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Black lives matter UKPosted:

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The worst thing to make its way across the pond is the stupid Black Lives Matter protests. Yes, everyone has a right to protest but all these people do isn't purposely disrupt the lives of normal people. Protests should be peaceful and not be a disruption.

You should know already that this group can to being in response to police brutality in the USA, but why does it have to make its way here. In the U.K, this problem doesn't exist and minorities are treated well.

The protest that really pissed me off is the London city airport one where they sat on the runway and stopped all flights last month. Let me quote the group which said the reason for it was to "highlight the UK's environmental impact on the lives of black people locally and globally". The environment affects everyone so what point are they trying to make? It effects me too but I'm not going to sit on a runway or lie on a train track to prove my point. If they were to protest outside the airport in a free area I wouldn't have a problem with this, it's just that they're affecting the day to day lives of normal people who haven't done anything. It's just a stupid publicity stunt to make the news. If their normal lives were disrupted due to protests I'm pretty sure they'd be just as pissed off

Maybe I'm being biased or I'm just not seeing the full picture here but I think it's just stupid.

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It shouldn't even exist. Anywhere.
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Their point about the environment is that climate change is having adverse effects on countries in which the majority of people are not white.
Mostly countries in the southern hemisphere or just along the equator.

They believe that nations like the US and UK would care more about climate change if it were affecting countries in which white people lived.

I think this is true but not for the reasons of racism. It's just because we feel more empathy for people that we can relate to. Physically, culturally, religiously, etc.

It's why terrorist attacks in Western Europe will dominate the news for a day in the US and UK and a larger terrorist attack in the Middle East will only take up 10 minutes, if that.

There are other factors going into this, but I think empathy is definitely a part of it.
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It's coming to the point, why are people doing this....rioting about it. Stop labeling each other and treat others the same as you. It's pathetic to be honest.
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