrim folder. Enable the Follower 4 pack.esp in the launcher.
2. Fast travel anywhere in the game and they should appear when you arrive if you have not met them before, If they do not appear then fast travel to the place they live at and find them.
3. Once you have found them select them in console and type without quotes "resurrect" to reset the NPC's AI and inventory.
4. After they resurrected enter the console again and select them and type without quotes "bat npchealth" so they will sneak when you do and allows for gear you give them to be used.
5. To swap gear with them to add improved armor or better weapons select them in console and type without quotes "openactorcontainer 1" and then exit the console. Trade like you would a normal follower. You must do this after step 4 to get them to wear anything including the items I have added to them, They do not have any default clothes.

*They do not have follower commands. Sorry but I cannot add those to extra followers.
*They will always follow you unless you remove the esp.
*To get them to wait someplace you will need to use the console. select them and type without *quotes "tai". To get them to follow again repeat that.
*Individual .ESP for each are available in the downloads If you dont want all 4 of them.
*You can marry any of them too but marriage may cause them to go to default married and hang out at the house. Cairine does not have a bed so it would be impossible to get the lovers comfort benifit.
* You may need to run the console command "setgs iNumberActorsAllowedToFollowPlayer 20" to get more followers as well as any quest related followers Might not function correctly. default is 5.

NPCSKILLS.txt is an optional bat file so you can adjust individual skills for the selected NPC. Just change the values from 0 to 100. 0 is no skill and 100 is overpowered. You can use this on any NPC including an enemy.

NPCHEALTH.txt can be modified. Do not change the first two lines as they are needed so they function correct. health, magicka, and stamina can be raised or lowered depending on how quickly you want them to drop to one knee from wounds. the three rates is how fast they will regain those. sifh 1 is ignore friendly fire, needs to be left alone. speedmult is how fast they run. lower=slower, higher=faster around 150 helps keep them from getting too far behind while traveling but not unreal speeds in a battle.

[ Register or Signin to view external links. ] :
Skyrim Online turns your single experience into an online experience, play with your friends, chat with people worldwide, trade with other players...

Currently in the alpha stage you can see other players (appearing as naked prisoners), you can also chat with everybody.

The mod also includes an Arena to fight with waves of creeps.

Offcial website : [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

Installation :

0) Back up your config files, this mod will rewrite them !!!
1) Unrar the file in your Skyrim root folder.
2) Create a shortcut for SkyrimOnline.exe on your desktop

Usage :

- Start SkyrimOnline.exe, it will automatically update the mod and then allow you to start the game with the mod.
- When you enter the game, you will be prompted for a username, enter whatever username you feel like using there is no authentication yet.
- To switch between UI mode and Game mode press F3.
- Numpad 7 8 9 are used for the arena, try them out.

Known bugs :

- In UI mode some keys are sill enabled such as Journal and Wait, you might want to bind these keys to keys that are not needed in the UI (I personally use and ).
- Compatibility issues with some mods (no list available)
- Breaks Fast Travel !
- Leaves players there if you save the game with players around.
- Crashes on start (unknown reason, happened to a few people)

Trouble shoot :

OH NOES it broke fast travel even after uninstall it !!!!?!
- You just have to delete the saves you made while playing Skyrim Online and it will work again !

Uninstalling :

- Delete SkyrimOnline.asi, SkyrimOnlineProxy.dll, enbpatch.ini, d3d9.dll

Bug reports :

To report a bug please send me the content of SkyrimOnline.log and asiloader.log and describe me the problem (a screenshot would be even better).

[ Register or Signin to view external links. ] :
[ Register or Signin to view external links. ]
From crafting to spells to houses, this mod will have everything! I will be updating this mod at least two to three times a day. As I said, this mod will HAVE EVERYTHING and MORE!

I am looking for modelers and texture artists to help out! Please shoot me a PM with a link to some of your work!

If you have done textures before and they are uploaded, please send me a PM with permission to use it and you may see it in the next update!

Works in progress:

Furniture crafting and placement
More custom spells/crafts/weapons/armors
More skill trees and perks
New custom animations
New interactive and world effecting decisions
Skyrim: Multiplayer (Freeworld, Co-Op and Arena) - I've finished recycling some old code of mine that I did for another single-player game. The only thing I'm waiting for is further development @ SKSE.
Houses - Two are already built, third one is a castle with quests.
Population - Hundreds of new NPCs, some with quests. - 5% completed
Mounts - Elk, Dragon
New menu styles with more features - 15% completed
Nexus Mod Manager Contributions
Full character XML dumping/tracking

Install: Extract to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\, tick Tytanis.esp and Load Loose Files.
Uninstall: Delete the files!

Italian version translation by Alessio891 - Thank you!
French version translation by LemanRush - Thank you!

Common Issues:

Invisible Custom Weapons / Armor - You need to tick "Load Loose Files" in Skyrim's default launcher.

Tanning Rack Crash - You have an incompatible mod, please post your mod list in the Bug Report discussion thread!

Crash before main screen - You have an incompatible mod, please do a trial and error to figure out which mod causes it!

Incompatible Mods for Italian translation:
Increased Spawns, Loot, and AI

Upcoming in the next patch:

Next update will include NEW MOUNTS! Dragons, Deer/Elks + more!

Recipe fixes.
New armor/weapons.
New spells.
Some gameplay changes.

Will re-edit shortly.

[This patch notice may be updated]

Removed the cubemap enhancer.
Packed missing Dwarven Stone armor textures
Added missing Purified Daedric textures

Beta phase of mounts! I didn't include dragons yet because it's currently corrupting saves, but I'll get on it once I wake up (I'm very, very tired right now). I also need to update the mounting animation...and if your bear or sabrecat are laying down, you can mount them but you won't be able to go anywhere. Just punch them in the face and when they get up, jump on!

Below are the codes for the available mounts. They will be tied into a quest or item later down the line but they need broader testing. I've tested these mounts up and down for any corruption issues and there's none. And yes, I know that they need saddles

player.placeatme 02109e3d - Mammoth
player.placeatme 02209e3d - Sabrecat
player.placeatme 02309e3d - Bear


Updated to AeonVita's Dragonbone Weapons v1.8
Updated to happy_spike's JewelCraft v0.14
Added firewood to a bunch of forge items.
Vanilla/original Dragonplate armor is not upgradeable when this mod is active. - FIXED
Can't upgrade the vanilla deadric boots anymore. - FIXED
Dropping mini-artifacts sometimes became unusable. - FIXED
Spears and pikes would disappear if dropped or given to follower. - FIXED
Upgrading Purified Golden Daedric Sword caused CTD. - FIXED
Purified Daedric Golden Cuirass fixed for females. - FIXED
Lowered silver ingot/leathers from scavenges to 1.
Removed soul gems from spell tomes, will be replaced by something else soon.
Rune thread no longer requires a soul gem, requires enchanted ink instead.
Golden Ebony Boots staying vanilla texture. - FIXED
Changed recipe of Personal Grinder to 1 Dwemer Gyro and 1 Diamond.
Imperial Spear and Imperial Pike can now be upgraded.
Mini-artifacts now upgradeable at the Skyforge.
Changed Rings of Power forging requirements to "Extra Effects", "Master Alteration" and "Arcane Smithing".
Changed Summoning Rings forging requirements to "Twin Souls", "Master Conjuration" and "Arcane Smithing".
Fixed a bug in Summoning Rings that caused the rings value to be insane.
Renamed summoning rings for better list sorting.
Fixed Purified Daedric Shield textures.
Added new armor set (male and female) - Dwarven Stone by Shinokage (upgradeable, will do armor improvements when I wake up).
New Holy Dust textures by Shinokage.
Changed most of the new ingredients effects.

The authors of Summoning Rings, Power Rings and HD Better Reflections have offered me permission to integrate their mods, so here they are!

wafiks HD Better Reflections For Armor and Weapons [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]
Summoning Rings by StonedNarwhal [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]
Rings of Power by Gawl40 [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

From Rings of Power:

All rings are craftable at the Blacksmith Forge (from the Jewelry section) for the simple cost of YOUR SOUL (or someones soul anyway) neatly packaged in a Black Soul Gem.

Ring of Boethiah - The Ebony Mail's enchantment (Muffle, 5 per second poison damage dealt to enemies and the cloak of shadows.)

Ring of Assassins - The Ancient Shrouded Gloves' enchantment (Double sneak attack bonus.)

Ring of Hevnoraak - Hevnoraak's enchantment (100% immunity to poison and diseases.)

Ring of Spellbreaker - Spellbreaker's enchantment (Casts a ward that blocks 50 points of magic damage when blocking, no matter if its with a weapon or a shield.)

Ring of Talos - Reduces the Shout cooldown to zero. It will say its only reduced by 20% but it's really 100%.

Ring of Archmage - Has all the enchantments of the Archmage's Robes.

Rings of Power v3 has all the rings up to this point in one file - 11-30-11

Rings of Potions file added - 12-1-11, it contains:

Ring of Persuasion - 100 points to Speechcraft

Ring of Phantom - Appear spectral

Ring of Enchantment - Enchantments are 100% stronger

Ring of Restoration - Restoration spells are 100% stronger

Ring of Illusion - Illusion spells are 100% stronger

Ring of Destruction - Destruction spells are 100% stronger

Ring of Alteration - Alteration spells last 100% longer

Ring of Conjuration - Conjuration spells last 100% longer

They will say for 0 seconds but that's just a description error.

From Summoning Rings:

This mod currently adds 7 rings that summon a variety of different creatures permanently. So far I have added:
-Ring of Arniel's Shade (00931e01)
-Ring of Dragon Priest (00931e02)
-Ring of Dremora Lord (00931e03)
-Ring of Flame Thrall (00931e04)
-Ring of Frost Thrall (00931e05)
-Ring of Storm Thrall (00931e06)
-Ring of Familiar (00931e07)


Alright, this update is mainly based on balance and organization. I've cleaned up a bunch of the Tanning Rack and Forge recipes.

Some examples:

For Spell Tomes to appear on your Tanning Rack, you must first make a Blank Spell Tome.
Staffs now require Dwarven or Ebony Smithing (depending on the model of the staff) to show up.
Spell Tomes now require Novice-Master perks relating to their school level.
Many more have been done and will stay updated.

Also, new items: Imperial Spear, Imperial Pike and Bear Trap
New Spell: Conjure Clone

As of right now, the Spear and Pike cannot be upgraded (will be included in the next update).
For the Bear Trap, you may only set only craft ONE. I did this to prevent it from being over-powered.

Note: There WILL BE more spear/pike types and models. There WILL BE more different traps you can place! Just give me some more time
If you would like to help by modeling them and doing textures, shoot me a PM!


Smelter list is a mess FIXED
Couldn't upgrade Purified Daedric Boots FIXED
Couldn't upgrade Blood Dragonplate armors. FIXED
Gold Ebony armor maintained vanilla color. FIXED
Mine names FIXED
Chest names and crash FIXED


Gold Purified Daedric armor looks like the normal version, and helmet makes head invisible NEED MORE INFO
NPC's names show symbols FIXED
Ore veins have symbols next to the name NEED MORE INFO

New mini-artifact weapons with enchanted FX! You can find these in certain locations (secret, no spoilers please). There are two of each enchanted swords spread out across the land in select chests that have a 10% chance for each mini-artifact to show up:

Tamriel's Storm
Dragon's Breath
Glacial Tide

(See the video here: [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

When you have any two of the swords listed above, you can combine them to make artifact greatswords, dual wielding too!

Tamriel's Storm + Dragon's Breath would create the greatsword Firestorm.
Glacial Tide + Dragon's Breath = Terra Nova.

And so on (yes, they can even be combined with the same element)! Users may post what the rest of the recipes and names are but NOT where they are located. Still working on the greatswords and other forms of artifacts (axes, maces, daggers, etc)

(I will also be creating universal enchantment effects if desired)

If you have a bug, please report it in the bugs discussion thread and please do a FULL report.


Weapon/Armor/Item Name:
My characters race and gender:
The close to exact symbols that appear:
Other mods installed:


NOTICE: Go to your Meshes/Weapons/Ebony folder and delete 1stpersonebonygreatsword.nif. It was a typo which resulted in players normal ebony greatswords to be affected.

We are now partnered with Valdosa's Val's Crafting Meltdown and Wolferoo's Cooking Recipes! These have been integrated and we will be working together in the future to do some amazing stuff

General Changes:

Custom item mesh/texture updates!

Shinokage has made new textures for most of the dusts which look great!

happy_spike has made new meshes and textures for threads, the dragon skull, and jewelery settings!

When you dual-wield two-handers with Warmaster weapons, you are pointed to the one-handed tree! (You will start leveling up on the one-handed tree).

"Holy Daedric" changed to "Purified Daedric".

Bug Fixes:

Save games getting corrupt due to elemental arrow.
All dual-wield two-handed animations should work now!
Armor upgrades for the custom armors.
Symbol names for mines affected by JewelCraft (remind me to message him about the fix).

Various other small fixes.

From Wolferoo's Cooking Recipes:

* Includes 5 new foods with hour long buffs for skills and regeneration.
* Includes 20+ new foods for short term buffs
* Includes more powerful restore health foods, enhanced vision food, water breathing food
* Refine sugar from honey to make candy
* Non-Alchemists are no longer so dependent on potions
* Modifies original recipes to no longer need salt (NoSaltRecipes.esp)
* Sauteed Amanita (2H Weapons)
* Fish Head Soup (Restoration)
* Poached Warbler Egg (1H Weapons)
* Elf Salad (Marksman)
* Baked Skeever (Light Armor)
* Grilled White Cap (Heavy Armor)
* Gelatin (Destruction)
* Mana Biscuit (Conjuration)
* Stuffed Crowns (Block)
* Sushi (Alteration)
* Marinated Pholiota (Illusion)
* Mushroom Kabob (Lockpick)
* Riverbottom Rum (Pickpocket)
* Blackened Blisterwort (Smithing)
* Fish Sticks (Sneak)
* Egg White Omelette (Invisibility)
* Giant Toe Jam (Carry)
* Field Salad (Barter)
* Blue Mountain Flower Candy (Fortify and Regen Health)
* Red Mountain Flower Candy (Fortify and Regen Majicka)
* Purple Mountain Flower Candy (Fortify and Regen Stamina)
* Tomato Juice (Restore Majicka)
* Draugr Porridge (1H Weapons, Stamina Regen)
* Chili Con Vex (Lockpicking, Pickpocket, and Sneak)
* Mushroom Soup (Illusion, Conjuration, Majicka Regen)
* Hagraven Stew (Destruction, Majicka Regen)
* Ysgramor's Feast (2H Weapons, Stamina Regen)
* Cooked Carrots (Enhanced Vision)
* Caviar (Water Breathing)
* Mashed Potatoes (Restore Health)
* Red Apple Pie (Restore Health)
* Green Apple Pie (Restore Stamina)
* Horker and Venison Jerky (Restore Health)
* Apple Cider (Restore Majicka)
* Cheesy Bread (Restore Health)
* Lavender Goat (Restore Health And Stamina)
* Baked Potato (1 Potato)
* Black Briar Reserve (5 Black Briar Mead)
* Grilled Leeks (1 Leeks)
* Juniper Mead (Honningbrew or Black Briar Mead, Juniper Berries)
* Cut Goat Cheese Wheel or Sliced Wheel Into Slices (4 and 2)
* Honey (3 Honeycomb)
* Sauteed Amanita (2 Fly Amanita, 2 Dragon's Tongue)
* Fish Head Soup (2 Cyrodilic Spadetail, 2 Abecean Longfin)
* Poached Warbler Egg (2 Rock Warbler Egg, 2 Hanging Moss)
* Elf Salad (2 Elves Ear, 2 Juniper Berry)
* Baked Skeever (2 Skeever Tail, 2 Thistle)
* Grilled White Cap (2 White Cap, 2 Thistle)
* Gelatin (2 Glowing Mushroom, 2 Nightshade)
* Mana Biscuit (2 Blue Butterfly Wing, 2 Bone Meal)
* Stuffed Crowns (2 Bleeding Crown, 2 Tundra Cotton)
* Sushi (2 River Betty, 2 Grass Pod)
* Marinated Pholiota (2 Scaly Pholiota, 2 Dragon's Tongue)
* Mushroom Kabob (2 Namira's Rot, 1 Lockpick)
* Riverbottom Rum (2 Nordic Barnacle, 2 Slaughterfish Egg)
* Blackened Blisterwort (2 Blisterwort, 2 Charcoal(small))
* Fish Sticks (2 Abecean Longfin, 2 Frost Mirriam)
* Egg White Omelette (2 Chaurus Egg, 2 Nirnroot)
* Giant Toe Jam (1 Giant's Toe, 2 Creep Cluster)
* Field Salad (2 Dragon's Tongue, 2 Tundra Cotton)
* Blue Mountain Flower Candy (2 Blue Mountain Flower, 1 Sugar)
* Red Mountain Flower Candy (2 Red Mountain Flower, 1 Sugar)
* Purple Mountain Flower Candy (2 Purple Mountain Flower, 1 Sugar)
* Tomato Juice (1 Carrot, 5 Tomato)
* Draugr Porridge (5 Bone Meal, 2 Nord Mead)
* Chili Con Vex (Ectoplasm, Garlic, Skeever Tail)
* Mushroom Soup (Bleeding Crown, Fly Amanita, White Cap, Spiced Wine)
* Hagraven Stew (2 Hagraven Claws, Venison, Alto Wine(plain bottle))
* Ysgramor's Feast (Bear Claws, Daedra Heart, Troll Fat)
* Caviar (Slaughterfish Egg)
* Mashed Potatoes (4 Potatoes, Salt)
* Green Apple Pie (5 Green Apple, 2 Wheat, Sugar)
* Red Apple Pie (5 Red Apple, 2 Wheat, Sugar)
* Horker Jerky (Horker Meat, Salt)
* Venison Jerky (Venison, Salt)
* Apple Cider (10 Red Apples, 10 Green Apples, 4 Red Mtn Flower)
* Cheesy Bread (1 Bread (loaf), 1 Slice of Goat cheese)
* Lavender Goat (1 Leg of Goat, 3 Lavender)
* Sugar (2 Red or Green Apple)
* Sugar x 10 (1 Honey)
* Deer Pelt -> Leather
* Dwemer lever, cog, gear -> Dwarven Ingot
* Skull, troll skull -> Bone Meal
* Skeever tail -> Charred Skeever

