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Xbox One Alpha Ring Members Updates to HomePosted:

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"Mike Ybarra, Corporate Vice President of Xbox Platform Engineering, discusses the next Xbox update releasing to Alpha Ring Insiders starting today. Watch the video and read his comments about the update below:"

"Its an exciting day at Team Xbox as Xbox Insiders in the Alpha Ring will get a first look at the latest Xbox update. This release is the next major update for gaming on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC, and is designed to make the Xbox gaming experience more fun, personalized, and social than ever. This new experience on Xbox One gives gamers more choice and delivers fun faster. Updates to Home, Guide and Community are available today, with updates to Avatars, Game Hubs, Profiles and more coming this fall. Heres a detailed look at some of the new features that will arrive for Xbox Insiders starting today and continuing throughout the next few months:"

"Customize Your Home: This update is all about personalization; were putting the control in your hands, so that you can decide what to see when you turn on your console. The new look and feel is part of a design system called Microsoft Fluent Design; the look, feel, and movement of the dashboard has been updated to focus on speed, customization and expressionfor you."

"Effortless Guide Navigation: With this update, its faster than ever to switch between tabs in the guide so you can join friends, broadcast, switch between apps, and get back Home. New tab flyouts make it easier to see more content quickly, too. The new Guide layout quickly gets you to the stuff you care about, so you never miss a moment."

"A More Immersive Community: Staying connected with Friends and Clubs is now better than ever. The community section has an entirely new Activity Feed layout, showing more content at-a-glance. When looking at feed items in detail, they are presented in an immersive, full-screen viewsharing the experience just as it was captured. Reading comments is now much easier since the comment window can be expanded to fill the screen. This makes it easier than ever to stay current with the games and friends you care about. Game Hubs, Profiles, and Clubs are also refreshed to make them more dynamic and engaging than ever before. Were also making Improvements to Club discovery, to quickly display which Clubs youre already a part of, and easily discover new Clubs to join. There will also be new titles that will be coming to Arena over the next few months, soon offering even more options for tournaments powered by Xbox Live."

"This is just the beginning of some major updates arriving for Xbox gamers later this year. Well be introducing plenty of new features in the coming months across Xbox One, Windows 10 PC, Mixer, and mobile devices designed to make your gaming experiences all about you."

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Personally I really liked the way it looked when the console first came out, it was very simple back then, i feel like they're trying to make it simple but at the same time for older users or people that aren't very good with technology this can be confusing.

Overall it looks clean, fast and functional
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I'm really liking the new dashboard myself. Caught on pretty quick and used to everything now
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