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Fortnite tips & tricks?Posted:

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Hey, do you amazing fortnite players have some tips and tricks for a noob like me?

I understand the gamemode as a whole, I've played a lot of Battle Royale. I'm a bit lost of what I should be doing in terms of buildings or how to counter those who are spamming buildings to stop you shooting them.

I think building kind of ruins the game because it just leads to "I'm getting shot - Just build a wall ezpz" but then that's just my opinion and I'm not that good so it is probably biased.
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You could also just build a wall if you're getting shot, and i don't personally think building ruins he game I think it's what makes it so much fun, it adds a whole extra mechanism you need to get the hang of for the best odds of survival.

What system to you plan on I'll give you some tips in game if it's xbox.
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I'd say when your getting shot from in front or behind, always build a wall and stairs for a little height advantage!
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You should go into a game and just land somewhere and try get to know how to build by messing around with it.

My tip is, If you get shot at quickly build a 1x1, Easily done by hold RT/R1 or What ever the place button is on PC and just spin around quickly then place a ramp in. You can also use the Third Person View to youre advantage by with the camera you can look over/around places without the someone seeing you. Another tip when placing a ramp its better to place a wall behind it to give it more protection from someone shooting you down.

Building tip, Wood can be stronger than metal at certain times. When you place down a wood wall it has more HP when it getting built but metal is weak untill the walls fully built.

When shooting from a long distance instead of holding the shoot button just tap it.
Thats all my tips, Hope this helps you
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One big tip is not to land on a roof when u spawn in , instead land on the ground floor and get loot quicker.
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learn to build, watch good players see how they play, mimic them. learn all the build edits you can do too, doors, windows etc. land at tilted so you get into lots of fights and learn to fight better / more.
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Gavin- wroteOne big tip is not to land on a roof when u spawn in , instead land on the ground floor and get loot quicker.

I kinda have to go against this and enjoy landing on roofs, some have good loot in the attic of the house and work your way down. I make a hole in the ceilings and have a higher advantage to some players that are still looting.
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Building is the most important thing in Fortnite and separates the good from the bad. Land somewhere remote, gather supplies and build for practice. Learn to get quick at it and learn all the edits then transfer this into fights.

Work out what sensitivity suits you best, if you're missing a lot, lower it.

If you're getting outbuilt and the enemy keeps getting the high ground, make your way to the ground, knock the buildings if possible and reset the fight.

Practice, practice and more practice will make you better. Don't go for wins. Learn to be aggressive and get good at it, then wins will come naturally.

# of wins don't determine how good you are at the game, remember that.

Also head over to youtube or twitch and watch Ninja, Myth, Kraftyyz etc. Any big name and learn from them. Watch what they do and when they do it, you'll pick up A LOT.

Good luck.
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I just want to add [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] , I have gone through it and found it good so I am sharing with you guys.
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Honestly man, In response to your thoughts on building, consider it like this? Building makes Fortnite wildly competitive, once people know how to build, it's no longer a case of "build a wall ezpz" because you are facing someone who is doing that too! It then starts to become a case of who can outplay the other player, who has a better IQ, once you both start building it's all about various factors, who can't take the high ground, who can keep the pressure, who can spot the weaknesses in other people's builds, who can utizlize everything at their disposal... for example launch pads, impulse grenades and editing builds in order to out smart your opponent. I hope that helped you think about it in a different way?

And In regards to tips and tricks I don't have many because the game is a lot of muscle memory, a lot of practice, but here's a few:

Take the high ground when you can!(high ground leads to better visual on your enemies, easier headshots, it's hard for them to hit you, you can block them from coming up, their builds may not fully cover them from your angle etc...)

Don't try to out build, or out shoot your opponents, try to outplay them!(sometimes you can get caught up with head to head build fights or gun fights when there's a much more simple method of you gaining advantage, for example, if a player built a box to heal, shoot a wall, then replace it with your own, this leaves you free to edit it, while they are inside like sittings ducks)

My last tip is just enjoy the game! Play it, give it a few weeks, if your not feeling it, there's no use in still trying, some games just aren't for some people!

Sorry this was so long lol I'm mega bored.
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