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Noxiousal wrotePsninja is outdated bro
Yes it's outdated my dude and no offense taken
But it still works like a charm for me (not a pro myself yet at modding) and other very experienced modders just cause something is old doesn't mean it doesn't work, it works on the newest update of PS3 perfectly they haven't patched as much things as the Xbox 360 so yes it's old but one youtuber said that he hasn't been banned in 1 year so trust lol they don't give a f about PS3 it's been abandoned for the most part it's not like the 360 but modders still get banned here and there.

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holy shit i went over the top sorry about that
Well lets say its your personal opinion
But Webman combo is better
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Could I perhaps add one of y'all on Skype and we could walk through some of this tonight?
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If you want your topic closed or deleted I'd report your own topic so it goes to the staff team so they can close/delete your topic. Hope this helps?
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