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Worgen's Gold Giveaway | Congrats Hornsby!Posted:

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Congratulations to Hornsby on winning my second giveaway! More coming in the future!
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As always rep and thanks are much appreciated, but never required!

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Count me in dood!!
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Great, ill try my luck, thanks mate.
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Count me in my dad is above me
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Get me in this thank you
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I'll enter mate, cheers.
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I'm in
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count me in thanks man!!!
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Worgen wroteWhat's up guy, running my first gold giveaway, hopefully more to come! I received a generous donation and thought I would give back to the community. Simply comment to enter and a winner will be announced in 24 hours. I will be using [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] Good luck!

Also, thanks and rep is not required but always appreciated! : )

Ill enter thanks.
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I'll enter buddy, thanks for the chance!
Good luck to all who enter!

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