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I am really enjoying the new changes to the site. It is taking some getting used to but I like it so far.
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Just about a month since the release of V5.

So, I thought I would have my say on it, at first, I was like yeah this is gonna take time.

Now though, I love it, it's a change from the old outdated version.

The new thread post part, is lovely, looks so much better.

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Just thought I'd randomly check back to see how the sites doing and I've come back to this absolute gem, I love the new look! great job to the people who were behind making v5.
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Why is this no longer an announcement? Just kidding. Should be closed now though.
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No longer an announcement ;)
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It's been a pleasure to see this site positively change over the last five years, always brings a smile to my face when I log back in! (Even if it reminds me how old I am :p)
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Didn't like it at first but now it's pretty cool prehaps I still prefer v4! But I'm loving this atm!
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Looking forward to the group IM to be added, honestly cant wait, so many questions like will the tabs still be the same, will they be expanded? is there a date to expect it to be released?
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