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Tech: Is Nintendo Going To Have The Next Best Console?Posted:

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In this video I talk about the Nintendo NX and ask the question: Is Nintendo Going to Have The Next Best Console? The rumours say that its going to be way powerful than the Xbox and the PS4. Also I got some 2016 rumours saying that its going to have a game pad that is 3D that is awesome. Remember to Subscribe Like ans SHARE!
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I would hope so, I am a big supporter of Nintendo and I would like nothing else but for them to succeed and of course get the ability to play Mario/Zelda and other exclusive Nintendo titles with a powerful console.
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Man, I'm not sure if people are willing to switch on over to the next nintendo console even if it is more powerful than the playstation or xbox, if it does end up being better I don't think that alone will get people to go to it, it has to have the best games on it too to back it up.
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"The next best console" is kind of vague to be honest. It could be better hardware wise, but still not the best. Just like there are people who think original Xbox, PS2, SNES , ect are still the best console(s), despite their hardware almost minuscule to today's hardware. With that said, I think Nintendo's new console has some huge potential to make a very big comeback after the WiiU flop at the start of it's release. No doubt it'll have better hardware than the WiiU, which is going to give it a lot more room for making better games. Nintendo is also looking into VR for their games, that can hit a massive attraction alone. Mario Kart, Metroid Prime series, Star Fox series, Pokemon, could you image playing those in VR? That open world Zelda game that is coming out for the WiiU, that caused such a hype when it was shown at e3. If that can be made for the WiiU, Nintendo can pus things further with their new console. A lot of fans have been wanting a new Star Fox game (which WiiU is getting, Star Fox Zero,) a lot of fans have been wanting the game in the Metroid Prime series. Nintendo has a lot of room to make games that fans have wanted, on a fresh new system with better hardware. As long as this console isn't rushed out like the WiiU was, has a good amount of on day releases, I can't imagine Nintendo having a repeat from the WiiU, I honestly think this is their turning point to get back into the console market, and truthfully, I feel that after Satoru Iwata passed, Nintendo has something to prove that his death won't be holding them back, but instead have them push on, to show his legacy.
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If everything that has been rumored about the console comes out to be true.
I'll be buying the console day freaking one.

That is if they bring the Pokemon IP onto the damn console.
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