From Valdosa's Meltdown:

----Melting Down Armor back into raw materials----

----Crafting Leather out of Leather Armor----
--Leather Armor--
--Hide Armor--
--Scale Armor--
--Light Imperial Armor--
--Stormcloak Armor--
--Forsworn Armor
--Theives Guild
--Fur Armor
--Night Scale

----Melting Down Weapons back into raw materials----

-Steel-[Daggers, Swords, Axes, Maces, Greatswords, Battleaxes, Warhammers, Bows, and Shields]
-Glass-[Daggers, Swords, Axes, Maces, Greatswords, Battleaxes, Warhammers, Bows, and Shields]
-Ebony-[Daggers, Swords, Axes, Maces, Greatswords, Battleaxes, Warhammers, Bows, and Shields]
-Dwarven(Dwmer)-[Daggers, Swords, Axes, Maces, Greatswords, Battleaxes, Warhammers, Bows, and Shields]
-Elven-[Daggers, Swords, Axes, Maces, Greatswords, Battleaxes, Warhammers, Bows, and Shields]
-Orcish-[Daggers, Swords, Axes, Maces, Greatswords, Battleaxes, Warhammers, Bows, and Shields]
-Falmar-[Swords, Axes, Bows, Shields, Armor]
-Forsworn-[Swords, Axes, Shields, Bows, Armor]
-Legendary (Artifacts) (Wuuthrad, Eye of Magnus ect)

----Fletching Arrows from Firewood, Feathers, and Ingots-----

----Melting Down useless "MISC" Items----
--Candle Sticks--
--And more (Yes, I added so many I forgot the rest)--

----Tear up MISC Items and Wooden Bows into Crafting Materials----
--Wooden Plates--
--Burned Books--
--Ruined Books--
--Wooden Bowls--
--Other Wooden Objects--
--Imperial Bows--
--Hunting Bows--
--Troll Skulls to Bone-Meal--
--Skulls to Bone-Meal--
--Mammoth Tusks to Bone-Meal & Powder--
--Tusks to Bone-Meal--
--Cast Iron Pans--

----Smelt Down Gold/Silver Rings & Amulets----

----Smelt Down Stolen Jewelry to safely make off with the gems----


We are now partnered with JewelCraft and Sparkles! JewelCraft was made by happy_spike and we are working together to create a more in-depth craft list for jewelers. Sparkles Texture Packs are sets of various NICE texture sets for the world made by Sparklepaws.

Fixed dual-wield animations (only Greatswords for now, will update!)
Fixed a few CTD issues.
All custom Armors and Weapons now have the ability to be upgraded.
Fixed Nightingale issue where you wouldn't get it after crafting.
Fixed NPC names.
Various other small fixes.

JewelCraft Integration:

Changed Steel Ingot Recipe : 1 Iron Ingot, 2 Charcoal
Renamed Corundum to Copper
Renamed Malachite to Moldavite *(don't worry malachite lovers it will be back as a gem!)
Added Topaz and Flawless Topaz as new gemstones
Like Onyx they are in the gem leveled lists.
Added Silver Topaz Ring : 1 Silver Ingot, 1 Topaz *(more topaz jewellery coming)
Added Onyx and Flawless Onyx as gemstones into the game.
Added those gems into the gem leveled lists so will randomly appear anywhere other gems do, including merchants!
Changed the recipes for anything onyx to use the new gems instead of the ebony ore placeholder.
Fixed the issue where new objects don't persist when a save game is loaded
Added the Nightingale Amulet : 2 Ebony Ingot, 1 Deadra Heart
Changed all of the Ore Veins for the mineral renames to now say Copper and Moldavite
Added Silver Ruby Circlet : 2 Silver Ingots, 3 Rubys
Added Silver Emerald Circlet : 2 Silver Ingots, 3 Emeralds
Added more gem/metal combos. There is now a silver and gold ring for each gem in the game
Added Religious amulets as charms with no enchantments
Added new Skull Pendant gem combinations

Ruby Skull Pendant : 1 Flawless Ruby, 1 Silver Ingot, 1 Ebony Ingot
Sapphire Skull Pendant : 1 Flawless Sapphire, 1 Silver Ingot, 1 Ebony Ingot
Garnet Skull Pendant : 1 Flawless Garnet, 1 Silver Ingot, 1 Ebony Ingot
Emerald Skull Pendant : 1 Flawless Emerald, 1 Silver Ingot, 1 Ebony Ingot
Diamond Skull Pendant : 1 Flawless Diamond, 1 Silver Ingot, 1 Ebony Ingot
Amethyst Skull Pendant : 1 Flawless Amethyst, 1 Silver Ingot, 1 Ebony Ingot
Onyx Skull Pendant : 1 Onyx, 1 Silver Ingot, 1 Ebony Ingot
Moonstone Skull Pendant : 1 Moonstone Ore, 1 Silver Ingot, 1 Ebony Ingot

Akatosh Charm : 1 Copper Ingot
Arkay Charm : 1 Copper Ingot, 1 Garnet
Dibella Charm : 1 Copper Ingot, 1 Amethyst
Julianos Charm : 1 Silver Ingot
Kynareth Charm : 1 Steel Ingot, 1 Moonstone Ore
Mara Charm : 1 Copper Ingot, 1 Moonstone Ore
Stendarr Chram : 1 Copper Ingot
Talos Charm : 1 Copper Ingot, 1 Leather Strips
Zenithar Charm : 1 Steel Ingot, 1 Leather Strips
Tristar Talisman : 1 Silver Ingot. 1 Iron Ingot, 1 Perfect Onyx

Silver Emerald Ring : 1 Silver Ingot, 1 Emerald
Silver Diamond Ring : 1 Silver Ingot, 1 Diamond
Gold Ruby Ring : 1 Gold Ingot, 1 Ruby
Gold Amethyst Ring : 1 Gold Ingot, 1 Amethyst
Gold Garnet Ring : 1 Gold Ingot, 1 Garnet
Added Silver and Sapphire Ring : 1 Silver Ingot, 1 Sapphire
Fixed missing steel recipe
Added Charcoal recipe : 1 Firewood = 4 charcoal
Added Ancient Nordic Amulet : 1 Dragonbone, 1 Leather Strips
Added craftable circlets
*(may have lower or higher grade stones in the future to balance costs)
-Silver and Moonstone : 2 Silver Ingots, 1 Refined Moonstone
-Silver and Sapphire : 2 Silver Ingots, 1 Perfect Sapphire, 2 Sapphires
-Copper and Ruby : 2 Copper Ingots, 3 Rubys
-Copper Sapphire : 2 Copper Ingots, 3 Sapphires
-Copper and Onyx : 2 Copper Ingots, 1 Onyx
-Copper and Moonstone : 2 Copper Ingots, 1 Refined Moonstone
-Gold and Ruby : 2 Gold Ingots, 1 Perfect Ruby, 2 Sapphires *(to be renamed Gold, Ruby and
Sapphire Circlet. Will add one that is actually all ruby later)
-Gold and Emerald : 2 Gold Ingots, 1 Perfect Emerald, 2 Emeralds
-Jade and Emerald : 2 Orichalcum Ingots, 1 Perfect Emerald, 2 Emeralds
-Jade and Sapphire: 2 Orichalcum Ingots, 1 Perfect Sapphire, 2 Sapphires
*(might just leave these two as Orichalcum, cause it looks a lot like nephrite jade )

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XCE is a compilation of all my work on the enhancement of the characters in Skyrim.

What it does:

- Adds more detail to skin of faces and bodies
- Gets rid of angular shapes caused by compressed object space normal maps
- Adds a lot more detail to the eyes
- Makes the fingernails more visible
- Removes jagged edges from the lips

Regarding the neck seam

I am aware of it. Actually it's the same seam as seen in the original game.
The neck part of both body and face textures is the same as the original textures.
When making the new textures I edited the whole texture at first, this only made
the seam worse, so in the end I left that part unedited.
At a later time I may try again to get rid of it completely.

About the eyes

The way I created the eyes changed the color as well, the effect depends on the original
color. I don't mind this myself and at moment I can not guarantee it will ever get changed.

Warpaint & Scars

Designs by Gizmodian, I made them into usable textures and mixed them to create many
variations. Not all of the warpaint has been used yet.

Once the CK is available the warpaint designs will be added next to the existing ones
instead of replacements.

Body Replacements

Whenever a body replacement gets released that I actually like more than Skyrim's original
body I will add support for it. Until then, nobody is stopping you from installing any body
replacement after this mod to combine them.

This mod is for you if:

- You like and use all of my work
- You hate to download a bucketload of separate files

This mod is not for you if:

- You don't like my work at all
- You only use a few of my mods

Expected updates:

- Body seams fix
- Warpaint, tattoos, scars etc.
- Brows
- Teeth
- Beast Races - Even after making 2 versions I'm still not happy with the result.
For me they are also much harder to do than the human and elven races.
When I am happy with their look, they will added in an update.

Also worth mentioning: the original face textures of the beast races are higher resolution
than the human and elven ones, so a replacement is less necessary.

Possible updates:

- Hair

Other facts:

- This is an ongoing project
- This package will stay a one file download
- Only originally intended content will be added
- Optional content will never be added (with the exception of darker eyes)
- Separate files will stay available
- New additions will be released separately (subject to change in the future)
- Once the Creation Kit is available new content besides replacements will be possible as well

Currently integrated mods:

Detailed Faces
Detailed Bodies
Detailed Lips
No More Blocky Faces
High Quality Eyes
Gizmodian's Scars
Gizmodian's Warpaint

[ Register or Signin to view external links. ] :

I made this mod because some NPCs like the merchants, have very low resolution textures on their clothing. Every time you are in a shop you have to look at their clothing, nice to have something better to look at:)

in my opinion i have kept the feeling of the original textures. Textures are 2048 x 2048 (Original 512 x 512) so if you want to really see the difference, dont look at the clothes from afar but close up:)

I have not changed shoes, bracers, etc.. And i dont think i will, the resolutions are good enough for small objects and i think it would affect performance for some people. I will of course do it if i find a case where its necessary ( or any of you suggests it), but i wont do it by default.

May be a good idea to use the 4GB mod with these textures.

These textures HAVE been changed,
in order of apperance:

- Wench/ Singer- Female
- All Regular Merchants
- Fine Clothes without pelt
- Male Innkeeper/ Barkeeper
- Female Innkeeper/Barkeeper
- Male and Female Fine Clothes with Pelt
- Male Wench
- Wedding Clothes
- All Farmclothes (also in seperate file)
- All Blacksmiths (also in seperate file)
- Wedding dress
- Children Clothes
- Beggar Clothes
- Chef
- Executioner-(check the screenshot!)
- All Miner Clothes
- Dark Brotherhood Robe (Dark brotherhood non- Armor)
- Jester- Male and Female
- Mourners clothes
- Mythic Dawn Robe
- Sheogorath

If you want to use another mod for some of the clothing, just install it after this mod and overwrite

[ Register or Signin to view external links. ] :
Version 3: Added "showArrowOnBar" and "showAfterSeconds" options, fixed bold fonts and settings not working.

This mod adds a bar at the top of the screen while picking a lock which shows you the 'sweet spot' of the lock. It also shows the health of the current lockpick.

[ Register or Signin to view external links. ] :
We have to interact with wooden furiture too many times in game to leave that objects with ugly low-res textures
I realized to make retex for those things cause vanilla ones are more than disgusting. I changed only poor furniture and didnt touch noble furniture.

Only problem is that there are too many objects refer to this texture, that are situated all over Skyrim and my color may not suit to someone's tastes in some places. its easy to use graphic program to change hue. so you can make it by yourlesves.

Texture changes more than a half of wooden interior.It goes for beds, chairs, tables, shelves, boxes, wardrobe and even more but I dont know their English names cause Im Ukrainian. But the most important part is that tables and shelves with loot will not strike the eye any more. Added HD barrels for people who like to loot carrots.

Barrels from 256x512 to 1024x2048
Furniture from 512x512 to 2048x2048

[ Register or Signin to view external links. ] :
The mod consists of several standalone files which makes different sorts of items craftable. The items are located in the categories that I see fitting, currently I know of no good way of making new categories, it seems like it's what you call hardcoded into the game. The recipes for the items contains a maximum of five ingredients, all of which are items that are pretty reasonable for the item you are making in my opinion. I haven't been able to put very much effort and time into choosing the items though. Below is some info about every part of the mod.

Normal (Main)
Makes different kinds of weapons and armor craftable, this will probably be the most largest part of the mod. The stuff made craftable in this part are mostly not "unique" items. Some of the items that's made craftable do usually come with an enchantment, but when made at the forge they will be unenchanted and enchantable like normal items. This is done by basically making a new item that's mostly a copy of the original, but with a couple of changes, also keep in mind that the added item will be gone if you'd need to disable my mod. I've added a couple of new misc items: "Small Animal Pelt" and "Big Animal Pelt". This is to simplify the process of making Fur armor and Forsworn armor. You make the pelts at the tanning rack, similar to making leather. Later on, more items similar to these may be added.

Same as above, but it's a sort of lite version where some fixes have been removed. This is because it has caused some compatibility problems with other similar mods. Most of the items made craftable will appear in incorrect categories when smithing, all of the changes to fix that is removed. The items that's made pre-enhanced are no longer craftable. There should also be no localization problems as a side effect of removing the item changes.

Craftable Artifacts
This mod makes some of the originally unique artifacts in Skyrim craftable. You first need to have acquired the artifact the normal way, then you can craft more of it. All the recipes require a grand soul gem each, which is suppose to represent the magic required to make the enchanted item. Logically what I have in mind is "Artifact + some raw ingredients + soul gem = 2 Artifact". I must say that I mostly made this to learn about modding in Skyrim, and not that I particularly want it myself. Although I believe that this adds some useful stuff that's not too "unrealistic" in my opinion. The mod could be of help if you really want more than one of a "unique" item, so your follower could use the item as well as yourself for example. Another scenario when it would be useful is if you'd want to dual-wield a one-handed previously unique item.

Convertible Star
This optional download let's you convert the "Azura's Star" to "The Black Star" and the other way around at a forge or anvil. The process consumes a charged black soul gem if you are making The Black Star and a charged grand soul gem when creating Azura's Star.

Installation (Manual)
- I recommend that you also use the mod Legendary Smithing Upgrades. It will make it so most of the added leather and other items will get the extra bonus that's unlocked by smithing perks for other materials.
- Download whatever part of the mod you want.
- Open the archive and copy the ".esp" file within to the "Data" folder in your Skyrim directory.
- Make the game load the esp by checking the tick-box next to the newly added in the Nexus Mod Manager. (There are several other ways to enable the plugin file, I recommend using NMM.)

Installation (Nexus Mod Manager)
- Press the "Download with manager" button for the files you want to download.
- When downloaded, activate the mod in the "mods" tab. If a popup shows up that tells you there's a newer version available, you'd generally want to answer no. This occurs when downloading some other file that has a lower version number than the mod version.
- Make sure that the added .esp files are checked in the "Plugins" tab.

- Remove the ".esp" file from the "Data" folder in your Skyrim directory.

Only the items in the "Made improvable" list will have their names changed to english by default. The translations below only change those items. You don't need the main download before installing these, they replace everything included in the main download. But be aware of that it may not get out of date.

