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  • The Robin
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I'll enter, sounds fun. Cheers for this!
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  • E3 2019
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"Maze cannot handle the circumstances and commits suicide"

Sounds about right.
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  • Prospect
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Enter me in but if possible use my name as "grhawn" thnx m8
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  • Ladder Climber
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I'd like to enter , thanks and good luck to all !
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  • Fairy Master
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I'll enter this
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  • WIP 5.1
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"Steeen, Wolf, and Maze cheerfully sing songs together"

Aw <3
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  • TTG Contender
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hey i'd like to get in on this if thats possible.
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Count me in on this buddy! Thank you for contributing towards the community.
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  • Challenger
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Id like to join thanks

And may the odds forever be in your favor
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  • Christmas!
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This is a really cool idea, I'll join.
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