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New member of TTGPosted:

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Hi there, i'm new to TTG and would like to get the know abouts of the do's and don'ts i've been browsing for a while and finally came to make an account, i have a RGH and have been modding over on the Se7ensins website for a few years now and have had stickies and much more over on the site, i'll be building up my account and will be buying gold

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Read all the rules before posting bro i use to host all the time, people love people who can host you'll do well, hope you see you around.
on and STAY AcTIVE
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Welcome, be sure to read the rules and stay active, make sure to check out my shop for any graphics!
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Welcome to the site.

See you around the forums.
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Welcome to TheTechGame
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Hey bud, welcome to the site!
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Welcome to TTG! Read the rules and have fun here! See you around!
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Welcome sir

Have fun and try not to spam like Eli
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Welcome, hope you enjoy it here and become part of our community.
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Welcome to this site, read the rules if you already haven't and enjoy your stay here. PM me if you need anything.
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