German - Translation by Lilim. It's found in the optional downloads section. I can't guarantee that it's up to date nor that the items are correctly translated.

Made craftable (Normal)
Name - Perk required - Items required
Wolf Armor - Steel - 2 Wolf pelts + 2 Steel ingots + 3 Leather strips
Wolf Boots - Steel - 1 Wolf pelts + 1 Steel ingot + 2 Leather strips
Wolf Gauntlets - Steel - 1 Wolf pelts + 1 Steel ingot + 2 Leather strips
Wolf Helmet - Steel - 1 Wolf pelts + 1 Steel ingot + 1 Leather strips
Blades Armor - Advanced - 3 Leather strips + 2 Iron ingots + 3 Steel ingots + 2 Corrudum Ingot
Blades Boots - Advanced - 2 Leather strips + 1 Iron ingots + 2 Steel ingots + 1 Corrudum Ingot
Blades Gauntlets - Advanced - 2 Leather strips + 1 Iron ingots + 2 Steel ingots + 1 Corrudum Ingot
Blades Helmet - Advanced - 2 Leather strips + 2 Iron ingots + 2 Steel ingots + 2 Corrudum Ingot
Blades Sword - Steel - 2 Steel ingots + 2 Leather strips + 1 Corrudum Ingot
Blades Shield - Steel - 3 Steel ingots + 2 Leather strips + 1 Iron ingots + 1 Corrudum Ingot
Forsworn Armor - None - 2 Big Animal Pelt + 4 Small Animal Pelt + 3 Leather strips
Forsworn Boots - None - 1 Big Animal Pelt + 3 Small Animal Pelt + 2 Leather strips
Forsworn Gauntlets - None - 2 Small Animal Pelt + 2 Bear Claws + 2 Leather strips
Forsworn Headdress - None - 2 Small Animal Pelt + 1 Bear Claws + 1 Leather strips
Forsworn Axe - None - 2 Bear Claws + 1 Iron ingot + 3 Leather strips + 1 Firewood
Forsworn Sword - None - 2 Bear Claws + 1 Iron ingot + 3 Leather strips + 1 Firewood
Forsworn Bow - None - 1 Bear Claw + 1 Iron ingot + 4 Leather strips + 1 Firewood
Falmer Armor - None - 2 Chaurus chitin + 5 Leather strips
Falmer Helmet - None - 1 Chaurus chitin + 2 Leather strips
Falmer Boots - None - 1 Chaurus chitin + 2 Leather strips
Falmer Gauntlets - None - 1 Chaurus chitin + 2 Leather strips
Falmer Bow - None - 1 Chaurus chitin + 1 Leather strips
Falmer Sword - None - 1 Chaurus chitin + 1 Leather strips
Falmer War Axe - None - 2 Chaurus chitin + 4 Leather strips
Falmer Shield - None - 4 Chaurus chitin + 3 Leather strips
Pickaxe - None - 2 Iron ingots + 1 Firewood
Woodcutters axe - None - 1 Iron Ingot + 1 Firewood
Skyforge Steel Dagger - Steel - 1 Iron Ingot + 1 Leather strips + 1 Steel ingot
Skyforge Steel Sword - Steel + 1 Iron Ingot + 1 Leather strips + 2 Steel ingot
Skyforge Steel War Axe - Steel - 1 Iron Ingot + 2 Leather strips + 2 Steel ingot
Skyforge Steel Battleaxe - Steel - 1 Iron Ingot + 2 Leather strips + 4 Steel ingot
Skyforge Steel Greatsword - Steel - 2 Iron Ingot + 3 Leather strips + 4 Steel ingot
Silver Sword - Steel - 1 Steel Ingot + 1 Leather strips + 2 Silver ingot
Silver Greatsword - Steel + 2 Steel Ingot + 3 Leather strips + 4 Silver ingot
Copper and Moonstone Circlet - None - Dwarven Metal Ingot + 1 Refined Moonstone
Copper and Onyx Circlet - None - Dwarven Metal Ingot + 3 Eye of Sabre Cat
Copper and Ruby Circlet - None - Dwarven Metal Ingot + 3 Ruby
Copper and Sapphire Circlet - None - Dwarven Metal Ingot + 3 Sapphire
Gold and Emerald Circlet - None - Gold Ingot + 3 Emerald
Gold and Ruby Circlet - None - Gold Ingot + 3 Ruby
Jade and Emerald Circlet - None - Refined Malachite + 3 Emerald
Jade and Sapphire Circlet - None - Refined Malachite + 3 Sapphire
Silver and Moonstone Circlet - None - Silver Ingot + 1 Refined Moonstone
Silver and Sapphire Circlet - None - Silver Ingot + 3 Sapphire
Fur Armor - None - 2 Big Animal Pelt + 3 Small Animal Pelt + 3 Leather strips
Fur Boots - None - 1 Big Animal Pelt + 1 Small Animal Pelt + 2 Leather strips
Fur Bracers - None - 1 Small Animal Pelt + 1 Leather strips
Fur Gauntlets - None - 2 Small Animal Pelt + 2 Leather strips
Fur Helmet - None - 1 Small Animal Pelt + 1 Leather strips
Fur Shoes - None - 2 Small Animal Pelt + 2 Leather strips

Separate versions as unenchanted and enchantable made craftable
Name - Perk required - Items required
Thieves Guild Armor - None - 6 Leather + 5 Leather strips
Thieves Guild Boots - None - 3 Leather + 3 Leather strips
Thieves Guild Gloves - None - 2 Leather + 3 Leather strips
Thieves Guild Hood - None - 3 Leather + 2 Leather strips
Shrouded Armor (Dark Brotherhood) - None - 6 Leather + 5 Leather strips
Shrouded Boots - None - 3 Leather + 3 Leather strips
Shrouded Gloves - None - 2 Leather + 3 Leather strips
Shrouded Cowl - None - 1 Linen Wrap + 2 Leather strips
Shrouded Robes - None - 3 Linen Wrap + 5 Leather strips
Shrouded Shoes - None - 1 Linen Wrap + 3 Leather strips
Nightingale Armor - Steel - 4 Leather + 4 Steel ingots + 5 Leather strips
Nightingale Boots - Steel - 2 Leather + 1 Steel ingots + 3 Leather strips
Nightingale Gloves - Steel - 2 Leather + 1 Steel ingots + 3 Leather strips
Nightingale Hood - Steel - 1 Leather + 2 Leather strips
Nightingale Blade - Steel - 3 Ebony Ingot + 2 Steel ingot
Nightingale Bow - Steel - 1 Firewood + 1 Ebony Ingot + 1 Steel ingot
Shrouded Hood - None - 2 Linen Wrap + 1 Leather strips
Shrouded Hand Wraps - None - 1 Linen Wrap + 2 Leather strips
Shrouded Cowl (Maskless) - None - 1 Linen Wrap + 1 Leather strips
Ebony Mail - Ebony - 6 Ebony Ingots + 3 Leather strips

Made improvable (Only when crafted, items not in the above list or below works as normal improving and enchanting wise)
Item - Material required
Silver Swords - Silver ingot
Silver Greatsword - Silver ingot
Thieves Guild Armor - Leather
Thieves Guild Boots - Leather
Thieves Guild Gloves - Leather
Thieves Guild Hood - Leather
Shrouded Armor - Leather
Shrouded Boots - Leather
Shrouded Gloves - Leather
Shrouded Cowl - Leather
Shrouded Robes - Leather
Shrouded Shoes - Leather
Shrouded Hood - Linen Wrap
Shrouded Hand Wraps - Linen Wrap
Shrouded Cowl (Maskless) - Linen Wrap
Nightingale Armor - Void Salts
Nightingale Boots - Void Salts
Nightingale Gloves - Void Salts
Nightingale Hood - Void Salts
Nightingale Blade - Void Salts
Nightingale Bow - Void Salts
Ebony Mail - Ebony Ingot

Made enchantable (Only when crafted)
Thieves Guild Armor
Thieves Guild Boots
Thieves Guild Gloves
Thieves Guild Hood
Shrouded Armor
Shrouded Boots
Shrouded Gloves
Shrouded Cowl
Shrouded Robes
Shrouded Shoes
Shrouded Hood
Shrouded Hand Wraps
Shrouded Cowl (Maskless)
Nightingale Armor
Nightingale Boots
Nightingale Gloves
Nightingale Hood
Nightingale Blade
Nightingale Bow
Ebony Mail

Made craftable (Only when using the optional download "Craftable Artifacts")
Name - Category - Items required
Dawnbreaker - Misc - 5 Gold ingots + 5 Ebony ingots + 4 Flawless diamonds + 1 Grand soul gem
Mace of Molag Bal - Misc - 10 Ebony ingots + 1 Daedra heart + 1 Grand soul gem
Mehrunes Razor - Misc - 5 Ebony ingots + 1 Daedra heart + 1 Grand soul gem
Skull of Corruption - Misc - 10 Gold ingots + 1 Skull + 1 Grand soul gem
Staff of Magnus - Misc - 1 Firewood + 4 Flawless diamonds + 1 Gold ingots + 1 Grand soul gem
Wuuthrad - Misc - 10 Steel ingots + 10 Ebony ingots + 1 Daedra heart + 1 Grand soul gem

Todo/Ideas (No promises)
- Make more stuff craftable.
* Execution armor
* City guard armor
* Stormcloak armors
* Light imperial stuff
* Imperal swords
* Horned Scaled Armor? Smithable and improvable.
* Thieves guild master armor
* Add robes like unenchanted mages robes, that are enchantable. (Made of linen)
* Add different kinds of clothes (noble clothes req: linen + gold thread? Made from gold like leather strips)
* Rueful axe
* Mustic tuning gloves + similar
* Graybeard robes
* Savior's Hide
* Linwe's armor
* Drougr ghost style weapons
* Dragon priest masks acting like cloth, for mage armor perk. (May have been done in Craftable Unenchanted Unique Armors and Weapons)
* Scimitar
* Thalmor robes
* More types of fur armor
* Helm of Yingol
* Jagged Crown
* Jester gear
Jester's Boots 3x leather 1 linen wrap
Jester's Clothes 3x leather 3 linen wrap
Jester's Gloves 3xleather 2 linen wrap
Jester's Hat 2x leather 3 linen wrap
- Add recycling stuff, melting of forks and tankards etc. to get iron for example. (Seems to be done in a mod called Vals Crafting Meltdown)
- Possible tweak the values and/or the required items to make it so it's more balanced, currently you can easily profit very much of the added recipes.
- Smithing potions not affection correctly?

How this was made
First of all, this is not rocket science. With some time, commitment and some knowledge of computing, I believe most people can create a mod like this.

The only tool I've used to create this mod is the "TESsnip" tool that's built into the Fallout Mod Manager available here.

I started to learn about how to make the required changes by looking at the structure of Samutz mod "Arrowsmith" that makes some other stuff craftable. What's needed is that you basically copy a "record" in a "COBJ" group for an item that's already craftable. Then you need to kind of "hex-edit" some "subrecords" that's linked to the record. The names of the subrecords that's been edited is EDID, CNTO, CNAM and NAM1. EDID is a name for the recipe (not seen in game). There is a CNTO subrecord for every item required, it contains an item id and the number of those needed. The CNAM subrecord contains the item id and count of the item you are crafting. The NAM1 subrecord contains the amount of the item mentioned in CNAM that the player will recieve when crafting. To make it require a perk I've you could copy the "CTDA" subrecord from an item that requires a certain perk. To make an item improvable you could find an original "Temper..." record for an item that's similar to then one you want to make improvable, copy that record to your .esp and edit the "CNAM" subrecord to represent your item and the "CNTO" for required items. I could explain everything in more detail, but I believe that you should be able to figure out the rest. Hopefully this will be of some help to someone.

Samutz have recently posted this tutorial on the Bethsoft forum, it's far more extensive than what I've written above: [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

Another useful tool that's helpful when trying to figure out the structure is Skyrim Viewer by lojack. A very nice feature is that it shows you what stuff the FormID's in the subrecords represent.

How to help
If you're intrested in helping out you could suggest items that you think should be made craftable together with the items that you think should be required. Send it in a PM or comment on this page. If I think that your proposal is reasonable I'll most likely implement it, and my process will then have been simplified a bit, it can be rather difficult to think of good combinations for some items. You could write it in this format for example:
Silver Sword - 1 Steel Ingot, 1 Leather Strips and 2 Silver Ingots

Changelog - Normal (DD.MM.YY!)
1.8 - 29.11.11 - Made Ebony mail and some more shrouded type items craftable.
1.7 - 27.11.11 - Bugfixes. Fur and Forsworn armor are now made using the added items "Small Animal Pelt" and "Big Animal Pelt". These are in turn acquired by processing different sorts of animal hides/furs at the tanning rack.
1.6 - 27.11.11 - Mostly bugfixes. Updated a couple of recipes, added Fur armor, nightingale weapons and made some more items upgradable.
1.5 - 26.11.11 - The items that previously were made enchanted comes unenchanted and is enchantable like a normal item. The way I've done this fixes some compatibility issues. It was done by basically making a new item that's mostly a copy of the original, but with a couple of changes, also keep in mind that the added item will be gone if you'd need to disable my mod. A soul gem is no longer needed ofc. Also bothered to set unique FormIDs for all recipes (even though it probably doesn't matter).
1.4 ALTERNATIVE - 25.11.11 - As a temporary fix for some compability problems with sylkwyrm's "Enchantable Unique Armours and Reclassified Masks" (and possible other mods) I'm releasing this version. Most of the items made craftable will appear in incorrect categories when smithing, all of the changes to fix that is removed. The items that's made pre-enhanced are no longer craftable. There should also be no localization problems as a side effect of removing the item changes.
1.4 - 25.11.11 - Silver greatsword recipe fixed. Deer pelt switched to deer hide. Fixed visual bug with the shrouded gloves.
1.3 - 23.11.11 - Fixed so items now appear in more appropriate sections and some issues with some recepies.
1.2 - 22.11.11 - Skyforge items made craftable at the Skyforge. Set perk requirments for some stuff. Silver weapons added and made enhancable/sharpenable at grindstones. Circlets added, thanks to FinalFrog for the recipes. Nightingale armor added.
1.1 - 21.11.11 - Lots of more items made craftable.
21.11.11 - Renamed from "Mo' Craftables" to "More Craftables".
20.11.11 - Renamed from "Craftable Artifacts" to "Mo' Craftables".
20.11.11 - Added optional esp that let's you convert the "Azura's Star" to "The Black Star" and the other way around at a forge or anvil.
1.0 - 20.11.11 - Initial release. Only Forsworn armor and Wolf armor is available.

Changelog - Craftable Artifacts
Coming(1.2 - 22.11.11 - Now the player is required to have 100 in smithing and unlocked the dragon armor perk to be able to make more artifacts.)
1.1 - 20.11.11 - Changed so that you now need to have one of the artifacts to be able to make another one, the required ectoplasm is removed and you now need a filled grand soul gem for every item.
1.0 - 20.11.11 - Initial release, only some unique weapons are available.

Changelog - Convertible Star
1.0 - 20.11.11 - Initial release

* The most likely compatability problem that could occur is that there would be duplicate entries for some items when browsing the forge/anvil menu. This occurs if some other mod also have added a way to make that item.
* To make item go into the correct sections the mod kind of replaces the original item, only one mod can change an item this way at a time, so it may lead to that my replacement is ignored or the other mods replacment based on what load order. This could potentially lead to problems, the worst scenario would be that the game crashes. An alternative version with some missing features have been released to minimize the risks for campatibility problems.

* In non-English versions of Skyrim, the names of items that have been moved to the correct category will be in English. In the alternative version, which lacks some fixes there should be no localization problems.
* The arcane blacksmithing perk may affect the improving of unenchanted added items, which it shouldn't.
* Some users seem to have a problem with the improvements requiring void salts. Seitoth came with this possible solution: "Ok for future reference if anyone has this issue. If you have the quest item "Finely Cut Void Salts" in your inventory it will negate the upgrade ability. Kind of like not being able to use Giant's toes for alchemy if you need to remake the staff from A night to Remember. The crafting table must be classifying all void salts as a quest item with that being active."

[ Register or Signin to view external links. ] :
This Conjuration spell already exists in the game files, but not usable (AFAIK) unless you use a console command. I just attached it to a craftable spell tome.

The Spell Tome can be crafted at the Blacksmith Forge using nothing.

[ Register or Signin to view external links. ] :
Add the esp to your GAME FOLDER\DATA\____.esp
Then either
A. Run the launcher, go into data files, and check the esp, OR
B. Use the Nexus mod manager, OR
C. Edit %APPDATA%\Local\Skyrim\plugins.txt to include the name of the esp under Skyrim.esm ... Then I recommend making plugins.txt read-only.

