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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - ReviewPosted:

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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

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Game Information
Release Date: November 5th, 2007
Developer: Infinity Ward
Genre: Shooter
Platform: Cross
Age Restrictions: Mature (17+)


A cross eviornment shooter, play through various places including the depths of Russia, tracking down one of the worlds most famous war criminals. Battle it out through various enviornments, with MANY guns and equipment. Heavy action, and a worth the while shooter


Made in 2007, this is still one of my favorite games to play. The game has a fantastic story/explained below/ and amazing graphics. Campaign gameplay is almost perfect, with the exception of some buggy glitches here and there. The game is almost completely shooting, but if you are into shooting games this will definately be the game for you. Even though recent games have been released with smoother engines and what not, COD 4 brought everything to the table. The campaign runs smoothly and has no problems excecuting everything it intends to. The players perspective changes exactly (3) times throughout the campaign switching through the eyes of: An SAS soldier, a USMC soldier, and Captain Price as a lower rank. In each level there is a heads up marker telling you which way to go, and which way to go. Once you reach a checkpoint, whenever you die you will respawn at the checkpoint. Each level has a different variety of technique, and you will be eager to continue the story.


Your main character is Soap MacTavish a soldier in the SAS British army organization where you begin your game at a training facility in Britain. You battle your way through Navy Ships, and many other various places. You have to huntdown the war criminal "imran Zakhaev" other information taken from Wikipedia
Russian Ultranationalist leader Imran Zakhaev, who plans to return his motherland to the times of the Soviet Union, draws international attention away from his plans by funding a coup d'tat in an unnamed Middle Eastern country, organized by a local separatist leader named Khaled Al-Asad. Discovering the plot the American government starts a police action to stop the uprising while the SAS continues to operate in Russia. After President Al-Fulani of the Middle Eastern country is executed on live television and Al-Asad takes control, the SAS rescue their compromised informant, Nikolai, from Russian Ultranationalist forces.

One section of the game takes place in Pripyat, Ukraine. Several iconic aspects of the abandoned city, such as this square, were recreated in the game.
During the American invasion of the Middle Eastern country a platoon from the USMC 1st Force Recon, led by Lieutenant Vasquez, searches for Al-Asad but are too late and only secure a television station broadcasting Al-Asad's plan. They then proceed to aid other American units who are fighting a battle against the separatists. During the final stages of the operation United States Central Command learns of Al-Asad's position in the capital but is also notified by SEAL Team Six of a Russian nuclear weapon nearby and sends the Nuclear Emergency Support Team to disarm it. Meanwhile Vazquez's squad is forced to stay behind to rescue the pilot of a downed AH-1 Cobra that was providing them with fire support. They manage to save the pilot. However, the nuclear device suddenly detonates, leveling most of the city, killing most of the US invasion force of 30,000 Marines. While fleeing the city, the squad's helicopter is caught in the blast, killing everyone on board.
The British then learn that Al-Asad fled the country before the American invasion and is hiding in a safe house in Azerbaijan. With the help of Nikolai's intel and assistance from Loyalist Russian soldiers the SAS clear the village of the Ultranationalist forces and capture and interrogate Al-Asad at his safe house. Shortly into interrogation Al-Asad's phone begins to ring. After hearing the voice of the person calling Al-Asad's phone, Captain Price executes Al-Asad, now knowing that Zakhaev is Al-Asad's backer. Price then tells the story of a mission to eliminate Zakhaev in Pripyat, Ukraine, 15 years earlier.
In the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster and the collapse of the Soviet Union, Zakhaev took advantage of the turmoil to profit from nuclear proliferation and used his new wealth to lure soldiers from the Red Army to form his Ultranationalist Party. In 1996, Price was paired with Captain MacMillan, a Scottish SAS captain, to carry out a black op assassination of Zakhaev. After sneaking into Pripyat and hiding in an abandoned hotel, Price shot Zakhaev with a Barret M82 sniper rifle, but Zakhaev survived, losing his left arm. MacMillan was injured by a crashing helicopter after he and Price shot it down, Price then carried MacMillian to the exfil point.
Back in the present day, a joint operation is conducted by Price's SAS unit, a USMC Force Recon unit led by Staff Sergeant Griggs, and Loyalist Russian forces led by Sergeant Kamarov, to stop Zakhaev. They attempt to capture his son Victor in an unnamed Russian city, to learn of Zakhaev's whereabouts, but as they corner him on the roof of an apartment building, Victor commits suicide to avoid being captured. Zakhaev becomes enraged, blaming Western nations for the death of his son, and plans to retaliate by launching ICBMs armed with nuclear warheads at the East Coast of the United States, with predicted losses of over 41 million people. When the Task Force operatives arrive at the facility in Russia, Zakhaev manages to launch ICBMs towards the United States. However, the squad successfully seizes the silo command room and remote detonates the missiles over the Atlantic. They then escape the facility in military trucks with Zakhaev's forces in hot pursuit.
Before the squad can escape across a nearby bridge it is destroyed by an Mi-24 Hind leaving them trapped. Zakhaev's forces arrive and engage the remaining members of the strike force. Gaz receives a call from Kamarov informing him that his forces are on their way to help. On the bridge a gas tanker behind them explodes, incapacitating everyone, except Griggs, who is killed while trying to pull Soap to safety. Zakhaev, along with two of his soldiers, walks through the squad executing them, killing Gaz and several others. Before he reaches Soap and Price he is distracted by the destruction of his gunship and the arrival of the Loyalist Mi-28 and Mi-8 helicopters. As Zakhaev fires at the loyalist helicopter Price slides his Colt 1911 to Soap who shoots and kills Zakhaev and his two guards. When Sgt. Kamarov and his team arrive Soap is evacuated to safety, while a Russian medic attempts to resuscitate Price.


