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Training course??Posted:

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This is a bit of a different post to normal but I need help with something

I guess I have high hopes for myself in the future and want to join mi5 or the mi6. I'm a chick if that changes perspective.

Anyone know what training courses I'd need to take to get to the stage of applying


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Mikey (09-27-2018)
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I would say, you would have to be in that line of work already, like working for the government or FBI or something like that. Your if you know someone that works for the MI6 would be ideal, but that's what I think anyways, but just do some research on it I guess. I don't think joining the MI6 is as easy as handing in your CV to them KAPPA. Anyways wish you all the best hun, and it's cool you wanna do something like this.
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Jobs like this take years of experience and training to even be considered for a position. If you plan on working behind a desk, a degree will get you that. But if you plan on doing field work. You'll require experience.

To give you an idea, I've been in the Army for 6 years now with a break in service for about a year. I deployed once and was injured. I'm combative level 2 certified and also just received my SRT certification from my new MOS which is 31B. I scored 40-40 on my rifle qualification and 49-50 for my pistol. For my law enforcement qualification which is both handgun and rifle together I got 39-40. I'm going on October 26th to take my sniper qualification for SRT which I hope to do good on. I have a total of 2 years of law enforcement experience.

And they said I'm not qualified for FBI, I applied.

These things take years and years of dedicated work and training to achieve. But if you strive for it, you can reach it one day.
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