The idea of this mod is basic - early spells became obsolete and late spells took too long to get to when they could be of great tactical use in earlier levels. This should make for much more tactical diversity, since each skill level previously only had one or two types of skills to choose from, and you got stuck with what the game wanted you to use.

I've made scaled versions (a version for each skill level) of Novice, Apprentice, and Adept spells so far. The "bolt"-type Expert spells are obsolete since the lower-level bolt spells replace them, now, and the wall spells aren't that interesting to me, but I'll get to them in the next couple days. The Master spells are quest spells, so I'll probably only release "Practice" versions at a much lower level/potency.

Quick Aside:
* YES, the damage scales, even for spells like Chain Lightning where it isn't reflected in the description. This is not my bug, it's Beth's stupid new string locations.
* YES, the spells get the half-cost perks appropriate to their TITLE-listed ranking. IE, Flames - Master gets half cost with the Master-level perk, despite the fact that the description still says novice. Again, Beth moved the strings to the BSAs and I can't really edit them (without some ridiculous compatibility issues and "dirty" modding)

I've added Absorb Health spells. I threw in Transmogrify, but (because it doesn't damage) the game refuses to give it a mana cost - so an already unbalanced spell is grossly unbalanced. But it's fun, so if you want to pick it up for S&G, go for it. I'll end up moving it to Illusion or Alteration, anyway

I didn't just straight add damage to the spells - I tried to give a different tactical flavor to each spell-type. Fireballs, for example, don't gain much in damage from level to level, but gain a TON in width of their explosion (the game reacts with equivalent changes in earth-shaking, noise, and effects!); chain lightning gains not only damage, but also jumps (much) further, and does a ton of damage to magicka. Cloaks keep low damage, but last for five minutes (!) per cast at master. And runes just do a TON of damage in general.


Console Commands (Complex) From: [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]
Console Commands (My Favorites) From:
[ Register or Signin to view external links. ]
The Mods Found Here Are From:
Item Codes: [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]
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Adding this to my Archive
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Here's a list of around 1000 decoritave object ref ids that you don't have listed above that can be added
in droppable format via player.additem command:

I know these can all be done via creation kit, but many ppl don't have legit copies and would like to create houses as well.
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st0rmranger wroteHere's a list of around 1000 decoritave object ref ids that you don't have listed above that can be added
in droppable format via player.additem command:

I know these can all be done via creation kit, but many ppl don't have legit copies and would like to create houses as well.

Well, i tried to add it but i think it makes the post too big so...
Here are the id's:
If the code is six digits and starts with a 1 you replace the 1 with 5. 1+4=5 Otherwise just add a 4 if its five digits. A lot of these codes work for pc but are untested in hex. However all of the dev boxes work as well as all of the crafting stations and most of the furnature. Have Fun!

BAD0C #Alchemy Table
BAD0D #Enchanting Table
D54FF #Alchemy Top
D5501 #Enchanting Top
D932F #Workbench
727A1 #Tanning Rack
1A2AD #Anvil
6E9C2 #Grindstone
9C6CE #Smelting Oven
CAE0B #Blacksmith Forge
BBCF1 #Skyforge
7022E #Wood Chopping Block
68ADB #Cooking Spit
DB358 #Standard Chest
F8478 #Treasure Chest Small No Respawn
800E0 #Safe
AF6AC #Apothecarys Satchel
10E882 #Barrel
C5891 #Display Case Large Legs
C5892 #Display Case Large Flat
C5893 #Display Case Small Angled
42521 #Flames
AF8BA #LightCampFire01
10B161 #Farmhouse Wind Mill Grain Wheel
22F0B #Dwemer Torture Device
34CBF #Dwemer Telescope
7144D #Bear Trap
166D2 #Grave 1
166D3 #Grave 2
166D4 #Grave 3
52781 #Stone Mural Fox
52780 #Stone Mural Hawk
5277F #Stone Mural Wolf
5277E #Stone Mural Bear
5277D #Stone Mural Moth
5277C #Stone Mural Whale
5277B #Stone Mural Owl
5277A #Stone Mural Snake
DB895 #Combat Dummy 3
DB894 #Combat Dummy 1
72E9F #Combat Dummy 2
5A5FE #Working Catapult !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3A3CB #Dwemer Lexicon Stand
7F828 #Pedestal
7F82A #Pedestal Empty
74A05 #Skull Staff Pedestal
74A06 #Skull Staff Pedestal Empty
D2331 #Doomstone Apprentice
D2334 #Doomstone Atronach
D2330 #Doomstone Lady
D2336 #Doomstone Lord
D2332 #Doomstone Lover
D232E #Doomstone Mage
D2337 #Doomstone Ritual
D2339 #Doomstone Serpent
D2335 #Doomstone Shadow
D2333 #Doomstone Steed
D232F #Doomstone Thief
D2338 #Doomstone Tower
D232D #Doomstone Warrior
C4F00 #Kilkreath Crystal
C4DE5 #Kilkreath Crystal Pedestal
4056F #Volskygge Puzzle Holder
2C0E2 #Volskygge Puzzle Piece
56712 #Dwemer Astrolabe Armillary
56625 #Dwemer Astrolabe Hub
566D9 #Dwemer Astrolabe Lens
7F818 #Dwemer Observatory Dome Armillary
7F822 #Dwemer Observatory Dome 1
7F824 #Dwemer Observatory Dome 2
7F825 #Dwemer Observatory Dome 3
BA556 #Mounted Bird
10581F #Flying Bird With Nest
105824 #Flying Bird No Nest
EC3DE #Spider Web Destructible
5157A #Horse Trough With Water
AA041 #Metal Cage
AA043 #Metal Cage Door
AA045 #TortureRack
9151F #Removable Torch
9151E #Removable Torch Sconce
A3446 #Sarcophagus Dead Bolt
517A9 #Rope Ladder
EA693 #Sign Alchemy Shop
EA694 #Sign Blacksmith
EA69F #Sign Candlehearth Inn
EA695 #Sign General Goods
EA696 #Sign Stables
6AEED #Sky Haven Blood Bowl
6AEF4 #Sky Haven Blood Ring
6AEF5 #Sky Haven Blood Ring
6AEF3 #Sky Haven Blood Ring
6D359 #Sky Haven Blood Ring
6D38A #Sky Haven Puzzle Pillar
E6C65 #Sovngarde Portal Seal
E6C67 #Sovngarde Portal Seal Dias
105D01 #Sovngarde Watcher Statue
3B973 #Black Pool
7F8DF #Barenziah Crown With Stand
E1FB2 #Nirnroot Green
B6FB9 #Nirnroot Red
EC19E #Underforge Werewolf Totem 1
EC1A1 #Underforge Werewolf Totem 2
EC1A2 #Underforge Werewolf Totem 3
950CB #Wind Caller Horn
950C9 #Wind Caller Tomb
10963B #Cistern Basin Blood
D9883 #Shrine of Akatosh
71854 #Shrine of Arkay
D9881 #Shrine of Dibella
D9885 #Shrine of Julianos
D987F #Shrine of Kynareth
D9887 #Shrine of Mara
D987D #Shrine of Stendarr
100780 #Shrine of Talos
D987B #Shrine of Zenithar
C5894 #Display Case Small Flat
75CE6 #Festus Krex (Dead Body/Container)
B7879 #Knapsack
c0305 #Suspicious Cabinet
c0306 #False Back Panel
107354 #Throne Dawnstar
107352 #Throne Falkreath
107351 #Throne Hjaalmarch
1075FE #Throne Markarth
107355 #Throne Riften
7FBC2 #Throne Solitude
107353 #Throne Winterhold
10F636 #Throne Windhelm
B244B #Throne Whiterun
267D3 #Throne Shadow
5E511 #Throne Shor
985C2 #Throne Ship Katariah
B11A7 #Pumpkin (Friendly Fox)
C2CD6 #Chest of All Standard Armor
C2CD7 #Chest of All Enchanted Armor
C2CD8 #Chest of All Clothing and Jewelry
C2CE0 #Chest of All Standard Weapons
C2CDF #Chest of All Enchanted Weapons
C2CDE #Chest of All Staffs
C2CDB #Chest of All Keys
C2D3B #Chest of All Books
10D9FF #Chest of All Skill Books
C2CD9 #Chest of All Spell Tomes
C2CD4 #Chest of All Ammo
C2CE2 #Chest of All Potions
C2CE1 #Chest of All Scrolls
C2CDA #Chest of All Ingredients
C2CDD #Chest of All Soul Gems
C2CDC #Chest of All Misc Items
DBB2B #Create Dragonflies
6B45C #Create Dragonflies
C9AF7 #Create Dragonflies and Fireflies
DDF4C #Create Fireflies
A914E #Create Bees
D96C2 #Create One Nocturnal Insect
D96C3 #Create Many Nocturnal Insects
C5208 #Create One Daytime Insect
C51FF #Create Few Daytime Insects
C5209 #Create Many Daytime Insects
6B2FF #Create Shallow Pond Insects and Fish
6B45B #Create Small Pond Insects and Fish
6B44D #Create Deep Pond Insects and Fish
DE190 #Eye Of Magnus Orb
F147E #Eye Of Magnus Dias
106AD9 #Eye Of Magnus Light Effects
100754 #Dragon Word Wall Broken
3171C #Dragon Word Wall Normal
77DA6 #Pre Civial War Map
F0875 #Civial War Map
70BB9 #Pre Civial War Map
70BC2 #Civial War Map
A59B0 #Dark Brotherhood Stained Glass
B8248 #Dark Brotherhood Tenets
62311 #Ulfric Stormcloaks Boots
6230B #Ulfric Stormcloaks Bracers
62303 #Ulfric Stormcloaks Clothes
F9670 #Ulfric Stormcloaks Gag (can only be equiped with EquipItem. can be used on NPC's)
1092A3 #Winterhold College Symbol
1006F0 #Labyrinthian Maze Tablet Destruction
1006F1 #Labyrinthian Maze Tablet Restoration
1006F9 #Labyrinthian Maze Tablet Alteration
1006F8 #Labyrinthian Maze Tablet Illusion
10EA43 #Markarth Banner
C5891 #Large Disaply Case
7D67B #Summerset Banner
86017 #Silver Candle Stick 1
86016 #Silver Candle Stick 2
86015 #Silver Candle Stick 3
C275B #Light Ritual Evil
C1E2C #Light Soft Blue No Shadow
88C9A #Light Dwarven Warm No Shadow
88CF3 #Light Dwarven Warm With Shadow
88245 #Light Default White With Shadow
88246 #Light Default White No Shadow
FFF4E #Nocturnal Statue
FFF4F #Nocturnal Basin
D068D #Mage Statue
54E16 #Dwarven Repository Exterior
101CFD #Dwarven Repository Interior
DB9D6 #Blackreach Sun
1244.E958A #Drudach Redoubt Reachmen Map

Black Briar Lodge Pieces

1F24A Candle Horn Table
1F249 Candle Horn Floor
1F248 Candle Horn Wall
24F20 Candle Horn Chandelier Long Chain
5AD5B Candle Horn Chandelier Short Chain
98F50 Upstairs Wall Wooden
C0304 Upstairs Wall Wooden Secret Door Frame
8C48E Upstairs Railing
96FA7 Upstairs Floor Wooden Plank
9CDC6 Basement Wall Stone
9CD5B Basement Wall Stone Beamed Edges
DF5A1 Basement Wall Stone Secret Door Frame
9CDC7 Basement Beam
9CD5A Basement Floor Stone
99066 Wardrobe False Back
c0306 Panel False Back
c0305 Suspicious Cabinet
EB832 Large Storage Cabinet Secret Door
DCC1D Castle Floor Fire Pit
3559C Light Torch No Flicker No Shadow
28B16 Counter Corner Out
28B14 Counter Corner In
28B10 Counter Straight
28B0F Counter Right
28B0E Counter Left
101E9F Common Counter Rack
101E8E Common Counter Corner Rack
101E6F Common Counter Corner

