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What's your favourite take away?Posted:

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Title says it all

What's your favourite take away and why?

Mines Indian and that's because I absolutely love spicy food.

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40oz (06-29-2018)
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gotta have a nice chinese.

nothing better
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Cheesy Chips, Cheese burger with tomato's onions, and garlic mayo, and a big bottle of Orange Tango. I only get this takeaway the most because i just love cheesy chips, I only get a burger because it has to be a min £10 for deliverer.
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A proper chicken Kebab
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There's a pizza place around the corner from me and it's little like heaven in the mouth, pizza's are a lot cheaper than dominos etc and way nicer. They also do the nicest garlic chip and garlic bread and to finish it off they turn coke / fanta etc into slushes

So a 2L bottle of coke in slushy form yes pls
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My favourite take away has to be Chinese.
Ginger beef
Chicken Chow mein
Beef fried rice
Gotta have spring rolls
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A big ass burrito from a taco truck down the street. Mexican food is dope as hell.
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I prefer, vegan salt and pepper tofu, with rice.
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Definitely Domino's, it's expensive and my eyes are always bigger than my belly but it never lets me down.

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I eat at a restaurant called bravo and I love it because it has the best Greek food and the prices are good.
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