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XeRevivers First Cheese BlockPosted:

  • Winter 2017
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So, after awhile of being on this site, I have finally hit 100 rep. Ill be honest, i thought this was about to take so much more time. When i first joined this site, it was to join modded lobbies back in 2015 or 2014. I sadly lost all the information on that account due to me stop coming here. So i remembered this site, so i went back to it and created this profile. I met a bunch of nice and cool people on this site.Checked out Streamahs console shop and had one of mine sent in. Ever since i got it back, i have been giving back to the community the best i can.

I wanna give a huge thank you to these following people

Streamah- for the amazing console and for the help
RepBandit- For the beautiful thread designs, banners, and avatars
XeCookie- Just because hes XeCookie and for all the rep
Famous- For all the help and being an amazing mod
Simplicity- Just for everything
Curv- Just because hes Curv
Soak- For having someone to talk to on Xbox
Dalm- For all the rep that hes been giving me
Chat- For talking and giving back to the community

Sorry if i missed anyone. First time hitting a milestone lol. Hopefully not the last

The Following 8 Users Say Thank You to XeReviver For This Useful Post:

Skates (05-03-2017), Dalm (05-03-2017), Families (05-03-2017), Chat (05-03-2017), Vro (05-03-2017), dj (05-02-2017), RepBandit (05-02-2017), pleb (05-02-2017)
#2. Posted:
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Congrats man
The rest of the rep will be easy
#3. Posted:
  • Christmas!
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Congratulations on your first block of cheese. Look yummy. Mind if I have some haha. Congrats man.
#4. Posted:
  • Christmas!
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Congrats maine gg on the cheese
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Ayyeee made the thanks list

Anyways, congrats! Stay active and you will continue to grow

Share some cheese
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We lit man finally got that cheese block glad to know I made the thanks list
#7. Posted:
  • Summer 2018
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Congratz on your first golden Block!
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Congrats m8
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See you at the next milestone, 1k posts?
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  • Summer 2019
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Congrats on the cheese little mouse ^_^ see you at your next milestone buddy

Thank you for adding me to your Thanks List, maybe if you didn't appear offline on your IM we'd " Chat " more get it.. ok wasn't funny, peace ;)
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