Graphics throughout this game are very impressive for 2007. The flow of gun movement and whatnot are very impressive considering they flow very well. Character design is unique and characters flow well in this game including when throwing equipment. This is probably one of the best graphic-breakthrough games in history, that developed inspiartation for many known games today.


Multiplayer in COD 4 is one of the main factors in this game of why I play it. COD 4 brought the whole idea of game types, perks, classes and everything to the table that set up most online gaming engines to this today. It consisted of new modes and customizable things that no one had even thought of yet. Killstreaks was also brought up in COD 4. Players deserved a reward for a certain amount of kills, and all these new Killstreak rewards would of never happened without COD 4. Also, even though it is mostly raided with infected noobs, COD 4 is one of the most intense online games that you will find especially for its device capturing game types. COD 4 has a well balanced gun system even though some people tend to over use one gun over the other. COD 4 has a level system of 55 Rankings and 10 prestige mode options. To recieve all Prestige badges it would take about 10-13 hours of online game play to achieve them.


Call of Duty 4 is one of my favorite games of all time, and the game brought more then asked to the table of gaming. This game is definate "buy" and should not be hesitated to buy if you are into action/shooter games. This game is a must buy especially for the cheap cost. There is really nothing to be dissapointed about this game, only if you are obsessed with graphics and insist that it did not look good in view wise. This game has a well built structure and an easy to learn base. Call of Duty 4 is one of the games that I think will not die off in the gaming world. It has prospered for this long and I doubt it will ever die off.

Final Ratings

Gameplay: 9
Plot: 8
Graphics 9.5
Mutliplayer: 9
Game Engine: 8

Final Overall Rating: 8.7 ( A Must Buy, but a few bugs)

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amazing game and i think the is deffenitly on of the bes CoD's :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow:
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its is a good game but i think everyone modding it has made it worst
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This is a great game but the only thing that is a bummer is that everyone mods it. I still give it 9/10 though.
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Fat_Jesus wrote
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Final Ratings

Gameplay: 9
Plot: 8
Graphics 9.5
Mutliplayer: 9
Game Engine: 8

Final Overall Rating: 8.7 ( A Must Buy, but a few bugs)

i agree but there should be another rating on it and that rating is the Mods active
Mods: 10!!!!!!!!
every time i get on i can get in a lobby in like 2 mins its amazing love this no forum
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I rarely play this game anymore, but before MW2 came out, I loved this game with a passion. I would beast up with my mp5 silenced or m40a3 try harding ;)
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You know what to be honest i <3 Call Of Duty 4 but the mods that people keep using the game is getting really bad IW needs to step in and patch bind so we can find some new codes and stuff.The mods are getting on my nerves and i dont know why people are still hosting infection lobbies for them,at least make them pay it will cut down leechers off this site.
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Nice post very detailed must have taken a lot to search up.
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Best COD by far. I still play this game after many years.
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favorite game of all time! 10/10 but bad graphics
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