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Best Minecraft 1.8.2 xbox360 seedsPosted:

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Best Minecraft 1.8.2 Xbox360 seeds
Note: These are case-sensitive meaning if you don't capitalize where needed it won't work correctly.
Note: Member seed posts on early pages maybe for the old 1.6.6 - 1.7.3 build check later pages for member postings for 1.8.2+ seeds the list below is for the current 1.8.2 build

-8066148653833342729 (Nothing but ocean small island with few trees)

-7824127053529070735 (Snow, big mountains)

nylys (Snow, village)

Buggerlugs (ravine just beside spawn at the bottom of which is an abandoned mineshaft)

-332835062 mountains with overhangs, snowy

ICANHAZCHEEZBURGER Terrain: Pretty much all water, with small/medium islands in opposite ends. One of the islands has a ton of wood on it.

-6006667574597603128 (include the dash). Stronghold is located (roughly) at x-236 y32 z232.

blargensnarf stronghold at spawn There is a library in this stronghold and there are some very easy diamonds to get in it as well!

-242737888 Type: SWAMP BIOME stronghold x:246 Y:32 Z:-4 villiage #1: x:372 Y:71 Z:112 Village #2: X:317 Y:68 Z:-393 Ravine #1: X:-394 Y:63 Z:-281 Ravine #2: X:136 Y:64 Z:236 Ravine #3: X:-41 Y:42 Z:157 HUGE MineShaft: X:-39 Y:33 Z:95

Megaman X3 Spawn: Near the southwest corner of the map. Terrain: A large sized island in the West side of the map that is stocked full of trees. I haven't traveled further East or South, but so far it's fun! Structures: From spawn there is a nice chunk of weird mountain like formation with a few trees attached.

Mustang GT - Stronghold at X:-256 Y: 42 Z:-20 Terrain: 75% water, with a large swamp/snow island to the south, and some small, swamp islands to the north, with one medium sized one to the northwest. Structures: On the southern island, there is a large ravine, and some pits that lead to an abandoned mine that mixes with a stronghold. Within the stronghold is at least one dungeon. There is considerable danger in exploring the stronghold, as much of it is in ruins that lead to lava.

Utopiaismine great map lots of flat land in middle of map two villages within two minutes walk from spawn point really nice mountain formations to north

valeria Has desert in top-left, snow/ice from center out(about 1/3 of map), sawmp and forest the rest. Some beautiful mountains in the lower right. 2 nice rivers cut through map. Found 4 villages, spawned right next to one, another one to the right of that one on other side of mountains. 2 more at very top of map, looks like they cut in half. Lots of caves and underground ravines. Haven't explored all yet but didn't find a stronghold so far.

What I found and remembered to get cordnantes for;

Spawn next to village
X:-252, y:78, z:-417

X:-381, y:68, z:-337
X:367, y:57, z:-86
X:297, y:43, z:-327 saddle
X:302, y:17, z:-332 4saddles
X;140, y:28, z:400 golden apple

X:406, y:39, z:-369 melonseeds, bread
X:413, y:33, z:-367 diamondz
X:407, y:33, z:-393 pumpkin seeds, rails

Monster spawner;
X:403, y:33, z:-385

X:298, y:69, z:-342

Drew_US wroteThe seed is: lost

You spawn by 2 villages.

It only works if you have the update 1.8.2

Vela wroteI found a survival island type seed:

The majority of this world is ocean.

Seed: -4221518893391437619

Budder_Skotch wroteSeed: yolo

Desc: There are 8-9 villages total in the world
Right under the 1st village you find in a desert
is a stronghold! Just dig straight down. 1.8.2 ONLY

TheGtaV wroteThe seed surfacespawner has lots of flat land near spawn and mountains with flat tops

siz wroteSeed: RedJelly

There are 3 NPC villages visible at spawn, an above ground monster spawner, and a big cave system. Also a lot of monster spawners in the caves.

Here's a video of the seed:

New stuff I've found out about this seed since I've posted this:
There is also a mineshaft at X: 420 Y: 17 Z: 64 | NOT CONFIRMED

Old 1.6.6 - 1.7.3 Minecraft Xbox360 Seeds
I have seen this list passed around some came from a user called xKx

Note-These are case-sensitive meaning if you don't capitalize where needed it won't work correctly.

Top 5 Best Seeds
2.Dead Mau5
4.Fight Fight Fight!
5. youtube - used by Syndicate - lots of wood and hills

Artomix- jungly islands [Tested]
Bambi- Has a very large flat area for building and stuff, a nice big jungle and a pretty gigantic cave system.
i dont care-a giant mushroom biome next to a jungle biome.
109321796-Forest and flatland
2539444-Mushroom biome
89125-Forests and Snow
Cow Killing Montage-Ravines, Forests, Snow
Fight Fight Fight!-Large forest with large cave system [Tested]
IMPORTANT-Great for hardcore mode
Magic School-Huge mountains and caves
Airplanes-Large cave with tunnel
Archespore-Overhangs, Waterfalls, Mountains
Dead Mau5-Floating waterfalls and sick floating mountains[Tested]
lagoon boob
Microsoft Windows XP
Scar Symmetry
Seccond Law Of Thermodynamica
TMI-Captital I not L
Zombie Jesus

Gun Dream
many islands, plenty trees, dynamic elevation, crazy underground caverns

Zelda - lots of trees

Post any seeds you know are good and what you have on said seed

Member feedback
-Jord wroteQuesadila is a good seed, there are 2 spawners on the surface (zombie + skeleton) so you dont have to worry about getting bonemeal and stuff..

Also some big mountains to build on


-Metapod- wroteGargamel and dead mau5 are awesome!

JordUK- wroteNether is the best for ores and monster spawners

Racist wroteI used seed "343" and spawned near a lot of mountains and coal +iron. And you spawn near snow and spring biomes.

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Gargamel and dead mau5 are awesome!
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O.o going to have to try some of these <3 Sean
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ive tried a few of these, they are good.
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Nether is the best for ores and monster spawners
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The one time i can't get my Xbox to work to try these out. Asdf, nice find though.
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Thank you very much
Finally one that works
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Dead Mau5 and Gargamel <3
Zelda is pretty neat too

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Quesadila is a good seed, there are 2 spawners on the surface (zombie + skeleton) so you dont have to worry about getting bonemeal and stuff..

Also some big mountains to build on

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Here is a seed with lots of trees
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