You can omit the first three zeros on these

000BAD0C : Alchemy Lab (CraftingAlchemyWorkbench)
000D54FF : Alchemy Lab (CraftingAlchemyWorkbenchTabletop)
000EC970 : Altar (AltarOfMolagBalFurniture01)
000F11F1 : Altar of Dibella (BlessingKneelMarker)
000F9AA1 : Altar of Dibella (BlessingKneelSandboxMarker)
0001A2AD : Anvil (CraftingBlacksmithAnvil)
000BAD0D : Arcane Enchanter (CraftingEnchantingWorkbench)
000D5501 : Arcane Enchanter (CraftingEnchantingWorkbenchTabletop)
00030091 : Bed (CommonBed01)
0003B41E : Bed (CommonBed01L)
0003B420 : Bed (CommonBed01R)
000FEDB9 : Bed (CommonBedChild01)
000FEDBA : Bed (CommonBedChild01L)
000FEDBB : Bed (CommonBedChild01R)
000FEDBC : Bed (CommonBedChildDouble01)
000FEDBD : Bed (CommonBedChildDouble01L)
000FEDBE : Bed (CommonBedChildDouble01R)
0003B6E8 : Bed (CommonBedDouble01)
000F5101 : Bed (CommonBedDouble01L)
000F5102 : Bed (CommonBedDouble01R)
0002FBC7 : Bed (HHFurnitureBedSingle01)
000F4B4E : Bed (HHFurnitureBedSingle01L)
000F4B4F : Bed (HHFurnitureBedSingle01R)
000FEDBF : Bed (NobleBedChildDouble01)
000FEDC0 : Bed (NobleBedChildDouble01L)
000FEDC1 : Bed (NobleBedChildDouble01R)
000FEDC2 : Bed (NobleBedChildSingle01)
000FEDC3 : Bed (NobleBedChildSingle01L)
000FEDC4 : Bed (NobleBedChildSingle01R)
0006B3D3 : Bed (NobleBedDouble01)
000D9D57 : Bed (NobleBedDouble01L)
000F50FC : Bed (NobleBedDouble01R)
000C2A0E : Bed (NobleBedDouble02)
000F50FB : Bed (NobleBedDouble02L)
000F50FA : Bed (NobleBedDouble02R)
0006B36B : Bed (NobleBedSingle01)
000D8E98 : Bed (NobleBedSingle01L)
000D8E99 : Bed (NobleBedSingle01R)
00042AC7 : Bed (OrcBedDouble01)
000F50FD : Bed (OrcBedDouble01L)
000F50FE : Bed (OrcBedDouble01R)
00042AC8 : Bed (OrcBedSingle01)
00042B67 : Bed (OrcBedSingle01L)
00042B02 : Bed (OrcBedSingle01R)
000FEDC5 : Bed (UpperBedChildDouble01)
000FEDC6 : Bed (UpperBedChildDouble01L)
000FEDC7 : Bed (UpperBedChildDouble01R)
000FEDC8 : Bed (UpperBedChildSingle01)
000FEDC9 : Bed (UpperBedChildSingle01L)
000FEDCA : Bed (UpperBedChildSingle01R)
00021376 : Bed (UpperBedDouble01)
000F50F9 : Bed (UpperBedDouble01L)
000B2839 : Bed (UpperBedDouble01R)
00021377 : Bed (UpperBedSingle01)
0003B436 : Bed (UpperBedSingle01L)
0003B430 : Bed (UpperBedSingle01R)
00036ED3 : Bed Roll (Bedroll01)
0003B3CD : Bed Roll (Bedroll01F)
0003B3CC : Bed Roll (Bedroll01FL)
0003B3C7 : Bed Roll (Bedroll01FR)
0003B3CE : Bed Roll (Bedroll01L)
0003B3C3 : Bed Roll (Bedroll01LR)
0003B3F3 : Bed Roll (Bedroll01R)
0005ED79 : Bed Roll (DA02Altar)
000C34AF : Bed Roll (MS04Bedroll01Vision)
000B8371 : Bed Roll Ground (BedrollGround)
0002E6CF : Bench (CommonBench01)
0001EE50 : Bench (DweFurnitureHighBench01)
0001EDF6 : Bench (DweFurnitureHighBenchShort01)
000A4AD6 : Bench (FarmBench01F)
000A4ABB : Bench (FarmTableBench01)
000A4ABA : Bench (FarmTableBench02)
0002FCBB : Bench (HHFurnitureBench01)
00037DDA : Bench (InvisibleChairPlayerDouble)
00037D88 : Bench (InvisibleChairPlayerTriple)
00037A46 : Bench (InvisibleChairTripleMarker)
0006B57B : Bench (NobleBench01)
000C2A00 : Bench (NobleBench02Front)
000C2A03 : Bench (NobleBench03Front)
000C2A02 : Bench (NobleBench04Front)
000C84A4 : Bench (NobleBench05)
000C07F2 : Bench (NobleTableLongBench01)
000C07F3 : Bench (NobleTableLongBench02)
000C84D6 : Bench (NobleTableLongBench03)
000C84D9 : Bench (NobleTableLongBench04)
000DFB39 : Bench (NobleTableUBench01)
000289D8 : Bench (RuinsBench01)
0005E50F : Bench (SOVBench01)
000FF516 : Bench (SOVBenchHeadTable01)
000FF508 : Bench (SOVBenchLong01)
000FF50E : Bench (SOVBenchShort01)
00060FD5 : Bench (SOVintStands)
001098A2 : Bench (TestBardNordBench01)
00021374 : Bench (UpperBench01)
00077078 : Bench (UpperBench02)
000C07F4 : Bench (UpperTableBench01)
000C07F5 : Bench (UpperTableBench02)
000D4847 : Bench (WRTempleBench01)
000CAE0B : Blacksmith Forge (CraftingBlackSmithForge)
000BF9E1 : Blacksmith Forge (CraftingBlackSmithForgeWR)
000A19DF : BoundCaptiveMarker (BoundCaptiveMarker)
00103445 : Carriage (CartFurniturePassenger)
0002EC1C : Chair (CommonChair01)
0006E7A8 : Chair (CommonChair01F)
0006E7A6 : Chair (CommonChair01FL)
0006E7A7 : Chair (CommonChair01FR)
0006D911 : Chair (CommonChair01L)
0003B072 : Chair (CommonChair01LR)
0006D90F : Chair (CommonChair01R)
000B9C04 : Chair (CommonChair02)
000B9DFF : Chair (CommonChair02F)
000B9E02 : Chair (CommonChair02FL)
000B9E03 : Chair (CommonChair02FR)
000B9E00 : Chair (CommonChair02L)
000B9E04 : Chair (CommonChair02LR)
000B9E01 : Chair (CommonChair02R)
0001EDF7 : Chair (DweFurnitureHighChair01)
00027EC2 : Chair (DweFurnitureHighChair01F)
00027EC3 : Chair (DweFurnitureHighChair01FL)
00027ED7 : Chair (DweFurnitureHighChair01FR)
00027ED8 : Chair (DweFurnitureHighChair01L)
00027ED9 : Chair (DweFurnitureHighChair01LR)
00027EDA : Chair (DweFurnitureHighChair01R)
0001EE09 : Chair (DweFurnitureHighChair02)
00027EF2 : Chair (DweFurnitureHighChair02F)
00027EF3 : Chair (DweFurnitureHighChair02FL)
00027EF4 : Chair (DweFurnitureHighChair02FR)
00027EF6 : Chair (DweFurnitureHighChair02L)
00027EFB : Chair (DweFurnitureHighChair02LR)
00027F01 : Chair (DweFurnitureHighChair02R)
0002FCB9 : Chair (HHFurnitureChair01)
00102733 : Chair (HHFurnitureChair01F)
0004B781 : Chair (HHFurnitureChair01L)
0004B782 : Chair (HHFurnitureChair01R)
0002FBC8 : Chair (HHFurnitureChair02)
000EFFDA : Chair (HHFurnitureChair02F)
0004B780 : Chair (HHFurnitureChair02L)
0004B77F : Chair (HHFurnitureChair02R)
00037DE8 : Chair (InvisibleChairPlayerSingle)
00037E15 : Chair (InvisibleChairPlayerSingleF)
00037AE4 : Chair (InvisibleChairPlayerSingleFL)
00037C94 : Chair (InvisibleChairPlayerSingleFR)
00037D7C : Chair (InvisibleChairPlayerSingleLR)
0006B691 : Chair (NobleChair01)
000C2A01 : Chair (NobleChair02Front)
0010E42F : Chair (NobleChair02FrontIgnoreSandbox)
000C674D : Chair (NobleChair02L)
000C674C : Chair (NobleChair02R)
000C8DB9 : Chair (NobleChair02RL)
00042B7F : Chair (OrcChair01)
00042B8A : Chair (OrcChair01F)
00042BB4 : Chair (OrcChair01FL)
00042BC3 : Chair (OrcChair01FR)
00042BE8 : Chair (OrcChair01L)
00042D2E : Chair (OrcChair01LR)
00042D2F : Chair (OrcChair01R)
00021375 : Chair (UpperChair01)
0003B445 : Chair (UpperChair01F)
0003B46F : Chair (UpperChair01FL)
0003B487 : Chair (UpperChair01FR)
0003B4B3 : Chair (UpperChair01L)
0003B4B1 : Chair (UpperChair01LR)
0003B4B5 : Chair (UpperChair01R)
00036340 : Chair (WoodenChair01)
00104110 : Cooking Pot (CraftingCookingPotLG)
001010B3 : Cooking Pot (CraftingCookingPotSm)
00108230 : Cooking Pot (CraftingCookingPotSmNoHandle)
001010B4 : Cooking Pot (SmallCookingPotDBPoison)
00068ADB : Cooking Spit (CraftingCookingFireSpit)
0006D2D3 : Cot (CivilWarCot01)
000E2826 : Cot (CivilWarCot01L)
0009C6DF : Grain Mill (GrainMill)
0006E9C2 : Grindstone (CraftingBlacksmithSharpeningWheel)
0001899D : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01)
00074B6E : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01CaveDirt)
000E2408 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01CaveDirtF)
000E240B : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01CaveDirtFL)
000E240C : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01CaveDirtFR)
000E2409 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01CaveDirtL)
000E240D : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01CaveDirtLR)
000E240A : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01CaveDirtR)
000A4E13 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01Dirt01)
000E240E : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01Dirt01FL)
000189AD : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01F)
000E0BA9 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01FallForestDirt01F)
000E0BAA : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01FallForestDirt01L)
000E0BAF : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01FallForestDirt01R)
00104B9C : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01FDirt02)
00101A65 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01FGrassSnow01)
000E23F7 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01FL)
000E23F6 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01FR)
001015FE : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01FSnow01)
000C4BF1 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01ImpExtWall)
000E23F9 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01ImpExtWallF)
000CCCDA : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01ImpExtWallFL)
000E23F4 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01L)
000D88D7 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LCaveDirtL)
000D88D8 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LCaveDirtR)
000A4E08 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LDirt01)
000E23FA : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LDirt01F)
000264C8 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LDirt02)
000E23FB : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LDirt02F)
000E2400 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LDirt02FL)
000E23FF : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LDirt02FR)
000E23FC : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LDirt02L)
000E23FE : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LDirt02LR)
000E23FD : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LDirt02R)
000A4E09 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LDirtPath)
000E2401 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LDirtPathFL)
0006AF7E : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LDirtSnowPath01L)
000D1619 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LFallForestDirt01)
000DC365 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LFieldGrass01)
000E2402 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LFieldGrass01F)
000C2694 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LFrozenMarshDirt01)
000E2403 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LFrozenMarshDirt01F)
000C1988 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LPineForest03F)
000E23F8 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LR)
000C2295 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LReachDirt01)
000ECFF5 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LReachDirt01F)
000E2405 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LReachDirt01FL)
000E2404 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LReachDirt01L)
000E2406 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LReachDirt01R)
0010308F : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LReachMoss01F)
000752B9 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LSnow01L)
000DC366 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LTundra01)
000E2407 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LTundra01F)
001036FF : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LTundraRocks01F)
001015F5 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01PineForest01F)
000E23F5 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01R)
000F18FC : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01ReachGrassFL)
000752BC : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01Snow01R)
000D4848 : Healing Altar (WRTempleHealingAltar01)
0006411B : Invisible Chair Marker (InvisibleChairMarker)
000A035C : Invisible Chair Marker (InvisibleChairMarkerChild)
00037A1E : Invisible Chair Marker (InvisibleChairMarkerF)
00017041 : Invisible Chair Marker (InvisibleChairMarkerFChild)
00037A1F : Invisible Chair Marker (InvisibleChairMarkerFL)
00037A29 : Invisible Chair Marker (InvisibleChairMarkerFR)
00037A2E : Invisible Chair Marker (InvisibleChairMarkerLR)
000D7AFA : Invisible Shelf Marker (InvisibleShelfMarker)
00038A49 : Lay (CreatureAlcoveMarker)
00046EDE : Lay (DragonPriestCoffinMarker)
00073128 : Lever (LeverPushAnimating)
00074A4E : Lever (LeverPushAnimatingMetal)
0003913A : Lever (LeverPushAnimatingMetalNoPlayer)
000B7DB4 : Lever (LeverPushAnimatingNoPlayer)
000AA8C9 : Lever (LeverPushAnimatingPillarPuzzle)
00071C47 : Lumber Pile (ResourceObjectSawmill)
0010528D : MeadBarrel (TG03MeadBarrel)
000C4E54 : Nest (DragonLayNest)
00083040 : Pillar of Sacrifice (DA02Pillar)
00084D1C : Pot (SpitPotClosed01NOTCRAFTING)
00109A7D : Pull Chain (GenPullChainAnim01NoPlayer)
00106513 : Pull Chain (NorPullChainAnim01NoPlayer)
0007CC0D : Sarcophagus (DBSancSarcophagusBedroll)
0005E511 : Shors Throne (SOVThrone01)
0003F7C0 : Sit (ChairInvisibleSingle)
00104B9E : Sit (ChairInvisibleSingleR)
00037A47 : Sit (InvisibleChairDoubleMarker)
00045D99 : Sit (WebFurnitureMarker)
000BBCF1 : Skyforge (CraftingBlackSmithForgeSkyforge)
0009C6CE : Smelter (CraftingSmelterMarker1)
000FF134 : Stone Bed (DweFurnitureBedChildSingle01L)
00066023 : Stone Bed (DweFurnitureBedDouble01)
