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Halloween Build ContestPosted:

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Well since Halloween is coming up soon I thought it would be fun and a good idea for the community to do a Halloween related build contest.

The rules:

The house must be Halloween related:
- so could be pixel art Halloween related
- it could be a haunted house
- a scary maze/ forest type thing
- a ghost train
- basically anything that seems Halloween related and is scary add a few pumpkins in etc...

House must be built on either Single player or SMP.
Cheats such as fly mod and toomanyitems are aloud
Friend's are not aloud to help because you can just get them to build for you.
You must show proof that you built it if its on a server.
and if you built it on single player because for all I know you could have downloaded something off YouTube or Google.
Can either be a screenshot or a video if its a video YouTube or Vimeo or if its a bunch of screen shots something like Photobucket is the best to upload on.

Winner gets +rep for 10 days
Runner up gets +rep for 5 days
And people in 3rd place get +rep for 2 days


nolink97's Entry
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All submissions must be entered on this forum or sent as a pm to me.
Pictures must come with a link to them and it doesn't matter what type of website you use as long as its a photo hosting website such as Photobucket or whatever you use.
Videos: must come with a link to a YouTube video or a Vimeo video, preferably YouTube.

Competition Finishes Tuesday 1 November all entries must be in by 12AM GMT+0 Winner will be announced at 6PM GMT+0

Extra info: the more photo's/ longer the video of your build the more chance you have of winning.

Enjoy the competition


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here is my submission for the contest

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