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Reviews Tutorial & InformationPosted:

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So you're after the coveted game reviewer badge but do not know where to begin? This thread should answer all of your questions and get you closer towards being one of the few who could say they are a game reviewer.

All of the game reviews in this forum section will require the following -
  • Title of game at the top
  • Release Date
  • Developer / Publishers
  • Platforms
  • Genre
  • Synopsis (allowed to copy from developer)
  • Story Mode/Campaign
  • Plot
  • Graphics
  • Controls (a description, not a list of what they are!)
  • Final Rating

What you do after that is up to you, the more in-depth you are the better chance you have at it being published.

Tips / Guide

  • Know what you are doing

    • Do not review a game that you played years ago, if you don't remember the game and think you can't get deep into it then don't bother with it. You will get half-way through and your mind will go blank, from there you will end up quitting and waste your time. It's recommended that you review a game that you just played, so everything is fresh.

  • Take notes while you play

    • If you have the game at hand, take some notes while you play it so you could write down key features about it that will help you when creating the review. It will make things a lot easier at the end of the day and you will thank yourself for it.

  • Do not rush!

    • Game Reviews shouldn't be rushed through, be very informative and take your time with them to give any user reading them a good understanding of the game without spoiling anything. Once published, your review will be read by thousands of members who are lurking on the website, do not embarrass yourself. Not to mention, if I check your review and think it was being rushed I will deny it on the spot.

  • Utilize the spell check feature

    • If your review has many spelling errors in it, you could almost guarantee it's going to be denied and deleted. TheTechGame has a built in spell check feature you could use, it's listed towards the bottom of the body text in your paragraph. Use it. Once you know everything is good as far as spelling goes, give it a proof-read so you know the grammar is spot-on too.

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  • Make it neat!

    • One of the biggest things a user could do to make it so their review gets denied is by having it sloppy, make your review look professional. All game reviews will be held at a high standard, if your review does not meet that standard then it will not be published. It's as simple as that, whether it be using BB Code or adding a different font to make it more eye appealing, do it. Having it in a coherent structure will go a long way as well.

  • Give us your honest opinion

    • We already know not every game out there is perfect, we just want to know your thoughts on the game from your perspective. Even if the game has an average rating of 9.9/10 and you give the game a 3/10 that's perfectly okay. It wouldn't make sense but as long as you give us a good description on why you gave the game a review like that then it's fine. This is your opinion on the game, not anyone else's.

  • Do not copy a review from someone else

    • Not only will it be denied, you will never be granted the game reviewer badge. No exceptions.

That's it, follow those tips and you should be well on your way to joining the small list of users who currently hold the game reviewer badge.

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