000F50FF : Stone Bed (DweFurnitureBedDouble01L)
000F5100 : Stone Bed (DweFurnitureBedDouble01R)
00066014 : Stone Bed (DweFurnitureBedSingle01)
0003B428 : Stone Bed (DweFurnitureBedSingle01L)
0003B427 : Stone Bed (DweFurnitureBedSingle01R)
00066015 : Stone Bench (DweFurnitureBench01)
00063DF0 : Stone Chair (DweFurnitureChair01)
0006E7A9 : Stone Chair (DweFurnitureChair01F)
0006E7AA : Stone Chair (DweFurnitureChair01FL)
0006E7AB : Stone Chair (DweFurnitureChair01FR)
0006E7AD : Stone Chair (DweFurnitureChair01L)
0006E7AC : Stone Chair (DweFurnitureChair01LR)
0006E7AE : Stone Chair (DweFurnitureChair01R)
00066024 : Stone Chair (DweFurnitureChair02)
0006E7AF : Stone Chair (DweFurnitureChair02F)
0006E7B0 : Stone Chair (DweFurnitureChair02FL)
0006E7B1 : Stone Chair (DweFurnitureChair02FR)
0006E7B2 : Stone Chair (DweFurnitureChair02L)
0006E7B3 : Stone Chair (DweFurnitureChair02LR)
0006E7B4 : Stone Chair (DweFurnitureChair02R)
000B0105 : Table (CommonTableOneBench)
000B0104 : Table (CommonTableTwoBenches)
000F5B9B : Table (DweTableOneBench)
000F5B9C : Table (DweTableTwoBenches)
000C0C2C : Table (NobleLongTableWindhelm)
000F5B9A : Table (NorTableOneBench)
000F5B98 : Table (NorTableTwoBenches)
000727A1 : Tanning Rack (CraftingTanningRackMarker)
0001E16D : test (BucketCarryFillMarker)
000E1965 : test (dunNightcallerSleepMarker01)
000EDF3B : TG08_CeremonyMarker (TG08_CeremonyMarker)
001075FE : The Mournful Throne (MarkarthKeepThrone)
000BD15D : This should not be visible (MS02PickaxeMiningFloorMarker)
000F9AF8 : This should not be visible (MS02PickaxeMiningTableMarker)
000BD15C : This should not be visible (MS02PickaxeMiningWallMarker)
000613A6 : This should not be visible (PickaxeMiningFloorMarker)
000613A7 : This should not be visible (PickaxeMiningTableMarker)
000E2BC7 : This should not be visible (PickaxeMiningWallMarker)
000267D3 : Throne (NorThroneShadow)
000985C2 : Throne (ShipKatariahThrone01)
0007FBC2 : Throne (SolitudeThrone)
00107354 : Throne (ThroneDawnstar01)
00107352 : Throne (ThroneFalkreath01)
00107351 : Throne (ThroneHjaalmarch01)
00107355 : Throne (ThroneRiften01)
00107353 : Throne (ThroneWinterhold01)
0010F636 : Throne (WindhelmThrone)
000B244B : Throne (WRThrone01)
00102010 : Underforge Fountain (DrinkUnderForgeFountainMarker)
0007022E : Wood Chopping Block (WoodChoppingBlock)
0010F575 : Wood Chopping Block (WoodChoppingBlockCOPY0000)
000A91BF : Wood Chopping Block (WoodChoppingBlockSnow)
00074EC6 : Wooden Bar Stool (WoodenBarStool)
000D932F : Workbench (CraftingBlacksmithArmorWorkbench)
000EA33B : WriteOnTable (WriteTableStanding)
00107D99 : (AltarOfMolagBalFurniture01NoName)
000E743E : (BoethiahPillarFurniture01)
0001E342 : (BucketCarryPourMarker)
00090048 : (CartFurniture)
00103442 : (CartFurnitureDriver)
00105D4D : (CartFurnitureHorse)
00105828 : (CommonWritingChair01L)
000EAA4C : (CommonWritingChair01LR)
00105829 : (CommonWritingChair01R)
000F507A : (CounterBarLeanMarker)
0006CF36 : (CounterLeanMarker)
0010BFE3 : (CraftingCookingPotInvisible)
00046B81 : (CreatureAlcoveBgMarker)
0007DD71 : (CreatureSitMarker01)
0008CDDE : (CreatureSitMarker02)
0008CDE7 : (CreatureSitMarker03)
000E605D : (DA11AltarInvisibleBed)
000E605C : (DA16LayDownMarker01)
000CDFDF : (DA16LayDownMarker01F)
000CDFDC : (DA16LayDownMarker01L)
000CDFDD : (DA16LayDownMarker01LR)
000CDFDE : (DA16LayDownMarker01R)
000E7AEA : (DisenchantmentFont01)
000CAB95 : (DragonMound)
000AA934 : (DragonPerchRockL02)
0001E595 : (DragonPerchTower)
0001CC4A : (DragonPerchWordwall)
0006CF46 : (DragonTowerHole01)
000D6C36 : (dunLostValleyRedoubtAltar01L)
00023635 : (DweCenturionAmbush01)
00070386 : (DwePipeCapSpiderExHorz)
00070387 : (DwePipeCapSpiderExVert)
00071E61 : (DweSphereCenturionPort01)
0002E8EB : (ExecutionerChoppingBlock)
000BCF21 : (FalmerWallPod01)
00042D31 : (FrostSpiderAmbush01)
000F688D : (GreybeardMeditate)
0010ACAA : (HadvarWriteLedger)
000C4328 : (HammerTableMarker)
000C4323 : (HammerWallMarker)
0007A37D : (HideLMarker)
00063F28 : (HideRMarker)
0004F007 : (IceWraithHAMarker01)
00033DCF : (IceWraithVAMarker01)
000E8E4E : (KneelingMarker)
000C482E : (LayDownMarker)
000C4EF1 : (LeanTableMarker)
000ADE08 : (LightSconceMarker)
000F5891 : (MQ203_EsbernTable)
000FBA5F : (MQ206_FelldirRitual)
0001C59B : (NMCoffinFurnitureMarker01)
00101A75 : (NocturnalMarker)
000F9ACC : (PickaxeMiningTableMarkerNonPlayer)
000F11E9 : (PrayCrouchedMarker)
000F9AA2 : (PrayCrouchedSandboxMarker)
00070EA1 : (RailLeanMarker)
000EFC74 : (SearchChest)
000EFC71 : (SearchTableStanding)
000C4820 : (ShackleWallMarker)
000C4EFD : (SitCrossLeggedMarker)
00108D3C : (SitCrossLeggedMarkerNoSandbox)
000C4827 : (SitLedgeMarker)
000BFB04 : (SoldierWallIdle)
000F9AFF : (SoldierWallIdleSandbox)
000E49A7 : (SprigganAmbushMarker01)
000E8E3F : (StatueClimbMarker01)
000F6CD1 : (TG06TranslateBook)
000EAB24 : (VampireCoffin01)
000F09FE : (WalkThroughWallMarker)
00105291 : (WallCornerPeekL)
00105299 : (WallCornerPeekR)
00052FF5 : (WallLeanMarker)
000FE549 : (WEExecutionerChoppingBlock2Seat)
001018EC : (WerewolfEscapeMarker)
0001A315 : (WhiteRunDragonTrap01Furniture)
000EF957 : (WispAmbush)
000BB959 : (WoodPile)
000D8738 : (Wounded01FloorMarker)
000D873D : (Wounded02FloorMarker)
00107EFA : (Wounded02FloorMarkerJorrvaskr)
000D873E : (Wounded03FloorMarker)
000E6CC4 : Adventurer (dunFolgunthurAdventurer6)
000C2CD4 : All Ammo (QAAmmoContainer)
000C2D3B : All Books (QABooksContainer)
000C2CD8 : All Clothing and Jewelry (QAClothingJewelryContainer)
000C2CD7 : All Enchanted Armor (QAEnchantedArmorContainer)
000C2CDF : All EnchantedWeapons (QAEnchantedWeaponContainer)
000C2CDA : All Ingredients (QAIngredientContainer)
000C2CDB : All Keys (QAKeyContainer)
000C2CDC : All Misc Items (QAMiscItemContainer)
000C2CE2 : All Potions (QAPotionContainer)
000C2CE1 : All Scrolls (QAScrollContainer)
0010D9FF : All Skill Books (QASkillBookContainer)
000C2CDD : All Soul Gems (QASoulGemContainer)
000C2CD9 : All Spell Tomes (QASpellTomeContainer)
000C2CDE : All Staffs (QAStaffContainer)
000C2CD6 : All Standard Armor (QAArmorContainer)
000C2CE0 : All Standard Weapons (QAWeaponContainer)
000AF6AC : Apothecarys Satchel (TreasAlchemySatchelCommon)
000AF6AF : Apothecarys Satchel (TreasAlchemySatchelRare)
000AF6AE : Apothecarys Satchel (TreasAlchemySatchelUncommon)
000E7A36 : Archmage Geirmund (dunGeirmundCorpse)
0004C6C6 : Aringoths Safe (TG02AringothSafe)
0008771D : Barrel (BarrelEmpty01)
000FB9CA : Barrel (BarrelEmpty01_Snow)
00000845 : Barrel (BarrelFood01)
0010E882 : Barrel (BarrelFood01_NoRespawn)
000FB9C9 : Barrel (BarrelFood01_Snow)
00092B10 : Barrel (BarrelIngredientCommon01)
0010E884 : Barrel (BarrelIngredientCommon01_NoRespawn)
000FB9CB : Barrel (BarrelIngredientCommon01_Snow)
00092B13 : Barrel (BarrelIngredientUncommon01)
0010E885 : Barrel (BarrelIngredientUncommon01_NoRespawn)
000FB9CC : Barrel (BarrelIngredientUncommon01_Snow)
0010D9C1 : Barrel (BarrelMeat01)
00097F78 : Barrel (DB03Barrel)
000DDCE2 : Barrel (DB08PapersBarrel)
001046B1 : Barrel (MQ101Barrel)
00060752 : Barrel (SovBarrel01)
000A918C : Beehive (BeeHive)
00101C95 : Black-Briar Mead Barrel (BlackBriarMeadBarrel01)
000DC9E7 : Book Shelf (PlayerBookShelfContainer)
00109D86 : Bookcase (WinterholdBookCase01)
00069E50 : Bookshelf (WRinteractiveBookshelfContainer)
000E82C2 : Brand-Sheis Strongbox (FFRiften08BrandiSheiStrongbox)
0010FBF6 : Briar Heart Storage (MS12bBriarHeartStorage)
000B8F4B : Brynjolfs Satchel (RiftenBrynjolfSatchel)
000B8F48 : Brynjolfs Strongbox (RiftenBrynjolfStrongbox)
000AD06D : Burial Urn (E3DemoTreasHallofStories)
000F8120 : Burial Urn (MarkarthBurialUrn)
0008617F : Burial Urn (SBurialUrn01)
0001CD63 : Burial Urn (TreasRuinsUrnSmall01)
000BF146 : Burial Urn (TreasRuinsUrnSmall01EMPTY)
0001CD65 : Burial Urn (TreasRuinsUrnSmall02)
000BF147 : Burial Urn (TreasRuinsUrnSmall02EMPTY)
000F93DD : Burial Urn (WinhelmBurialUrn)
000E4258 : Burial Urn (WRBurialUrn01)
000DD061 : Burnt Corpse (MQ104BurntCorpse03)
000DD060 : Burnt Corpse (MQ104BurntCorpse04)
00042745 : Burnt Corpse (TreasBurntCorpse01)
00042746 : Burnt Corpse (TreasBurntCorpse02)
00042747 : Burnt Corpse (TreasBurntCorpse03)
00042748 : Burnt Corpse (TreasBurntCorpse04)
00042749 : Burnt Corpse (TreasBurntCorpse05)
00066181 : Calixtos Chest (MS11CalixtoChestREF)
0003BB12 : Canopic Jar (DarkwaterJarWithKey)
0007CD37 : Captains Chest (TGTQ02CaptainsFootlocker)
000B9F8E : Chaurus Box (DONOTUSEFalmerContainer)
000DB358 : Chest (C05FragmentBox)
000E3135 : Chest (CRSpawnContainer)
000FD834 : Chest (CWFortSoldierWoundedTentChest)
000D6712 : Chest (CWMission04ChestContainer)
00016ACA : Chest (CWQuartermasterChestImperial)
000FE485 : Chest (CWQuartermasterChestSons)
000C4DDA : Chest (DA04TowerOfMzarkCubeStorage)
000D1478 : Chest (DBPenitusOutpostChest)
000A0E42 : Chest (DelphineSecretRoomChest)
000BCD2D : Chest (DEMOBanditChestSmall01)
000BCD2C : Chest (DEMODraugrChestLarge02)
000BCD2F : Chest (DEMODraugrChestLarge04)
000BCD2E : Chest (DEMODraugrChestSmall03)
0006EA48 : Chest (dunKatariahCaptainsChest)
0006EA46 : Chest (dunKatariahEmperorsChest)
00108B2F : Chest (dunPurewaterRunSkillBookChest)
000F4A01 : Chest (dunTreasMapTreasChest)
0010E05E : Chest (dunTreasMapTreasChestSpecial)
000998C2 : Chest (e3DEMOBanditChestSmall01)
00099AE5 : Chest (E3DemoPreCreekChest)
00099A50 : Chest (E3DemoTrollChest)
000E3EA1 : Chest (FFMF01Chest)
0003C50F : Chest (FFRiften02SibbiChest)
00099D87 : Chest (HHChest01)
000F8476 : Chest (LargeChestNoRespawn)
0007434B : Chest (MerchantCaravanAChest)
0007434D : Chest (MerchantCaravanBChest)
0007434E : Chest (MerchantCaravanCChest)
000A2987 : Chest (MerchantDawnstarMadenasChest)
0009E0DA : Chest (MerchantDawnstarMortarPestleChest)
0009DA3F : Chest (MerchantDawnstarRustleifsBlacksmithChest)
0009DA46 : Chest (MerchantDawnstarWindpeakInnChest)
000ABD9E : Chest (MerchantDBSanctuaryMerchantChest)
000A6BF1 : Chest (MerchantDragonBridgeFourShieldsTavernChest)
0009E128 : Chest (MerchantDushnikhYalBlacksmithChest)
0009E129 : Chest (MerchantDushnikhYalWiseWomanChest)
00072786 : Chest (MerchantFalkreathBlacksmithChest)
000A6BF3 : Chest (MerchantFalkreathDeadMansDrinkChest)
0006A876 : Chest (MerchantFalkreathGraveConcoctionsChest)
000A6BFC : Chest (MerchantFalkreathGrayPineGoodsChest)
000AC9CE : Chest (MerchantFilnjarBlacksmithChest)
0009E491 : Chest (MerchantHeljarchenApothecaryChest)
0009E48E : Chest (MerchantHeljarchenBlacksmithChest)
000B2989 : Chest (MerchantHonningbrewChest)
000B31E8 : Chest (MerchantHonningbrewPostChest)
000A0706 : Chest (MerchantIvarsteadVilemyrInnChest)
000A3F25 : Chest (MerchantKynesgroveBraidwoodInnChest)
000A3F02 : Chest (MerchantKynesgroveDravyneaChest)
000ACB6C : Chest (MerchantLargashburAtubChest)
000ACB6F : Chest (MerchantLargashburBlacksmithChest)
0006479C : Chest (MerchantMarkarthAntonsChest)
0009E0D9 : Chest (MerchantMarkarthArnleifandSonsChest)
0009E0D8 : Chest (MerchantMarkarthBlacksmithChest)
0009437C : Chest (MerchantMarkarthBolisChest)
0006479F : Chest (MerchantMarkarthCastleBlacksmithChest)
0009E0D7 : Chest (MerchantMarkarthHagsCureChest)
0009437A : Chest (MerchantMarkarthKerahsChest)
00094384 : Chest (MerchantMarkarthSilverFishInnChest)
0009438A : Chest (MerchantMarkarthWizardsChest)
0009E46D : Chest (MerchantMorKhazgurBlacksmithChest)
0009E469 : Chest (MerchantMorKhazgurWiseWomanChest)
0009DA56 : Chest (MerchantMorthalFalionsChest)
0009DA59 : Chest (MerchantMorthalLamisChest)
0009DA53 : Chest (MerchantMorthalMoorsideInnChest)
000B3FE1 : Chest (MerchantNarzulburBlacksmithChest)
000B3FE0 : Chest (MerchantNarzulburWiseWomanChest)
0009E48B : Chest (MerchantNightgateInnChest)
0009E45F : Chest (MerchantOldHroldanHangedManInnChest)
000A0703 : Chest (MerchantRiftenBeeandBarbChest)
00065C36 : Chest (MerchantRiftenBeeandBarbTalenChest)
000A29AC : Chest (MerchantRiftenBlackBriarMeadery)
000A31AE : Chest (MerchantRiftenElgrimsElixirsChest)
000A31B5 : Chest (MerchantRiftenGrandPlazaBrandishChest)
000A31B4 : Chest (MerchantRiftenGrandPlazaGrelkaChest)
000A31B7 : Chest (MerchantRiftenGrandPlazaMadesiChest)
000A31B6 : Chest (MerchantRiftenGrandPlazaMariseChest)
000A29AD : Chest (MerchantRiftenPawnedPrawnChest)
000A29AE : Chest (MerchantRiftenRaggedFlagonChest)
000A31AF : Chest (MerchantRiftenScorchedHammerBlacksmithChest)
000A2988 : Chest (MerchantRiftenWylandriahsChest)
00078C0D : Chest (MerchantRiverwoodAlvorBlacksmithChest)
00078C0E : Chest (MerchantRiverwoodSleepingGiantChest)
00078C0C : Chest (MerchantRiverwoodTraderChest)
0009F250 : Chest (MerchantRoriksteadFrostFruitInnChest)
000A6C05 : Chest (MerchantSolitudeAngelinesAromatics)
000A6C06 : Chest (MerchantSolitudeBitsAndPieces)
000A6C07 : Chest (MerchantSolitudeBlacksmith)
000D6AA4 : Chest (MerchantSolitudeEastEmpireCompany)
