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Laptop for schooling.Posted:

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I'm looking for something around the $600 USD area. It's not meant for any type of gaming just schooling.

Preferences are: thin, lightweight, and decent battery.

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Just get a used mac. You can get good prices for one on other shopping websites
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Go for any notebook that has 32GB storage. Buy an external drive at 1TB and you'll be set. It'll cost you less than $600.
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Apple macbook pro
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I don't know if i'm allowed to link site's. Go to best buy. They have some cheap laptops. Look up "Lenovo - 330-17IKB 17.3" It has a 4.4 rating. If you want something smaller you can go with a "Microsoft - Surface Go - 10" Touch-Screen" It has a 4.3 rating.
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I use a Chromebook which I love and its super lightweight.
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Get a cheap MacBook, that's what I done when I was schooling!
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I use a Dell XPS 15. (Which is a little more than what you're wanting to spend) But I think the Dell XPS 13 is within your price range, I love it.
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I brought a used 2012 MacBook with 500gb HDD & 4GB ram for £240 so it would be around $300 (not converted just a guess) but I love it and it came with Microsoft office aswell
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