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Need a new phonePosted:

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So my LG G3 has decided to shit itself on me and stop working. Been using this phone since I got it stupid cheap, that would be about 3 years now I think. It's been good to me, had a few minor issues here and there but nothing major, probably the best phone I've owned. I really wasn't considering an upgrade anytime soon, but I guess I need to now. My SIM keeps not being recognised and the phone keeps restarting itself randomly, sometimes 10+ times in the space of only an hour.

Anyway, I'm thinking LG G6 but I have a few gripes about it. The first and most minor being the lack of infared, which I have used on my G3 but realistically I can go without it. The non removable battery is a bit of a bigger issue but seems to be pretty commonplace these days in mobile devices, unfortunately. I'm most likely going to have to deal with this regardless of which device I choose. Older CPU/GPU compared to other new high end devices is a bit of a bitch but it's still an upgrade from my G3 and I can get a G6 for £450,a lot cheaper than new devices with better CPU/GPU.
Now, what I do like about the G6, firstly is that I'm used to my G3 so I should become familiar with the G6 fairly quickly. Lock button on the back of the phone I love, so I'm happy to keep that.

Another phone I was considering was the OnePlus 5, I did see one for slightly more than a G6 but it's gone now, but unless the price I seen was a mistake, I'm sure I should be able to find a OnePlus 5 for around £450. I like that it has an AMOLED display, over the G3 and G6's IPS displays. Also better CPU/GPU than the G6, but again, G6 is still an upgrade over my G3 anyway. Also, no MicroSD expandability with the OnePlus 5 really puts me off. That's something I definitely want to have.

Another option is that I could just grab something decent from CeX for a lower price. Something in the £300-350 range(what I paid for my G3 WAAAAYYYY back in late 2014). Not really sure what I should be looking for in that price range though. I did see an iPhone 6S 32GB for £330ish but I'd rather stay Android. Though, I will switch to an iPhone if it's going to be best for my price. Again, no storage expansion possible though so I think I'd be aiming for at least a 64GB model.

I don't really have any cash right now, hence why this is such a hard choice. Otherwise I'd just get a Pixel and be done with it. I should be able to scrape enough cash together in a month or 2 for a G6 or something.

I've not really been keeping on top of mobile news so if anyone has any suggestions or recommendations, that would be v helpful.
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To keep this simple and clean, you know the basics drop a budget. Although there are a few side questions.

Would you be fine switching to Samsung if the price is fair?
Is image quality "really" a thing you bother with?
Screen quality something as well?

The LG G6 is alright, for the most part just an upped model of the previous generation phones. You can find them fairly cheap new and can be matched up to 2015 phones in relevance. You could also go to Motorola's 2015-17 model phones, and find a good selection for the price. The Turbo Two, which I still prefer over my S8/S7E is a good choice for the camera, and unshatterable screen, though it does have it's downside with quality from the screen. It is quite dim even under broad light, which is where I wish they would collab with Samsung.

The OnePlus 5 is one of the better models, I used the OnePlus 3t for a while and loved it. What I do really like about the OnePlus lineup is the internals, adequate RAM for really anything they overdo it each time, the CPU is alright, I mean heat machines in the term of use. Good phones, not the best with screens and well images are actually good.

If you opt for Samsung your best bets would be the S6/S6A or if you could find anything Note 4+ really is a great choice all around, the sound is a bit weird and took me a while to adjust to with them. I use the note 4 on occasion if I need a vivid picture of something. On the flip the S7E, if you could find it for a reasonable price used, or new, would be the second to the best choice for the £400-500.

You mentioned CPU/GPU well, in all honesty, anything 2015 upwards is fairly decent in terms of all-around performance. If it is really something you value, get anything from Samsung, or the OnePlus lineup prior from the 3t+.

You won't notice major differences, most phones suffice on only 3GB ram, and a Snapdragon/open-q 820 or higher. So that isn't much of an issue regarding performance, and if you aren't playing/doing highly 3/4D based tasks, you should be fine with anything listed above, for more "intensive and top of the line" you would be shuffling out over £500-800 which is pointless IMO.

I think Google did a thing with the Pixel on trade in's or something like that more recently.

On a flip note, you could make the G3 last longer it sounds like software fault or a shortage. If software and you are on a lower version of Android, you could flash a new or stock image, might help.
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iPhone Team all the way!!
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