000A6C0E : Chest (MerchantSolitudeFishAddvar)
000B2035 : Chest (MerchantSolitudeFletcher)
000A6C10 : Chest (MerchantSolitudeFruitEvette)
000A6C0F : Chest (MerchantSolitudeFruitJala)
000A6C04 : Chest (MerchantSolitudeRadiantRaiments)
000A6C08 : Chest (MerchantSolitudeStables)
000A2989 : Chest (MerchantSolitudeSybilleStentorChest)
000A6BF0 : Chest (MerchantSolitudeWinkingSkeeverChest)
000C644C : Chest (MerchantSpouseApothecaryChest)
000C644B : Chest (MerchantSpouseBlacksmithChest)
000C644D : Chest (MerchantSpouseInnkeeperChest)
000C644F : Chest (MerchantSpouseMiscVendorChest)
000C644E : Chest (MerchantSpouseSpellsChest)
0009DA5C : Chest (MerchantStonehillsAleucChest)
000AC9DA : Chest (MerchantTGArnskarChest)
000AC9DB : Chest (MerchantTGHerluinChest)
000AC9D9 : Chest (MerchantTGSyndusChest)
000AC9DC : Chest (MerchantTGVanrythChest)
00098BA3 : Chest (MerchantWCollegeColetteChest)
00098B9E : Chest (MerchantWCollegeDrevisChest)
000EE9F7 : Chest (MerchantWCollegeEnthirChest)
00098BA1 : Chest (MerchantWCollegeFaraldaChest)
00098BA2 : Chest (MerchantWCollegePhinisChest)
00098BA4 : Chest (MerchantWCollegeTolfdirChest)
0010C430 : Chest (MerchantWCollegeUragChest)
000ABB3E : Chest (MerchantWhiterunAnoriathChest)
0009CD45 : Chest (MerchantWhiterunArcadiasCauldronChest)
0009CAFA : Chest (MerchantWhiterunBannerdMareChest)
0009CAF8 : Chest (MerchantWhiterunBelethorsGoodsChest)
000ABB40 : Chest (MerchantWhiterunCarlottaChest)
0009F257 : Chest (MerchantWhiterunDrunkenHuntsmanChest)
0010FDE6 : Chest (MerchantWhiterunEorlundChest)
000A298A : Chest (MerchantWhiterunFarengarsChest)
0010C1D5 : Chest (MerchantWhiterunFraliaChest)
0009CAFD : Chest (MerchantWhiterunWarmaidensBlacksmithChest)
000A3F09 : Chest (MerchantWindhelmAvalAtheronChest)
000A3F17 : Chest (MerchantWindhelmBlacksmithChest)
000A3EFF : Chest (MerchantWindhelmCandlehearthHallChest)
000A3F14 : Chest (MerchantWindhelmCornerclubChest)
000A3F0C : Chest (MerchantWindhelmHilleviChest)
000A3F05 : Chest (MerchantWindhelmNiranyeChest)
000A3F10 : Chest (MerchantWindhelmRevynSadriChest)
000AF632 : Chest (MerchantWindhelmWhitePhialChest)
000A3F1B : Chest (MerchantWindhelmWuunferthsChest)
0009DA63 : Chest (MerchantWinterholdBirnaChest)
0009DA5F : Chest (MerchantWinterholdFrozenHearthChest)
000E7BCD : Chest (MerchantWinterholdNelacarChest)
000D762F : Chest (MGHoldingChest)
00035A5C : Chest (MQ101BarracksChest01)
00035A5F : Chest (MQ101BarracksChest02)
000F684D : Chest (MQ201ElenwenOfficeChest)
00070479 : Chest (MQ201GearContainerNEW)
000E3F97 : Chest (MQ201InterrogationChamberChest)
000A0DB5 : Chest (MQ201PlayerContainerNoResetNEW)
000A7922 : Chest (MQ201PlayerContainerNoResetOLD)
0002B034 : Chest (MS11ButcherChest)
0006B30E : Chest (NobleChest01)
0009AF19 : Chest (PersonalChestSmall)
000F3923 : Chest (PlayerHouseChest)
000C4493 : Chest (RiftenTempleCharityChest)
00103241 : Chest (SkyHavenArmoryChest)
000D069C : Chest (T02RiftenTempleChest)
000EF578 : Chest (TG04GulumEiKillChest)
00052B5A : Chest (TGREvidenceChest)
00081DD8 : Chest (TGREvidenceChestNoble)
00081DD9 : Chest (TGREvidenceChestUpper)
0008EA5E : Chest (TreasAfflictedChest)
0008EA5D : Chest (TreasAfflictedChestBoss)
0003AC21 : Chest (TreasBanditChest)
0002064F : Chest (TreasBanditChestBoss)
0007AA90 : Chest (TreasBanditChestBossEMPTY)
00020673 : Chest (TreasBanditChestEMPTY)
000F1F66 : Chest (TreasBanditChestSnow)
000F8478 : Chest (TreasChestSmallEMPTYNoRespawn)
0008A3B4 : Chest (TreasCWImperialChest)
0008B1F0 : Chest (TreasCWImperialChestBossLarge)
0008B1E8 : Chest (TreasCWImperialChestBossSmall)
0010EE0C : Chest (TreasCWImperialChestCWMission07)
0008A3B6 : Chest (TreasCWSonsChest)
0008B1F1 : Chest (TreasCWSonsChestBossLarge)
0008B1E9 : Chest (TreasCWSonsChestBossSmall)
0010EE0B : Chest (TreasCWSonsChestCWMission07)
00020670 : Chest (TreasDraugrChest)
00020671 : Chest (TreasDraugrChestBoss)
00020672 : Chest (TreasDraugrChestEMPTYLarge)
000AD6D4 : Chest (TreasDraugrChestEMPTYSmall)
00020652 : Chest (TreasDwarvenChestBoss)
00094F0E : Chest (TreasDwarvenChestBossEMPTY)
0002069A : Chest (TreasDwarvenChestLarge)
000F3AF7 : Chest (TreasDwarvenChestLargeEMPTY)
00020650 : Chest (TreasDwarvenChestSmall)
00094F10 : Chest (TreasDwarvenChestSmallEMPTY)
00020653 : Chest (TreasDwarvenJewelryBox)
000EF052 : Chest (TreasExplorerLootChest)
000FCB25 : Chest (TreasExplorerLootChestSnow)
00020659 : Chest (TreasFalmerChest)
0002065B : Chest (TreasFalmerChestBoss)
000B1176 : Chest (TreasFalmerChestBossDwarven)
000305A1 : Chest (TreasFalmerChestEMPTY)
00020654 : Chest (TreasForswornChest)
00020658 : Chest (TreasForswornChestBoss)
000774C6 : Chest (TreasGiantChest)
000774BF : Chest (TreasGiantChestBoss)
00020665 : Chest (TreasHagravenChest)
00020667 : Chest (TreasHagravenChestBoss)
000D89C6 : Chest (TreasHouseNobleChest)
000774C8 : Chest (TreasOrcChest)
000774C9 : Chest (TreasOrcChestBoss)
000D1259 : Chest (TreasTreashunterChest)
00021363 : Chest (TreasUpperChest)
0001D13C : Chest (TreasUpperChestEMPTY)
00020662 : Chest (TreasVampireChest)
00020664 : Chest (TreasVampireChestBoss)
0005418E : Chest (TreasWarlockChest)
0002065D : Chest (TreasWarlockChestBoss)
0002065F : Chest (TreasWerewolfChest)
00020661 : Chest (TreasWerewolfChestBoss)
0009AF14 : Chest (VendorMiscChestSmall)
0009F810 : Chest (WE19BanditLootChest)
000BBCD0 : Chest (WEMerchantChest)
000EB093 : Coffin (CommonCoffin01)
000F6891 : Coffin (MarkarthCoffin01container)
000F6892 : Coffin (MarkarthCoffin02container)
000EC74D : Coffin (RTCoffin01)
0008618C : Coffin (SCoffin01)
000861A4 : Coffin (SCoffinPoor01)
000F6A96 : Coffin (WHcoffin01)
000E4AE9 : Coffin (WRCoffin01)
0010E7E5 : Confiscated Goods (RiftenConfiscatedGoodsChest)
00039FB8 : Courier Items (WICourierContainer)
00024CA4 : Cupboard (Cupboard01)
000C4D4E : Cupboard (NobleCupboard01)
000C4D4F : Cupboard (NobleCupboard02)
00015BAB : Cupboard (SeptimusSignusCupboard)
00021364 : Cupboard (UpperCupboard01)
000D30D1 : Daedric Relic (dunMiddenRelicContainer)
000EBAD8 : Desecrated Corpse (DesecratedImperial)
000EBE06 : Desecrated Corpse (DesecratedStormCloak)
00020668 : Dessicated Corpse (TreasSpiderWebCorpseHuman)
00023969 : Draugr (TreasDraugrAmbushCorpse01)
0008008F : Draugr (TreasDraugrAmbushCorpse02)
00080090 : Draugr (TreasDraugrAmbushCorpse03)
00080091 : Draugr (TreasDraugrAmbushCorpse04)
00080092 : Draugr (TreasDraugrAmbushCorpse05)
00080093 : Draugr (TreasDraugrAmbushCorpse06)
00080094 : Draugr (TreasDraugrAmbushCorpse07)
000DB047 : Draugr (TreasDraugrAmbushCorpseSitting)
0008008D : Draugr (TreasDraugrAmbushCorpseWrapped01)
0008008E : Draugr (TreasDraugrAmbushCorpseWrapped02)
00024CA5 : Dresser (Dresser01)
0001EDDD : Dresser (DweDresser01)
00042DBB : Dresser (OrcDresser01)
00021365 : Dresser (UpperDresser01)
0006A0DB : Dwemer Convector (MGRConvector)
0003278A : Dwemer Lockbox (DA04DwemerLockbox)
0003FA7D : Egg Sac (TreasSpiderEggSac01)
000E317B : End Table (CompanionsKodlakNightTable01)
00024CA6 : End Table (EndTable01)
000C2A06 : End Table (NobleNightTable01)
00042D91 : End Table (OrcEndTable01)
00021366 : End Table (UpperEndTable01)
0007DF28 : End Table (UpperEndTable02)
000267E7 : Evidence Chest (EvidenceChestStolenGoods)
00075CE6 : Festus Krex (DBFestusKrexBody)
0010CD5B : Fish Barrel (BarrelFish01)
000B8F32 : Grelkas Strongbox (RiftenGrelkaStrongbox)
0010DD41 : Guild Chest (TGGuildChest)
000F68AE : Guild Masters Tribute Chest (TGTributeChest)
00105821 : Hawk (fcHawkGO)
0006491F : Hollowed-Out Rock (DBTortureVictimContainer1)
00064922 : Hollowed-Out Rock (DBTortureVictimContainer3)
00064921 : Hollowed-Out Tree Stump (DBTortureVictimContainer2)
00064923 : Hollowed-Out Tree Stump (DBTortureVictimContainer4)
0008836C : Honningbrew Mead Barrel (HonningbrewMeadBarrel01)
0005CB12 : Honningbrew Mead Barrel (HonningbrewMeadBarrelEmpty)
00020FBB : Ildenes Wardrobe (MS01CIldenesWardrobe)
0003C59C : Inguns Alchemy Chest (FFRiften04IngunChest)
000D30CC : Investigators Chest (dunMiddenInvestigationChest)
00051618 : Invisible Chest (DA07QuestObjectChest)
000D0753 : Invisible Chest (MGRitual04PlayerItemChest)
000F03EE : Jzhars Pack (dunAlftandJzharsPack)
000B8589 : Jorgens Chest (DA07JorgenChest)
0001722D : Knapsack (MQ101TorturerSatchel)
000B7879 : Knapsack (TreasKnapsack)
00097F54 : Large Sack (MiscSackLarge)
0010E886 : Large Sack (MiscSackLarge_NoRespawn)
00097F6C : Large Sack (MiscSackLargeFlat01)
0010E883 : Large Sack (MiscSackLargeFlat01_NoRespawn)
00097F6E : Large Sack (MiscSackLargeFlat02)
0010E887 : Large Sack (MiscSackLargeFlat02_NoRespawn)
00097F70 : Large Sack (MiscSackLargeFlat03)
0008B6F6 : Love Repository (T02LibraryBox)
000A6F8B : Lycan Stash (C01ObserverWerewolfStorage)
0002BA17 : Lycan Stash (PlayerWerewolfStorage)
000B8F40 : Madesis Satchel (RiftenMadesiSatchel)
00076F13 : Madesis Strongbox (TG00MadesiChest)
000D4FFD : Mammoth (POICorpseFrozenMammoth)
000BAD05 : Mammoth (TreasCorpseMammoth)
0008836B : Mead Barrel (MeadBarrel02)
0004EC4F : Mralkis Chest (RoriksteadFreeformMralkisChest)
000D7770 : Niranyes Safe (TGTQ04NiranyesSafe)
000FF20A : Nystroms Satchel (TG09NystromsSatchel)
000CE739 : Offering Box (dunMiddenAtronachForgeBox)
00054175 : Pot (SpitPotClosed01)
000997FE : Pot (SpitPotClosed01AlchemyCommon)
00056AD4 : Pot (SpitPotClosed02)
00054174 : Pot (SpitPotClosedLoose01)
000997FF : Pot (SpitPotClosedLoose01AlchemyCommon)
000F1461 : Potion Rack (PlayerPotionRackContainer)
00108D36 : Prisoner Belongings Chest (EvidenceChestPlayerInventory)
00102EB8 : Red Wave Safe (TGTQ02RedWaveSafe)
000C674B : Remains (defaultGhostCorpse)
000AF265 : Reydas Satchel (FFI02ReydaSatchel)
00020FB9 : Rhiadas Wardrobe (MS01CRhiadasWardrobe)
000DC173 : Sabines Footlocker (TGTQ02SabineChest)
000813B8 : Sabjorns Dresser (TG03SabjornChest)
00097F64 : Sack (MiscSack02Large)
00097F68 : Sack (MiscSack02LargeFlat)
0010E888 : Sack (MiscSack02LargeFlat_NoRespawn)
00097F66 : Sack (MiscSack02Small)
0010E889 : Sack (MiscSack02Small_NoRespawn)
00097F6A : Sack (MiscSack02SmallFlat)
0010E88A : Sack (MiscSack02SmallFlat_NoRespawn)
0000000E : Sack (TreasBag)
0010ACB6 : Safe (RiftenPawnedPrawnSafe)
000800E0 : Safe (SafewithLock)
00103397 : Safe (TGREndSafe)
0008B6F8 : Sap Repository (T03SapBox)
00085D53 : Sarthiss Satchel (FFRiften20SarthisSatchel)
000F4A19 : Satchel (dunTreasMapDBridgeSatchel)
000ACD6F : Satchel (TreasSatchel)
00023A6D : Shipwreck Loot (MS07Treasure)
000252A6 : Siluss Chest (DA07SilusChest)
000954CB : Skin Box (DA05Skinbox)
00097F51 : Small Sack (MiscSackSmall)
0002AC72 : Stripped Items (DA15Container)
0009424C : Strong Box (StrongBox)
0010DE03 : Strong Box (TG03Strongbox)
0010798C : Strong Box (TGStrongbox)
0010AAD2 : Strong Box (TreasStrongBox)
000EA722 : Strongbox (TGRStrongbox)
000F0402 : Sulla Trebatiuss Pack (dunAlftandSullasPack)
00018E73 : Svaknir (MS05_SvaknirsCorpse)
000FDBD0 : Thief Cache (TGCacheBarrel)
000D8E4B : Thieves Guild Fence Chest (TGFenceMerchantChestCaravanAtahba)
000D8E4C : Thieves Guild Fence Chest (TGFenceMerchantChestCaravanMajhad)
000D8E4D : Thieves Guild Fence Chest (TGFenceMerchantChestCaravanZaynabi)
000D882F : Thieves Guild Fence Chest (TGFenceMerchantChestEndon)
000D8830 : Thieves Guild Fence Chest (TGFenceMerchantChestEnthir)
000D882D : Thieves Guild Fence Chest (TGFenceMerchantChestGulumEi)
000D8831 : Thieves Guild Fence Chest (TGFenceMerchantChestMallus)
000D882E : Thieves Guild Fence Chest (TGFenceMerchantChestNiranye)
000D54C5 : Thieves Guild Fence Chest (TGFenceMerchantChestTonilia)
000EA299 : Unowned Chest (UnownedChest)
0004FDAE : Urn (DB11LargeUrn)
0001C4AC : Urn (TreasRuinsUrnLarge01)
000BF144 : Urn (TreasRuinsUrnLarge01EMPTY)
0001C4AA : Urn (TreasRuinsUrnLarge02)
000BF145 : Urn (TreasRuinsUrnLarge02EMPTY)
000F8477 : Urn (TreasRuinsUrnLargeEmptyNoRespawn)
000A9198 : Vacant Beehive (BeeHiveVacant)
000C04C0 : Valds Strongbox (FVDStrongbox)
000DDEF7 : Velehk Sains Locker (dunMiddenVelehkRewardChest)
000B622D : Wardens Chest (MQ101WardenChest)
00024CA7 : Wardrobe (CommonWardrobe01)
000C2A05 : Wardrobe (NobleChestDrawers01)
000C2A04 : Wardrobe (NobleChestDrawers02)
0006B303 : Wardrobe (NobleWardrobe01)
00021362 : Wardrobe (UpperWardrobe01)
00087900 : Waterlogged Chest (FFRiften08BrandSheiChest)
00062F5D : Waterlogged Chest (FFWinterholdBChest01)
00062F5F : Waterlogged Chest (FFWinterholdBChest02)
0002066A : Web Sac (TreasSpiderWebSac)
00020669 : Web Sac (TreasSpiderWebSacSkeever)
0010EB29 : Wisp Core (wispCorpseContainer)
00043E29 : Wylandriahs Satchel (FFFRiften14Satchel01)
00043E2C : Wylandriahs Satchel (FFFRiften14Satchel02)
00043E2D : Wylandriahs Satchel (FFFRiften14Satchel03)
000EF5F6 : Yisra (POIYisraBurnt)
000BB9A7 : (MammothContainer01)
00105024 : (NobleChestDrawers02NoName)

