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3rd cheesy block for the fat whalePosted:

  • E3 2018
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It's came to my attention that I now have my 3rd cheesy block, was hoping to get 1K posts before getting 300 rep so I could have made both of these into one but here we are.

I do really have a thanks list because it's all the awesome mothertruckers that use the shoutbox on a daily basis.

So catch me in the shoutbox

1000 posts
1000 thanks
1000 news comments are all my next goals on here

The Following 12 Users Say Thank You to Godzooky For This Useful Post:

JMG (09-04-2018), Rodent_Modz (09-04-2018), Federation (09-03-2018), Xbox (09-03-2018), Mikey (09-03-2018), Kisses (09-03-2018), Jay (09-03-2018), Hero (09-03-2018), Ye (09-03-2018), Loke (09-03-2018), Lost (09-03-2018), Jimbo (09-03-2018)
#2. Posted:
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Congrats on reaching 300 rep, you should hit 1k posts pretty soon too!
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Man you have more rep than me with half the posts....
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Congrats on the 3rd cheese.
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  • Winter 2018
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Congrats bro!
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  • E3 2019
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Grats on 300 Rep
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  • E3 2018
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Congratulations on the 300 REP!!! Hopefully see you at your next milestone soon enough!!
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Congrats on 300 rep bro hoping to get to 200 myself
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Congrats on 300 rep,

You're not far off of 1k posts keep it up
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Gratz on the turd cheese block mate. 1k posts will be here in no time.
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