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dungeon defenders moddingPosted:

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ok a few people have been having problems modding dungeon defenders so i thought i would post some info that will help them

Things u required to have ( do this first -_-)

1.Horizon or Modio ( just to get your save and dundefheroes.dun from the content tab )

2.Your going to need a hex editing program ( i use hexworshop, it doesnt realy matter witch one you use)

3.Your going to need a decompressor / compressor
fairchilds compressor toolkit( located at

4.Create folder in "C:\" named "Saves" (for those who dont know c:\ means c drive)

5.Put dd.exe into "C:\Saves" ( dd.exe is the file from fairchields compressor tool)

Modding steps

1. Put save on thumbdrive.
2. Put thumbdrive into computer.
3. Extract DunDefSave into C:\Saves using Modio/Horizon
4. Open C:\Saves\DunDefSave with Modio/Horizon
5. Click "File Contents"
6. Right-click DunDefHeroes.dun
7. "Extract File" to C:\Saves
8. Open command prompt window
9. Enter "cd C:\Saves" (Now you will be in the C:\Saves folder)(also note here on windows 7 and vista it seems to work sometimes on xp u have to type c:\ then type cd \saves)
10. To decompress: dd.exe -d DunDefHeroes.dun save.decompressed ( note u can leave open)
11. Hex edit your file.
12. To compress: dd.exe -c save.decompressed DunDefHeroes.dun
13. Your will notice in ur saves folder DunDefHeroes.dun.rebuilt simple delete DunDefHeroes.dun and rename DunDefHeroes.dun.rebuilt to DunDefHeroes.dun
14. Open DunDefSave in Modio/Horizon
15. Click "File Contents"
16. Right-click DunDefHeroes.dun
17. "Replace File" with C:\Saves\DunDefHeroes.dun
18. (Optional) Rehash and resign

( note that all under this is step 11)
Item Modding

IDLEHANDS88 picture

7F = 0
FE = 127
FF = 128
(Note that 7F is going to be ZERO in the codeing)

1. Open "save.decompressed" in Hex Workshop.
2. Find your weapon. (The easiest way to do this is to level it up fully and rename it, then look for the name)
3. Find the beginning of the stats. (The stats for each weapon are before the name. Look for the end of the previous weapon and follow the end look for "01 02 03". This is where the stats begin)
4. The first four bytes (two numbers/letters together) following "01 02 03" are Resistances. These should only be changed for pieces of armor.
Changing these to "FF" witch will max it out.
5. The fifth byte does nothing (that I know of) and should be left alone.
6. The next four bytes control hero stats. These can also be set to "FF" to max them out.
7. The next two are hero abilities. "FF" to max them out.
8. The next four are tower stats and can also be maxed out with "FF".
9. Next is physical damage. I change mine to "75 35 94 00".witch is 2bill damage ( alot of people also use 00 ff ff ff witch is around 125mill)
10. Additional projectiles is next. Setting it to "85" to max it.
11. Projectile speed can be a bit crazy and I use "00 00 FE FE" witch they move 2 fast to see.
12. Next is elemental damage type (01 = Poison 02 = Fire 03 = Electric 04 = genric)
13. With elemental damage you should follow the same rules as physical damage. "75 35 94 00" ( or watever u like )
14. The next four are item size witch i leave the same most of the time.
3C23D70A= 0.01 (Smallest)
3F800000= 1 (Normal)
40 80 00 00 (is larger but not too large)
4F000000= 2147483647 (biggest)
BC23D70A= -0.01 (Smallest)
BF200000= -0.625 (Normal Monk)
BF800000= -1 (Normal Squire)
CF000000= -2147483647 (Biggest)
15. Skip four bytes and then you are at current upgrades. This can be changed to "01" to reset the upgrades you have used.
16. Skip four more and then you are at weapon ranged. This can be set to "FE" for Huntress and Apprentice weapos. Even Monk weapons should work.
17. The next four are range damage "75 35 94 00" ( please note this is only need for monks range attack)
18. The next four are clip size This can be set to "00 FF FD FE" for a large clip on a gun/bow.
19. Reload speed should only be changed for a bow/gun. Set it to "FE" for maximum.
20. Knockback bonus can be set to "FE" for maximum knockback.
21. Charge speed can also be set to "FE" for Apprentice weapons.
22. Shots per second is for Huntresses and pets. Set this to "FE" for max.
23. Primary, secondary, quality and item color can all be left alone.( ill post alittle more about it in a sec)
24. Max upgrade level is how many times you can level it up. I suggest "64" which is 100.

Color modding

Brightest (Edited in game) Color Hex is 3F 80 00 00
Darkest (Edited in game) Color Hex is 3D CC CC CD
^This may not be exact depending on what color/location
Brightest (Mod-able [Tried]) Color Hex is 48 A0 00 00
Darkest (Mod-able [Tried]) Color Hex is FF 80 00 00
Bright Glow- 48 A0 00 00
Bright, little/no Glow- 40 A0 00 00
Black-3D 00 00 00 (or just put 00 00 00 00)
Pitch Black- FF 80 00 00

**Yes- if you haven't noticed the "Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Glow" (float) Bytes actually do not affect the coloring/ intensity of the colors, they are simply a Place folder, or may as well be This is ALSO true in the case of weapons, the "Glow" effect is based off the intensity of the colors**

Knowing that the effective range of color is from 48 A0 00 00 to 3D 00 00 00 so if you want a different intensity to a color that is not listed you need to figure that out via "trial & error"

The colors you can make easily... (look at a color wheel)
Red- Red only
Green- Green only
Blue- Blue only
Yellow- Red + Green
Purple- Red + Blue
Cyan/Teal- Green + Blue
Other colors are a combination of the 3 main colors in the game, and can be created via "trial & error"

Extra info

( note most people do not bother with this one at all )
Secondary Names:
00 - Enchanted
01 - Blessed
02 - Lucky
03 - None
04 - Unlucky

Quality Types (Level required):
00 - Godly
01 - Legendary
02 - Epic
03 - Amazing
04 - Powerful
05 - Shining
06 - Polished
07 - Sturdy
08 - Solid
09 - Stocky
0A - Worn
0B - Torn
0C - Cursed


idlehands88 ( picture ofc )
fairchild ( compressor
stonerr (color values)
all located at 360haven forums

If u have problems feel free to post ill try to help if i have time

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Does anyone know how to mod the levels of the characters so they are passed 70 ?
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im sorry but i doesnt work lol
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i mod dungeon defender saves in my shop and i must say tht is the most confusing way of explaining the process that ive seen in a while
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can some one tell me how to mod the character stats and rank plz?!
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