0010FDA1 : MagicVoiceDismay03
0010FDA0 : MagicVoiceDismay02
0010FD9F : MagicVoiceDismay01
0010FBF0 : MagicLightFrostSpear01
0010FBEC : MagicLightFireball02
0010F52E : BleakFallsSunlight01b
0010E15B : FarmExteriorLight01
0010D99E : FXLightGreenBlueGlow
0010CDC8 : MagicLightHealCircle01
001093AB : BoethiahBluePulseLight
00108D79 : MGFirePillarLightBlueShadow
00108D6E : SovngardeLightBounce
00106AD9 : MagicLightMagnusProjectile01
00106914 : DefaultLightBlue
00106910 : DefaultBlueBounce01NSDesat
00105305 : LoadScreenLightFill
00105303 : LoadScreenLightBack
00105300 : LoadScreenLightMain
0010389E : TwlightSepulcherPurpleBounceNSLight
0010389D : TwlightSepulcherPurpleShadLight
001037E4 : MQ206LightRedRim
001037D2 : EffigyOlafFXLight
00101CE7 : ThroatoftheWorldBouncedLight
0010092A : DefaultTorch02Spot
000FFF49 : MagicLightPoisionSprayProjectile
000FFF48 : MGFirePillarLightBlue
000FFF46 : MGFirePillarLightShadow
000F7CC2 : DefaultGreen01NS
000F7CC1 : DefaultViolet01NS
000F7CBF : DefaultBlueBounce01NS
000F7CBD : BlindCliffSpotlight01
000F7635 : TestInventoryLightRim
000F650E : MagicLightDA16SkullProjectile
000F650D : MagicLightDA16Skull
000F4851 : FarmInteriorSunLight01
000F3A89 : FXLightWhiteBasicShadow
000F252E : FXLightBlackBasic
000EE0C3 : BleakFallsWaterBounce01NS_MoveLessPriest
000D9DAD : MGEyeCollegeLight01
000D0E40 : SLightStreetStreet01
000CB626 : DefaultBlueBounceWater01NSDim
000CB3B0 : DefaultTorch01NS_FastSaturate
000C9F38 : LightTorchOutdoors
000C6595 : DwarvenOmniLight_NoMove
000C6527 : DefaultSunlight01Closer04
000C650C : DwarvenSunlightBounceAmb01NS
000C275D : MS06PotemaBanishLight
000C275B : MS06RitualLightEvil
000C275A : MS06WolfSkullCaveMainLight
000C1E2C : DA16FogEmmitanceLight
000C12F6 : DefaultCandleLight04Spot
000C1244 : IceBounce01NSBlue
000C10AD : SaarthalBallLight01NS
000C1095 : YngolMagicLight02NS
000C1094 : YngolMagicLight01NS
000B9402 : TestGrantIntLightSpotSunBlue
000B735D : SLightCandleStreet01
000A6E23 : SolitudeInnBlueDark01Pulse
0006C056 : SolitudeInnSpotlightDefaultShadow
0006C04E : SolitudeInnBlueDark01
000625E0 : SolitudeInnCandleDefaultShadow
000354ED : BleakFallsWaterBounce01NS_MoveLess
0001FD03 : MagicVoiceDragonRendProjectileLight
000838A6 : FarmInteriorShadowSunLight01
0008278A : WRLightFireStreet01
0003845F : UstengravSunlight
0003611F : SolitudeInnCandleDefault
00015610 : FrostmereCryptLight02NS
0001560F : FrostmereCryptLight01NS
000E7555 : MagicLightShockProjectile03
000E2969 : WRCandleLightBounceAmb01Hemi
000E259C : SolitudeInteriorLightSM
000E2175 : AzuraSuperBlue01
000E2174 : AzuraPureWhite01
000E2173 : AzuraWhite01
000E2172 : AzuraBlue01
000E2149 : IceBounce01NSSaturate
000E2044 : RannveigsTorch01NS_NoMove
000E203D : RannveigsTorch01NS
000E2019 : RannveigsTorch01
000E2018 : RannveigsTorch01NS_Fast
000DDF68 : dunMiddenMagicalLight
000DC20C : MagicLightFrostSpray01
000DB9DE : FalmerCityLight02NS
000DB9D5 : FalmerCityLight01NS
000DB9D2 : FalmerEpicMushroom01NS
000DA628 : MarkarthFireLight
000DA626 : MarkarthFireLightShad
000DA06D : SolitudeInteriorLighXtLG
000D8FBA : BlackreachWater02NS
000D8F71 : FalmerPurple01NS
000D7BD5 : MiddenRedEye01
000D4C29 : SolitudeInteriorLightBlueMD2
000D4C27 : SolitudeInnSunlightShadow
000D4887 : MagicLightFireballStorm01
000D4809 : WRWindowFillWarm
000D1947 : DefaultCandleLight01_DesatFXDark
000D1878 : BleakFallsSunlight01NPS
000D13E7 : MagicLightReanimate1
000CE016 : SolitudeInnLight02Md
000CD48D : WRChandlierFlickerShadow
000CD065 : SolitudeInnFirePlacesDefault
000CD016 : SolitudeInteriorLightBlueLG
000CC850 : SovngardeLightOutside
000CC84F : SovngardeShadowOmni
000CC84E : SovngardeLightBounceNS
000CB92C : WindhelmFireLightNS
000CB902 : WindhelmFireLight01
000C82C7 : SovngardeWarmLight
000C82C6 : SovngardeBlueLight
000C82AE : WRShadowOmni
000C8134 : IceTorch01NS_SaturateMoveLess
000C812D : IceBloodPool01NS
000C8126 : IceTorch01_Saturate
000C7735 : DefaultBlueBounceWater01NSDesat
000C65CA : SolitudeInnWindowtDefault
000C59DB : IceSunlightBounceAmb01Hemi
000C59DA : IceSunlightBounceAmb01
000C1D01 : DefaultTorch01NS_Saturate
000BBAE5 : WRFireLightNS
000B9BEE : WRFireplaceFill
000B9BE7 : WRCandleFlickerNS
000B9BE6 : WRCandlePulseShadow
000B9522 : WRWindowFill
000A9280 : SleepingTreeCampMagicWaterLight
000A2697 : IceTorch01NS_Saturate
0003C415 : IceCavern_SunlightSpot02
000195BC : IceBounce01NSDesat
0001952C : IceTorch01NSDesat
0001952B : IceTorch01NS_SuperFast
0001952A : IceTorch01NS_NoMove
00019529 : IceTorch01NS_FastDesat
00019528 : IceTorch01NS_Fast
00019527 : IceTorch01NS
00019526 : IceTorch01Desat
00019521 : IceTorch01_SuperFast
0001950F : IceTorch01_FastDesat
0001950E : IceTorch01_Fast
0001950D : IceTorch01
0001950C : IceSunlightBounceAmb01NS
0001950B : IceCandleLight01NSDesat
00019507 : IceCandleLight01NS
00019506 : IceCandleLight01_NoMove
00019500 : IceCandleLight01_MoveLess
000194F6 : IceCandleLight01_DesatMoveLess
000194F5 : IceCandleLight01_Desat
000194F4 : IceCandleLight01
000194F3 : IceBounce01NS
00018FED : SolitudeInnLight07_Desat
00018FEA : RiftenLight01ShadSpot_Desat
00018FE9 : RiftenLight01ShadNoFlicker_Desat
00018FE5 : RiftenLight01Shad_Desat
00018FE4 : RiftenLight01_Desat
00018FBF : NocturnalLight
000172C4 : DefaultSunlightHalfOmni01
00038A77 : DefaultTorch01NS_FastDesat
00035F62 : DefaultCandleLight01NSDesatNPS
000346CF : DefaultTorch01_FastDesat
00090007 : IchorLight
00079AB6 : DefaultCandleLight03Spot
00075489 : DefaultSunlight01Closer03
00075477 : BorderWallSmoke01
00075347 : MagicLightReanimateHand
0007531F : AAAGrantIntLightHurtBrightBounce
0007531E : TestGrantIntLightHurtBright
000691D2 : DefaultCandleLight01_DesatMoveLess
00068DEA : DefaultCandleLight02Spot
000668F2 : DefaultCandleLight01_Desat
0005EAE2 : DefaultSunlight01NS_NotPortalStrict
0005EAD6 : DefaultTorch01NS_NotPortalStrict
0005C777 : DefaultSunlight01Closer02
0005C70D : DefaultCandleLight01_MoveLess
0005C677 : DefaultCandleLight01_NoMove
000592D9 : MagicLightShockHandBig
00048C2C : BlackreachWater01NS
00045D7B : GreenPoisonGasLight
000411C7 : ForelhostSunlight01
00036B0D : DefaultTorch01_SuperFast
00036464 : DefaultTorch01_Fast
00036365 : DefaultSunlightBluerOmniNS
0003559C : DefaultTorch01NS_NoMove
0001FD9B : DefaultBlueBounceWater01NS_MoveLess
0001FCD8 : DwarvenOmni_ShadLightHalfOmni
0001F8C9 : DwarvenOmniLight_Desat_NoMove
0001F8B0 : DefaultBlueBounceWater01NS
0001F5B8 : DwarvenOmniLight_FlickerLess
000BCC9F : DefaultTorch01NS_SuperFast
000BCC9E : HelgenCandleLight01NS_Still
000BCC9D : DefaultTorch01NS_Fast
000BB937 : KorvanjundTorchNS
000BA421 : HelgenCandleLight01Spot
000BA420 : HelgenCandleLight01NS
000BA41F : HelgenCandleLight01
000B9F27 : FalmerBlueLightSuperSaturate01NS_NoPortal
000B9E83 : FalmerTorch01NS
000B9E82 : FalmerTorch01
000B9E2A : FalmerBlueLightSuperSaturate01NS
000B9E29 : FalmerBlueLightSuperSaturate01
000B9E28 : FalmerBlueLightBounce01NS
000B9E26 : FalmerBlueLight01NS
000B9E25 : FalmerBlueLight01
000B872E : KorvanjundSunlightOmni
000B7DE6 : DefaultSunlightBounceAmb01Hemi
000B7DE5 : DefaultSunlightBounceAmb01
000B7DBC : DefaultSunlight01Closer
000B79FA : MagicLightFrostBlizzard01
000B79AF : KorvanjundSunlightBounce
000B7475 : KorvanJundOrangeShadowOmni
000B7470 : KorvanjundSunlight
000B7293 : KorvanljundBlueOmni
000B6BCC : DefaultCandleLight01Spot
000B6466 : KorvanjundOrangeOmni
000B4257 : DA10GhostLights
000B348E : DBPostBounceLight01
000B3489 : BleakFallsWaterBounce01
000B3472 : DBPostBounceLight01NS
000B346D : DBCandlePost01NS
000B345B : DBFireLight01NS
000B345A : DBFireLight01
000B3405 : BleakFallsWaterBounce01NS_MoveMore
000B3404 : BleakFallsWaterBounce01NS
000B33F7 : BleakFallsCandleLight01_Flicker
000B33F2 : BleakFallsDraugrTorch01_HalfOmni
000B33F0 : BleakFallsDraugrTorch01NS_MoveLess
000B33EA : BlackDoorLightInterior01DesatNS
000B3214 : RiftenLight01ShadNoFlicker
000B2FB4 : RiftenLight01NoFlicker
000B2FAF : RiftenLight01ShadSpot
000B2160 : RiftenLight01Shad
000B215E : RiftenLight01
000B15EE : LightForgeFire01
000AF8BA : LightCampFire01
000AE2B3 : DwarvenOmni_Spot_Narrow
000AD392 : MagicLightAuraWhisperProjectile
000ABF06 : MagicLightAbsorbBlueProjectile
000ABF05 : MagicLightAbsorbGreenProjectile
000ABEFE : MagicLightAbsorbHealthProjectile
000AAEB4 : FXLightBleakDraugrTorch
000A85E2 : HHShadowOmni02
000A56AE : SolitudeInteriorLightBlue
000A56A9 : SolitudeInnFirePlacesShadowDefault
000A0F4D : HHnnLightWin03
000A0F3F : HHIntLightFireLG
000A0F3E : HHIntLightFireMd
000A0E74 : BlackDoorLightExterior01NS
0009EE7C : MagicLightDragonFire
0009DAE8 : HHShadowOmni01
0009D745 : Sun_Markarth
0009CB00 : Alikr_OmniLight_WarmFlicker
0009B1DB : Ilinaltas_OmniLight_Dim
0009A9F1 : HHIntLightFireSm
0009A9E0 : HHnnLightWin02
0009A9D4 : HHnnLightWin01
0009A9CD : HHLight01
000958C7 : IceCavern_Sunlight2
00094E6E : CaveSunlight_bounce
00094E6B : CaveSunlight
00094E68 : Alikr_OrangeFlickerShad
00094E67 : Alikr_OmniLight_WarmShad
00094E66 : Alikr_OmniLight_Warm
00094E65 : Alikr_OrangeFlicker
00092ADE : Cidhna_OmniLight_WarmShad
0009250B : Cidhna_OmniLight_Warm
00092503 : CidhnaMine_OrangeFlickerShad
00092500 : CidhnaMine_OrangeFlicker
000907E5 : CharusEggLight
0008E7DC : IceCavern_SunlightSpot
0008E7A1 : IceCavern_OrangeFlicker_Shadow
0008E7A0 : IceCavern_OrangeFlicker
0008E79A : IceCavern_Sunlight
0008E799 : IceCavern_Warm_OmniLight_Shadow
0008E798 : IceCavern_OmniLight_Warm
0008E797 : IceCave_Blue_Omni_Shadow
0008E796 : IceCave_Blue_Omni
0008E788 : MarkarthGuardTower_OmniLight
0008CC7C : Ilinaltas_OmniLight_Whiter
0008CBA7 : Ilinalta_OrangeFlicker
0008CB79 : Ilinaltas_OmniLight_Warm_Shadows1
0008CB70 : Ilinaltas_OmniLight_Blue_Shadows
0008CB6F : Ilinaltas_OmniLight_Shadows
0008AD60 : Ilinaltas_OmniLight_Warm
0008AD5E : Ilinaltas_OmniLight_Blue
00089F27 : MagicLightFireStormHand
00089AF6 : DwarvenOmni_Desat_ShadLight_LessMove
000897C9 : DwarvenOmni_Spot
000897B5 : DwarvenOmni_Desat_NoFlickerLight
000897B4 : DwarvenOmniLight_Desat
000897B3 : DwarvenOmni_Desat_ShadLight
00088CF3 : DwarvenOmni_WarmShad
00088C9A : DwarvenOmni_Warm
00088253 : DefaultTorch01SpotDesat
00088252 : DefaultTorch01NSDesat
00088251 : DefaultTorch01HalfOmniDesat
00088250 : DefaultTorch01Desat
0008824E : DefaultTorch01HalfOmni
0008824D : DefaultWhiteOmniShadow
0008824C : DefaultSunlightBounceAmbWarmNS
0008824B : DefaultSunlightBounceAmb01NS
0008824A : DefaultSunlightBounce01Shadow
00088249 : DefaultSunlightBlueOmniNS
00088248 : DefaultSunlight01OmniNS
00088247 : DefaultSunlight01Omni
00088246 : DefaultSunlight01NS
00088245 : DefaultSunlight01
00088244 : DefaultTorch01Spot
00088243 : DefaultTorch01NS
00088242 : DefaultTorch01
00088241 : DefaultCandleLight01NSDesat
00088238 : DefaultCandleLight01NS
00088237 : DefaultCandleLight01
000879AF : DwarvenOmni_NoFlickerLight
000879AD : DwarvenOmni_ShadLight
000879AC : DwarvenOmniLight
0008799C : DwarvenMushroomLight
0003B9B1 : FireLightOilTrapHazard
000877A6 : SolitudeSunlightShadowXLG
00081811 : ShadowDepthBiasTestLightHemi
00081810 : ShadowDepthBiasTestLightSpot
0008180F : ShadowDepthBiasTestLight
0007BA11 : WRUderforgeOmniBrightShadow
00077FCE : WRFireLightShadow01
0007779A : TestGrantLightRainColor
00077788 : CaveLightPlantsBounced01
00077761 : DweLightFireLamp01
00077083 : SolitudeInnLight03FireMd
00075DE4 : BleakFallsSunlightBlueOmniNS
00075DCF : BleakFallsSunlightBounceAmbWarmNS
00075D7B : WRInteriorLightBlue
00072759 : LightSpellLightStatic
0007274C : FXLightWhiteBasic
0006ED6F : FXLightBrightBluishLight
0006ED65 : BleakFallsSunlightBounceAmb01NS
0006ED58 : FXLightBlueGlow
0006ED46 : WRInteriorLightBrite01
0005D9B3 : WRShadowDirectional
0005D948 : WRLightFire01
0003F29D : BleakFallsCandleLight01NSDesat
0002016B : MagicLightTelekinesisHand01
00075C32 : SolitudeInnFiretDefault
00075ACB : MiddenTreoyBlueLightPulse
00074ED6 : WRInteriorLightBounce01
00074ED2 : WRInteriorLightYellow
0007479B : MagicLightIllusionNegProjectile01
0007479A : MagicLightIllusionNegHand01
00073C32 : WRTempleofKLightShadow
0007331E : MagicLightIllusionPosProjectile01
0007331B : MagicLightIllusionPosHand01
000717CE : dunUstengravDragonSwitchLight
0006FF42 : SolitudeInnLight02Sm
0006F799 : MagicLightSummonBan01
0006EBCC : MagicLightParalyzeHand
0006EBC9 : MagicLightParalyze
0006B110 : MagicLightNightEyeHand01
0006AF07 : BleakFallsDraugrTorchDesat01
0006ACEE : SolitudeInteriorLight01NEW
00065628 : BleakFallsCandleLight01NSTESTTEST
000655EC : BleakFallsFungus01NS
000655EB : BleakFallsFungus01
000636D2 : SolitudeInnLight07
000576E5 : SolitudeInnLight02XLg
00036AA4 : BleakFallsSunlight02Hemi
0005C009 : FarmInteriorShadowLight01
00059B71 : FarmInteriorFireLight01
00059B5F : FarmInteriorBounce01
00059A93 : FarmInteriorLight01
00059A70 : FarmSpotlight01
00059A78 : BthardamzWorldLightTop01NS
00059A77 : BthardamzWorldLightBottom01NS
00057C68 : MagicLightShockHand
00057A6B : SolitudeInteriorLightLG
00057A43 : SolitudeInnWindowYDefault
00056ACA : MagicLightShockProjectile01
0004E809 : MagicLightTurnUndeadArea
0004E807 : TestGrantLightBlue2
0004E224 : MagicLightHealMystHand01
0004D3F6 : MagicLightTurnUndead02
0004C6DC : MagicLightTurnUndeadHand01
0004C6DB : MagicLightTurnUndead01
0002A601 : dunAzurasStarLightBlue
00028530 : MagicLightInvisHand01
0001E013 : MagicLightAltPosHand01
00041F09 : MagicLightLightSpellHand01
0003FA58 : MagicLightLightSpell01
0003F1B5 : MagicLightHealHand01
0003CDFB : SummonTargetFXLightAnim
0003CDFA : SummonTargetFXLight
0003C5A7 : BleakFallsSunlightBounce01Shadow
0003C5A6 : BleakFallsSunlight01OmniNS
0003C5A5 : BleakFallsSunlight01NS
0003C3E1 : TestLightingViolet
0003BA90 : MagicLightSummon01
00036343 : Torch01Shadow
0001EEB5 : MS06specialLightHemisphere
00039EEA : TestGrantLightCampFire01
00039E0E : TestGrantCandleLight01NS
00039C58 : TestGrantLightBlue
00039C4E : TestGrantIntLightBounce
00039C4C : TestGrantIntLightSpotSun
000395FE : BleakFallsSunlight02
00038C1E : MagicVoicePush03
00038C1D : MagicVoicePush02
00038C1C : MagicVoicePush01
00032DAA : MagicLightFrostHand01
0002F3EF : MagicLightWardHand01
0002F37B : BleakFallsSunlight01Omni
0002F364 : BleakFallsDraugrTorch02ns
0002F363 : BleakFallsDraugrTorch02
0002EE07 : BleakFallsDraugrTorch01Spot
0002EE05 : BleakFallsCandleLight01NS
0002EE04 : BleakFallsCandleLight01
0002EE00 : BleakFallsDraugrTorch01NS
0002EDFC : BleakFallsDraugrTorch01
0002EDF7 : BleakFallsSunlightOmniNS01
0002EDF5 : BleakFallsTorchlight01NS
0002EDF0 : BleakFallsSunlightBounce01NS
0002EDED : BleakFallsTorchlight01
0002EDEC : BleakFallsSunlight01
0002C857 : BleakFallsWhiteOmniShadow
00020BF4 : MagicLightFrost01
00018125 : MagicLightWard01
000253D4 : MagicLightFPSFire
000224B0 : AAAPurkeyBlueDark01
00021660 : MagicLightFireBarrier01
0001D4EC : Torch01
0001CBB3 : MagicLightFireball01
0001B7C2 : DarylLightOrangeShadow
00018E23 : TestShadowOmniDirectional
000140EC : MagicLightFireInHand
00013FE9 : TestCoryLightBlue
00013FD4 : TestCoryLightOrange
00013E86 : TestCoryYellow01
00013CA1 : TestPurkeyOmni
000137D9 : TestLightingBlue
00013234 : TestGrantIntLightWhite
00012FD6 : MagicLightWhite
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