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Resident Elite!Posted:

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I finally made it to Resident Elite! Thanks to all that help me on this site and keep me constantly staying active!

The Following 6 Users Say Thank You to Sanjuu For This Useful Post:

Nik (04-04-2017), Conall- (04-04-2017), Mr_Robot (04-04-2017), Manny18k (04-04-2017), Chat (04-03-2017), Xbox (04-02-2017)
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Congrats on your milestone
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Congrats on 200 mate, see you at the next one
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Congratz on the 200 post!
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Congrats on reaching 200 posts.

Keep up the good work m8.
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Well done, I'll see you at 50 rep.
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Congrats on the new ranking.
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Congrats on the new title bro
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Congrats on 200 posts, it's great to see that you've become a really active member of the community, aswell as doing what you can to give back to the community c;

as always if you need anything hmu.
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Congrats on the new ranking mate.
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