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What console giveaway would you want this summer?

Nintendo Switch
11.97% (28 votes)
Xbox One X
50.43% (118 votes)
Playstation 4 Pro
19.66% (46 votes)
17.95% (42 votes)

Total Votes: 234

#131. Posted:
  • Winter 2017
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Joined: Nov 23, 20135 Year Member
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My gold ran out, miss my pink name xD

Thanks MIkey, I also have a serious question for you.

Be my senpai?

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Don't worry, I'm also cringing really **** hard right meow
#132. Posted:
  • 2 Million
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Joined: Mar 08, 20136 Year Member
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I would like to enter this. Thanks
#133. Posted:
  • Winter 2016
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Joined: May 02, 20118 Year Member
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Mikey wrote
Dmb wroteWell I hope this is still going on since mine just ran out thanks brother

Sure is man, till i get 1k gifts anyways lol, enjoy fam
my man you're the best man thanks again so much I appreciate it like crazy
#134. Posted:
  • Resident Elite
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Joined: Jun 12, 20163 Year Member
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Thank you for future reference!!! Hope I get some I recently ran out ):
#135. Posted:
  • Powerhouse
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Joined: Sep 18, 20118 Year Member
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what a nice gesture ill enter
#136. Posted:
  • Shoutbox Hero
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Joined: Feb 20, 20181 Year Member
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Hello I just signed up and don't know if I'm allowed to enter? But if so I'd like to enter

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#137. Posted:
  • TTG Addict
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Joined: Feb 01, 20136 Year Member
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I'll enter this mate thanks for the opportunity and good luck to other members
#138. Posted:
  • 2 Million
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Joined: Apr 10, 20145 Year Member
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Nice post bro very kind

Would not mind some gold
#139. Posted:
  • TTG Senior
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Joined: Nov 09, 20153 Year Member
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Greatest member on ttg
I'll enter
#140. Posted:
  • Summer 2019
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Joined: Feb 03, 20145 Year Member
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Count me in this time mikey, gold ran out.
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